Friday, July 29, 2011

Words Escape Me


This also reminds me of something.  Through work I found out about this amazing man who took an amazing photo of the northern lights and became famous through his work.  He died of pancreatic cancer.  Whenever I see the picture, I think of this man I never met.  And it truly is sad when parents outlive their children.  His father has always called me, "Hannah." 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

I think the hoop is here to stay....

Or John had finally realized this.

We went to Kings Island a while ago.  I threw my hoop in the car.  I guess he didn't see it till I was hooping at the rest area.  He wasn't pleased at that aspect (he even mentioned later about the videos that I told him that OmWoods posted about the cops).  I actually left the park early so I could go hoop.  I was really, really tired but I later admitted I wanted to hoop also.  I really feel a difference in my body when I don't hoop.  That morning my back was killing me and I knew I should have hooped.  I started to air hoop and practice isolating my chest the other way.  After that, it started to feel better.  John kept telling me that it was inappropriate and that we're in public.  But I was stretching, practicing, and air hooping.  I found myself sometimes standing and practicing my arm movements as I read about dinos.  I'm a dork.

Also, John sometimes snores to the beat that sounds like dubstep.  Or I was already asleep and thinking about hooping way too much.

Every time I mentioned I was going to hoop outside the motel, John didn't get mad or anything.  He even wasn't ticked that I brought the hoop.  He was kinda happy, I think, for me. <3

Oh but I brought that up and he denied it.  Basically everything I do to him is a "fad."  But I also go through periods of OMGTHISTHING.

PS I don't know why my pictures are funny.  But I am hooping with my troo hoop in these pictures.  That is what I took to Mason, OH with me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Man: Spotlight 1

That is freaking sweet dude. Shekinah Spin knows where it's at. Nick Guzzardo is amazing.


No more parking lot hooping for me.
I have some fantastic, amazing news!  Today, John and I got some great news!  Remember when I said we were looking for a duplex?  Well, John started looking for houses.  We finally found a house, applied for the loan and we got the news that it was going through!  We have till the 31st to move.  So if you don't see me online or responding, that is why.  I love you all.  I can't wait to break in the yard with my hoop. I feel so blessed and loved.  John's done all the hard work.  I only had to see 3 houses that were possibilities.  He looked at dozens.  He made sure I had a yard.  He's also given me some permission to house hoop.  He's an amazing old curmudgeon. <3

I'd also like to thank all my readers for being there for me.  Thanks! You guys are the best.  I can't wait to take my hooping, hooping blog, and so much more to the next level.  There are many things heading your way from me.  Don't worry.  It may be a crazy two weeks for me coming up but trust me, it will be so awesome.  I mentally/talk outloud potential blog posts all the time. Just for you, my friends.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Shoot

This is the girl in the Marisa Tomei videos that annoyed the shit out of me at times. And more stretching advice. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We ARE Athletes

Flow Camp Schedule is Out!

Hours of Agonizing...
Yesterday while I was stalking the Flow Camp facebook when I saw that the schedule was posted!  And here I am with my schedule.  I printed it out and agonized over what I will take. 

Remember this lovely post?  So, I had four focuses.  Hoops (especially anything to help my flow), bellydance, contact juggling, and flow wand.  Last night at work, I printed out the rosters with the class descriptions.  I poured over what I should take.  At first glance, my classes.  The primary six are lining up to let me take them! Yes!  There was so many gaps.  Like only two classes I wanted were the first day there.  That's when I opened my mind.

That meant I could add beginner poi, going beyond basics (hoop), twins/minis, hooping for health, fire safety, and urban glow string poi.  My focus classes are Breaks, Stalls, Paddles, cabaret bellydance, contact juggling, tribal bellydance, finding your hoopdance, and flow wand. I have two big gaps at 550 Friday and 440 Saturday.  

