Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm slowly dying...

If I could slap my immune system, I would.  You see yesterday (yesterday really being Friday) I slept for a few hours (read: not long enough) and taped my video for Hooping Idol Disco Week on

 Since I was so worried about sending in the complete video in time, I went ahead and posted it.  It didn't finish uploading till 8.  I took a thirty minute nap.  I felt awful when I woke up. My ear was hurting.  After the last blog on weight loss was posted, I was doing fine till I got an awful case of strep.  My eating derailed till this week.  I was doing great!  I was thinking surely it's the weather, lack of sleep, stress was causing my body pain.  I went to sleep for ten long hours after work.  I woke up and my throat was tight and hurting.  I've been checking for strep symptoms (white dots in the back of your throat) religiously.  It's not too bad.  But I'm watching you, throat. I get strep about every few years.  Usually it's like strep this year, ear infection next, etc.  The problem that worries me other than I don't want to be sick again is that I'm afraid they will tell me to get my tonsils out.  I have very large tonsils.  Always have. It's genetic.  They make comments about them every time.  The last few times the doctors have asked, "Why haven't my tonsils been taken out?"  Because no one has told me point blank, "They have to be out now."  They usually make jokes. If it's not an issue, why take them out?  I'm pretty sure cutting organs out for fun was nixed for a fun time years ago.

 But I'm pretty sure this is my third or more strep case in the last three years.  Let alone it was just a few weeks ago I had strep.  I'm scared.  I mean who wants to have surgery?  And I'm thinking about work and all that other stuff like money and comp time.  Another worry for me would be my hooping. If I have to have this surgery in the next few weeks, if I'm voted through to the next rounds in Hooping Idol, what happens then?  I don't know how long it takes to recover from a tonsillectomy but I have that I'll be having the Hoopnotica training in May.   I know I'm letting my imagination run rampant but I knew this would eventually happen. 

Actually, I'm sick of this past winter and spring.  I've been getting sick every month it seems.  I had the GI virus, strep, colds, everything.  I'm done, yo. And most of the time, it's right when I'm starting to get healthy again.  Tell me what is up, body!?  Shouldn't my body be appreciating the lack of fat and thousands of extra calories?  Shouldn't my body be loving the extra non-hoop workouts?  When I lost the eighty pounds, I never got sick.  

 I do honestly believe that I will be calling in at my other job in the morning.  I'm worried about my full-time job because I'm hearing through the grapevine that they will require us to work a few extra day.  I can't do that.  I already feel like I live there and I hardly ever spend time with the people that matter.  In a few months, if you hear about me looking for a new job, that may be why.  Anyone know of nice jobs that have flexible schedules that work preferably Monday-Friday, dayshift (maybe, I'm flexible) that pay $12 an hour?  I feel like if I had a different job, it'd be SO much easier for me to do hoopy things.  I really don't want to have to get a new certification for anything else.  

But hey, in good news, my Hooping Idol video is up.  At times, I feel okay about it and other times I just want to cry and shake like a leaf.  I'm afraid to let out half of my hooping style out.  So I stick traditional because I'm afraid no one will get it.  The style that you can see in a combination of Bare Bones Hooping and Welcome Spring!  In just a few bits of time in each video.  Honestly there are more videos that I don't post that illustrate it better.  So, please do consider voting me through the next round of Hooping Idol.  And no, I didn't go into Hooping Idol blind.  I remember reading/watching Shekinah Spins last year.  I know I will get some potentially rough critiques that will probably be like, "get a smaller hoop.  No shakey camera! Etc! No costume!"

And here's some new pictures that my friend, Stella made for me at the hoop jam!  Feel free to pin and all that fun stuff...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Teaching Joy!

This past week I've been teaching classes with the YMCA Afterschool program to teach their kids to hoop.  It was a trial and a huge learning process!  By the end of the week, I had tons of child sized hoops and a go-to system with the kids.  I was even told a few times, "I think you are awesome" and "I've never been able to hula hoop before."  So many kids walked in thinking that they couldn't do this but they proved themselves wrong for the most part.  I just hope everyone enjoyed it.  I still have to run the hoops over from the YMCA back to them.

