Saturday, September 19, 2015

What I Wish Breastfeeding Class Really Taught...

6 months ago I had a baby! I have breastfed for 6 months and pumped for my work week for 3 of those months. Everyone would give me tips when I would tell them what I was planning feeding wise. People would tell me it was worth the pain but that wasn't my experience. Here is what I wish friends and bfing classes could have told me.

  • Pain-Many people warned me about pain. I have actually rarely had pain. I found out through the internet that coconut oil felt so much better than lanolin. Everyone focuses on the pain but no one warned me about the cluster feeding all the time. Which brings me to point two.

  • Sleep- I know everyone warns you that you won't sleep after baby. Or sleep when baby sleeps. My baby, who also had jaundice, would sleep nursing a lot. How can I sleep then? How can I let daddy take him if he screamed for more food within a minute of trying to lay down? They say don't introduce a bottle early but what would have been a better option? I tried to sleep on the floor beside him to see if he would rest better. I had a co-sleeper. I had everything to do it "right." I still found myself barely sleeping and falling asleep on the couch nursing which is unsafe. And I almost dropped him in the hospital cause I was exhausted. Then "they" say sleep gives you more milk. What are the options available to get rest without hurting the breastfeeding relationship?

  • Pumping- Best ways to pump, best ways to clean pumps, when should the parts be sanitized, what happens if you stop responding. How do you pump more milk? I barely respond to my second pump. Yes, I have two pumps thank goodness. I can breastfeed my son all day and be good to go. Even have an extra few ounces. But at this moment, I struggle hard to make sure he has enough bottles.

  • Milk- How much milk is okay? What if my breastfed baby wants and is happy on more than 5 oz bottles? My son just changed to 7/7/5or7 and he is so much happier. But bfing "experts" on boards say that is "too much." He does not do well with paced feeding.

  • Bras- This is such a huge issue for me I have cried over this. I am too big for most companies and I guess a place a few hours away has up to sizeM but bras are expensive. Pinching some pennies for bras and a road trip.

  • Foremilk and hindmilk issues- How to fix this. I have fixed it twice. Once from breast and once from pumping. I realized my morning pumps were all hind milk. I block feed mostly now.

  • Boosting supply- yep. I now eat oatmeal every day, drink Gatorade, and stuff. The tea is gross.

  • Nursing injuries- I have never had bad back pain. My issue is my shoulder gets locked up from pressing my breast where baby has complete access while being able to breathe.
I am pretty sure there were more issues that I cannot remember. My breastfeeding class pretty much went over feed every 2 hours in the beginning, positions, and back support. All good and done but the bigger issues that have plagued my bfing relationship makes it harder. I did read, post and eventually found la leche league meetings. I wish i went to them when i was pregnant. I miss the in person support.

Did you feel lost when breastfeeding if you have?