I am so excited to be doing two bellydance classes.  Of course, I'm stoked about the beginner poi.  I didn't think I'd get to do that this year. Which reminds me I need to make some sock poi.  Can I get the right type of socks from Walmart?   Although I don't know what the going beyond basics and Getting Tricky! classes will be like regarding the hoop.  I wish some of these instructors gave better introductions.  The glowsticking makes me think of that one post from Shekinah-Spin

Although speaking of that crazy chick, I showed someone her poi video and they were like, "Oh, I used to do that at raves."  I wanted to scream at him, "No, you glowsticked.  I doubt, especially knowing you that you did POI. Freaking idiot." But I didn't.  I played nice.  Aren't you proud of me? 

Regarding my block of no classes, I don't have fans or I would go to the Fan Fundamentals class. I really wish I had fans hanging around.  Unless anyone knows where to get fans for under $40.   I don't know if I'd learn anything new in Getting Tricky (which is at that time) but I might wind up going to it anyways.  At 440, there is absolutely nothing I can take.  Freedom in Flow isn't on the sheet yet.  I have no clue what it is.  One day I want to try double staff but not now.  And again, I don't have the stuffs or money. 

I am still hoping to get my best friend to come with me.  I know I'll meet people and I know I'll make friends.  I know that.  I just want someone to help me set up my tent and might hold my hand when I'm wanting to recoil back into my shell.  And I also know that my new hooping friends will be there somewhere.  You get what I'm saying though, right?  I will admit having someone there to be my photographer at times seems like a fantastic idea, too.

I guess some people that are like hoop-purests would think I'm crazy for missing other hoop related classes to do other things.  I'm not.  I mean, sure if I didn't cj, I could take single hoop.  If I didn't try beginner poi, I could do prana hoop.  I want to try it all.  This is killer.  For $80, I can take fourteen classes over different disciplines.  I mean, if I were to go to Mecca, one class is $10.  I guess if I do fancy maths, these classes are essentially $6 each and that's not including the other awesome stuff!  Did I do that math right?

I am so pumped.  If you are in the vicinity, you should think about going.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Kentucky, we...

get hoops in trees.

No Holes

I don't have pierced ears anymore. I took all my holes out when my tragus wouldn't heal. I don't miss them but I want cute owl earrings, too. At the hoop jam the other day, Paige was fiddling with her new awesome ear cuff. I interrupted her to ask her about it. I have no decorum, really. I got so excited. I can make my own freaking kickass earrings. ^_^

Here are my first tries with subpar pliers.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Adventures at IHOP

Last weekend, when I taped the LED video, I wound up not wanting to go home.   I wanted IHOP.  That funnel cake fest was back and I love funnel cakes. I texted around and found one person wanting some IHOP.  We chilled around for a few hours inside.  And then we went out in the parking lot.  I had my LED in the car and showed my friend.

Lighted Life
He gave me massive compliments on my hooping skills.  After that we kept shooting the breeze while I hooped with my LED.  We must have been out there for hours.  People kept parking near us.  At one point, he says, "They are parking here because of you.  There are tons of empty spots over there but they want to see you."  I didn't believe that.

A couple fellas walked by saying my hula hoop was awesome.  One drunk girl screamed out the window, "AWESOME HULA HOOP."    I guess people were staring but I didn't care.  I was talking to a friend and hula hooping.  I've not hardly gotten to use my LED and that is exciting.
How to make S swords if you are broke like me.  One day my friends, one day!

Although I may still save up for some S staves. Who is going to fund my circus dream darn it?!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love me some Cap'n Maggot

I went to Emilie Autumn's concert when first started hooping.  I even took my hoop with me to use on my rest breaks.  This is before I could even waist hoop.  That person screaming, "That's an isolation!  I can do that!"  Yeah, that's me.  And I had just learned the figure 8 a few hours before hand at a random gas station in Ohio which I was pumping my gas (playing with my hoop while it pumped gas).

I love my enthusiasm when I say I WILL DO THAT!

And sorry if you hate this music! :p

Fourth Party Revisited

Slip 'N Slide
I didn't really explain much of it.  So here I go again.

I packed my flow wand, sil-x, my troo hoop and LED hoop in the car.  For some reason, I didn't bring my LED in. I think it was embarrassment.  What if I was the only one bringing one?  I would later regret this.  I even brought John.  Another thing I'd regret later.