The other news is that I am officially teaching at Flow Camp!  I sent in a submission on how to work with kids and she liked it so much that I will be teaching two classes!  I'll be teaching how to teach children hooping and a kid hoop class.  I already have an outline and everything.  I'm going to rock this out!  I am so excited!

And if you didn't see, I entered hooping idol.  I'm nervous!  Let's see if I make it to the top 20?!

PS!  I've gotten awesome comments so far on my video.  Although I wonder how many people have entered?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vacation Hooping

Warning I didn't edit out a fall. So there is some cussing and general me laying on the floor

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being the Fat Girl Hooper

This has been conflicting me the last few days and I just wanted to talk about it with someone/thing. The other day, someone made a comment to me, "If hooping burns a lot of calories, why are you still fat? And you don't even look good doing it."  One person even said, "I thought you were nice till you starting this hooping thing.  Now I think you're weirder than shit."

I actually disagree.  I think I looking freaking fantastic! But the thing is with hooping for 30 minutes a day, I can maintain 250 easy while eating like a pig. Now, when I stopped hooping as much, I went up to 274. 275 is like no-no zone. It's way too close for 300 for me. I feel like a success that I lost the 15 pounds (I'm now at 248) with hoopingdiet and I have successfully stayed away from 300 for 3 years.

Why hooping means so much to me even without the weight loss is that I know that it will prevent me from ever going to my highest weight.  When I realized I was awfully close to the beginning, I upped my hooping practice.  Example:  I've only been hooping 20 minutes most days this month.  I've ranged from okay eating to awful binging when I come home from work.  I never got above 255.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even dipped into the 250s if I was doing 30 minutes or even 20 minutes everyday.

My goal since Thanksgiving has been to lose or maintain. Yes, I'd like to lose fast but I don't really care. It's what I'm calling passive weight loss. If it involves 1-2 months perfect and 1 month of not so perfect, awesome. Also, the biggest difference on my weight loss right now is that I'm keeping it a psuedo-secret. I'm not blasting it on facebook or even telling my family other than my husband.  So, yes, I have lost weight hooping.  And I've maintained weight loss with hooping.  Hooping is my go-to cardio now.  And this is the reason why I gave up a few years ago because the "weight wasn't coming off fast enough" or I didn't "look like I should." With this new mental change, I think it may help that mental platueu.

Is it horrible that I am not a perfect size 6? I've had others tell me that see me every day that my face has gotten thinner since October. None of my weight loss is noticeable.  But I don't care because my clothes fit, my knee doesn't hurt anymore (like at 274) and no heartburn. And I really don't care or I didn't until someone made that comment. It's just bringing me down.

Hooping has given me friends.  I honestly will say that I have friends now!  I go outside and I feel more confident in life.  I even called a gym the other day to see if I can teach there (no answer).

I think it also shows the type of people in the hooping community.  They seem to be so welcoming no matter what your size and looks.  I know I've helped quite a few people in the hooping community through my personal blog, my articles, and various emails I've gotten from other hoopers.  This one girl I've never met has listed me as her hooping momma because I inspired her!  

Is this what the lady from Dances with Fat feels like?     I have deep down worries that the reason that I'm not making any impact at all is because of my weight.  Would various gyms let me teach if I was thin?  Would people think it was cooler if I was skinny and in a bikini?  Can I not do these tricks because of my weight?  Is there something wrong with me?

I will tell you that I've always been weird.  I come off wrong with a lot of people.  I'm quirky and odd.  My best friends growing up was my imaginary friends, I played with barbies till I was 15 (in hiding), I used to dance around at the top of the hill pretending I was going to be the next Brittany Spears, and I used to read tons of books.  I'd dream of being in Harry's world or being Sara Crewe.  I loved playing school cause I loved learning.  School was the only place that I'd see other people than my family.  If it wasn't for FCCLA and 4-H, I would have been a total hermit.  I was an angry teen that listened to death metal except I also loved to help people.  I was too bubbly to be gothic even though those type of people seemed to be the only ones that'd get my sense of humor.  

I was doomed from the beginning.  I asked John if hooping made me weird.  He looked at me and laughed, "You were weird before that."