I told you!

Dude, more flow wand vids!

Words Escape Me


Got An Orange?

I think the hoop is here to stay....

Oh, I like this too

Man: Spotlight 1



Oh Shoot

We ARE Athletes

Flow Camp Schedule is Out!

I Took Some Pictures...

A bit more Contact

This is dancing

Artificial versus Nature

I always wanted to be a ballerina

Under the bridge

Seriously, I need a sugar daddy

On the path...

Every skill camp should...

In Kentucky, we...

No Holes

She is bueatiful

Adventures at IHOP

And this too...

Don't think I posted this yet...

My inner goth is..

I love me some Cap'n Maggot

Fourth Party Revisited

Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming...

My inner goth does live on...

Summer Fun

Post Fourth

Nicholasville Hoop Jam in Review

New Trick and Burn

Happy fourth (to the American viewers)!

Oh Shittakke mushrooms..

You know who I freaking love?


Flow Wand? Yeah....

Awesome Video of CJing