The day started with the slip in slide.  After some hooping which I wasn't much feeling, I slid down.  It was awesome and painful.  I have a cut and huge bruise on my knee.  I'd continue to go back to my hoop.  I had my gaffer troo hoop.  I realized quick that I needed a 30 minute dry spell till I hooped.  At the same time, for some reason, I decided to try the shoulder duck out.  After a few tries, bam! There you go, Shannon.  Did you see the video of it?  Now I need to incorporate that on my other side and into flow. 
My camera sucks

I was really in the groove that day.  At first, I didn't think I would be.  I had brought my troo hoop instead of my reception hoop.  The troo hoop has a different groove than that one and it's a groove I don't like sometimes.  Different grooves for different moods.  I started to do some different things with my hoop that reminds me of that new Hoop Pathian thing where they fold or whatever.  I don't know but looking at KymSpins newest video made the moves feel familar.  Now, I didn't start doing it to copy that.  I wanted to do something different but akin to the sustained spinning according to my thought process.  Also, whatever the hell moves I was pulling was perfect for that song. I didn't care if I was doing weird things and moving differently.  I was just moving and feeling.  I have a 50 second video of it if anyone wants to see it. :p 

One girl later asked if I learned some new moves since the week before.  I disagreed other than the shoulder trick.  I explained I wasn't in a hooping mood at the last jam.  I basically rested the whole last week and somehow that improved my hooping?  I don't know.  But also, I had more of a flow that day.  (I guess I can say I have flow now)
Should one jump on when you are soaking wet?

When I was doing the hoopdancing, John started to talk to me.  Which seemed to be perfect to carry a conversation with someone with.  This was either before or after he left for the first time.  He doesn't do well in public and just was standing there.  John wound up going to the movies because he was bored.  I forgot to get the LED out of the car and the sun was going down.  I was very sad at that point. 

Flow wands were very popular with a couple of the people there.  After the kids left, a poi spinner/staff spinner came to the party.  More adults enjoyed the slip 'n slide.  Someone asked Paige to light up the fire hoop.  Before she did, she asked me if I wanted to try.  I gladly said yes before considering how small her fire hoop would be.  She warned that it would be small.  I balked and she pointed to the glow hoops that are her size hoops.

I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out what I could do with that size hoop.  Well, it ain't much.  There's always hand hooping and all that.  That's when she lit up.  I taped the video of Paige's performance.  Can you say amazing?  Then, she hollered my name and I balked a the prospect.  I even handed someone my camera on standyby instead of doing the smart thing and asking them to record it.

Hoop of Fire
My first time fire spinning reminds me much of how I was taught how to drive.  I was thrown behind the wheel on the side of an interstate and told to drive.  It's either drive right or die.  Either hoop or there is fire that burns right above your head.  All I remember is throwing it in halo and spinning around.  I'm thinking, "what the fuck am I going to do with this?  This is real fucking fire.  It's fire.  I could barely keep a regular hoop up and this is fire."  I couldn't figure out what I was doing.  I fumbled a few times as I was trying to do something more and couldn't match the groove of the hoop.  I even felt something against my forearm.  I don't know if it was the hoop or what.  All I know is that I was burned.  Eventually, I started doing side halos and fumbled to go to figure 8.  Evidently fire does is not conducive to grabbing the hoop for figure 8.  It's funny how you can take for granted how you hold your hand against the hoop after a while.  I finally got my hand positioning right between the fire wicks and doing figure 8.  And sometime after that, it extinguished. 

My first thoughts were, "Omg.  I'm glad John wasn't here."  It was very scary.  I'd hope for the most part because of the unfamiliarity with the hoop.  John hates fire.  I promised him I'd never do fire at our house.  He will not leave fans on in the house cause of fire fear.  Unfortunately, he took that as I will never fire hoop.  Which I'm not stupid.  I knew one day I'd do it.  I just didn't think it'd be this soon.  Of course, it's led to an addiction.  The same thing is happening with fire hoops that happened with LEDs.  I can't concentrate on anything besides window shopping for one.  The moment I buy one, I will calm down. 
LED Play

After that, John came back.  I got my LED and hooped it up.  I don't like my 50 inch hoop but it works. So I shouldn't complain.  It's better than no LED. One girl likes the huge sized.  The one thing about using it is that it's BRIGHT and messes up my vision.  Maybe I'm watching it too much.

The grand finale happened and it was an amazing firework show.  John was hiding in the car worrying about fire.  Literally.  I didn't tell him that I spun fire till he saw it on my facebook.  After John saw a bush on fire and called the firemen, I went home and passed on out.

The next day I was sore.  Heck, I'm still sore.  I overhooped and overslid.  It was an amazing party.  I met amazing people.  I got to hoop to some amazing music.  Did I say it was amazing yet? Cause it was the best and only adult party I've ever been to.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming...

On my feed, I found this picture:

Taken by Jack King <3

Now it feels real.

My inner goth does live on...
When I listen to Emilie Autumn.  Totally awesome when my two interests merge.  Presenting the lovely Cap'n Maggot and her hoop.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nicholasville Hoop Jam in Review

It went well.

Even though I was totally not in the mood to hoop.  Even though I will say the hoop has changed my life, it still didn't stop me from dreading the day when I might have to meet people.  I was sitting at my window going, "I kinda, sorta wish it'd rain."  But I pushed on because the weaker, pre-hooping Shannon would have just not showed up.  I packed everyone of my hoops in my car that is a complete mess.  After I got in the car, I was like, ugh, I don't have a drink or sunglasses.  But surely I will be fine.  The moment I get there and pack all 15+ hoops to the spot, I realize that I won't be fine.  I left my hair down and I was already super hot.  I didn't bring music.  I couldn't find any of my drumming music which meant I didn't bother bringing my old boombox.  I just didn't feel like it at all.  No wonder Paige said the other day that it was so much easier to do spinjam at her house.

I tried but I just couldn't pump it up.  I felt hot. I felt uncomfortable...and nervous.  A group of teens walked by and one girl asked to use the hula hoop.  I taught her how and she asked why I had all these hoops.  I explained that I was hosting a hoop jam to spread hoop love.   She left.  I started to feel even more defeated.  Not at her attitude.  Just probably my attitude and the heat. I sat under a tree when a family came up that had RSVPed on the whole facebook. 

We started hooping.  The mother told me how she first googled Nicholasville hooping when she found my blog and then, my facebook link. <3  It just made me feel like I really was making a difference.    We hooped and we compared hoops.  Pointers and all sorts of things.  I really liked one of her daughters one-handed helicopter as I called it (even though it used both just wasn't your typical helicopter).  I had never seen it before but I feel like that move could come in handy at one point in time.  And evidently the small girl was dreading the possibility of rain so much.  I felt so bad that I had been wishing for rain so I wouldn't have to go out.  Of course, I did more waist hooping with my flamer to facilitate talking and I didn't want to get freaking hot.

I was able to try someone elses water hoop.  As much as I love heavy hoops, I don't have a water hoop.  It felt sloshy.  Like moving with it was sloshy.  It had such a different groove than my hoops.  It really proved that all hoops have a different flow.

I might start doing a bi-weekly jam in Nicholasville on Mondays that I have off.  I have to get my next schedule to plan the next one.  And of course, if we get that place I've been wanting, we'll have a housewarming party that will be a hoop jam with food on my end of the party planning!

Maybe next time have a small sign next to us that says, "Free Hoop Jam. Grab a hoop and spin! time-time"


New Trick and Burn

Yesterday was Paige's fourth/spin jam party.  It was freaking amazing.  I hooped and slip 'n slided a bunch.  It was great fun.  I also learned a new trick.  Some tricks I have just been organically learning and this is one of them.  Other than that, I spun fire for the first time.  It was scary and I fumbled a few times.  I was using Paige's teeny hoop.  Only sometimes can I keep those up, so I mainly did halos and experimented with hand hooping.  It was definitely a learning experience.  I want to do it again with a hoop that I can feel comfortable with.  I although I am glad I did sparkler hooping first cause it was similar in the way that you can't grab it cause of the spokes/fire in the way.  I didn't get any pictures or video of it.  I was too, "omg, this is happening now" to even think.

I remember looking up while halo-ing and thinking, "Omg, this is real fire man and what do I do now?"  I'm sure in the back of my mind I was grateful that John wasn't there because he doesn't want me to fire hoop.  Mainly cause one day I told him I would never fire hoop at our house.  He has a mild fear of fire.  I knew I'd fire hoop eventually and there is no way I said I'd never do it.

That was the most amazing party I've attended.  I only have gone to family functions though.

But I will show you a video of my new trick:

Happy fourth (to the American viewers)!

I'm not super patriotic.  But I respect the troops.  I respect the troops so much that I work tons of overtime in a state-run veterans nursing home.

And you can ignore me after this.

Do you know what state I am in?  I'm in Kentucky.  Our lovely governor decided that he should furlough state employees.  It affected everyone but teachers and police(for you know, public safety).  Yes, it affected me.  I'm a CNA.  At times, because of the furloughs, there may be ONE CNA on a 55 bed unit that is regular.  At this time, they'd either  make someone stay for another 8 hours, pull from another unit or hire agency.  Agency is a worst case scenario because the quality of aide can be very low.  Also, agency gets paid double my salary.  How the frick did this save money?  We probably cost them money.

So for now, the lovely state has said, "No furloughs for state employees for now."  I hate that "for now" addition.  Because it makes me not trust them.  I know it sounds selfish but for these vets safety, there should be NO furloughs for state-run nursing homes.  Facebook page you can like can be found here.

And write to the governor.  I don't care if you don't live in this state.  Even if they are serious about no more furloughs, it needs to be known that they were screwing our vets over and they should be ashamed.  The point is that vets, who have sacrificed for our country, should be able to have proper care.  Not short staffed care.  It's a 24 hour facility. There are no holidays for them.  Some of these men originally hail from other parts of the country.  

Write to the Governor!

Contact Governor Beshear
Mailing Address
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Main Line: (502) 564-2611
Fax: (502) 564-2517
TDD: (502) 564-9551 (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)


And I'm sorry if you don't hold my views, hate Americans, hate war (I hate war, too but most vets don't choose to go to war), or think furloughs are fantastic (I'm sure they are when it's your typical desk job).  


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Shittakke mushrooms..

(which are delicious but that's not the point)

I just found this:

Oh, how I love Seer5

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You know who I freaking love?

Mat Plendl.

That is all folks.


My lovely Sil-X ball.  I think it needs a name.  It seems orange.  Did I really order an orange ball?  Nope, it's UV Red.

I will also start walking around the house like this:

Evidently, the cradle is uber important.

**Note one any scheduled posts.  I flipped the pictures over using Photobucket.  When I put it here, in the window, it is correct.  When it goes into the page itself, it's screwy.  I am hoping that it will right itself once it posts.  If not, turn your head over.  And you may see these problems again. :p**

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flow Wand? Yeah....

So, what happened to my flow wand?  Well, I have it.  I just kinda gave up on it.  I really don't know where to go with it and I feel lost.  I can keep it up mostly.  I just feel like I have no direction or purpose with it.  I know that it's best to start short string before long string which I think I will gravitate to in the future.  I just don't know where to go now.  I do know that I've been moving with the wand in the same direction I hoop.  Therefore I tried to stop doing that when I would remember.

I just feel like I don't have a direction.  Learning tricks on the hoop has given me a direction.  And I feel like I don't have one for the wand.  I love the wand.  Prisna makes it look freaking amazing but gosh, I just don't know where to go.  And I don't know what to do with my illusion hand.  Blah.

And maybe I felt self conscious cause John would say stuff like, "I see the string" and "why are you waving your other hand like a fool?"

I'm not giving up on it though.  I like how one video that is scheduled to post says, "just make stuff up!  This is new!"  And my comments on that vid I posted the other day helps a bit.  I just feel self concious.  It's like new, scary waters. With sharks.  I remember seeing a pretty cool flow wand vid and some of the responses were so negative.  And the girl replied, "dude, I had just had that for an afternoon.  I'm not like perfect yet."

And my hand gets tired from doing it. Poooo.

But hey, I have a $40 cat toy!

Awesome Video of CJing

What I love about this video is that he looks like he's dancing with the balls.

And that seems so inappropriate on my second read through.