Friday, September 30, 2011

I am done. I give up.  No, I don't give up on blogging nor hooping.  I'm done trying to force myself to learn stuff just because everyone else knows "this."  This diagonal hooping thing has me in the dumps. For real dumps.  It hurt my spirit so much.  I have hooped in a while and I guess it's cause I feel like a failure.  Although I don't truly give up in that sense.  I will start working on hip hooping because Paige feels like that may help me achieve this move.  Paige mentioned to another girl that it took her 3 years to achieve chest hooping.  Maybe it will take more than six months hooping to achieve that.  I'm done sticking in someone else's box.  I'm going to make my own box.  I will focus on what I love although this new 30/30 will be dedicated to 15+ minutes of hip hooping.

I'm also hoping to get 18 dollars more in my paypal to order the Blooming 2.  Tonight I go to Louisville for Ann Humprhey's class. I can only go to that one day though.  Hopefully this will be a great kick off for 30/30.

I am also trying to start hooping classes.  Although I'm not sure if Tammcorr will want me since I am not certified or insured.  Who wants to pay for personal trainer certifications or insurance?  Anyone want to test out a class for me via private youtube links?

The puppy is also still taking a lot of my time.  I'm sorry friends!  I haven't even worked overtime lately!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Lighted Lifestyle Review

I've had this hoop for eons. I am finally getting to reviewing it. This is my 50" Lighted Lifestyles hoop.  First of all, I ordered right when I started hooping.  Since I knew it'd be lighter, I opted for a 50" hoop.  In the time that it was back ordered, I progressed in my hooping.  At one point, I emailed wanting to know if my hoop was being made because there was no confirmation letter saying, "Hey, dude, we got your order!"  I did hear a response saying it shouldn't be due for a month or so.  That was it.  Later there were hoopcity posts that was talking about bad hoops and no hoops showing up.  I mentioned mine since it was two weeks away.  Kirk responded to my post saying that within a week it should be in production.  I waited a few days and emailed again explaining I'd rather have a 45" or something hoop.  I waited.  No response.  I never got a "this was mailed letter." 

One day, I wake up and there is the hoop and John is pissed at this big box in the living room. Cool. Awesome. I'm stoked. I open it and I look inside.  This is a 50" hoop.  Maybe he didn't get my email but I would have preferred some sort of response like, "We already made your hoop. Sorry!"  I turn it on and it looks blue sitting. Cool. It's supposed to be like that.  I take it in the bedroom, shut the door, jump on the bed and I spin it.  It looks blue and purple.  It's supposed to be strobby that runs blue white purple. I see no white. This is the one that does not have a video of unlike the other light burst strobes.

I have used this hoop many times. I like it but I feel so upset that I see no white in the strobe. I ask others and they don't see it either. Although I have gotten many compliments about it.  I also hate the size. I know that's my fault but I just wish he had responded to my emails.

Yes, I realized from HoopCity that it would take forever to get my hoop.  The problem is that fact that I never got a response, slow response, or not information on my hoop.  I spent hours staring at hoops and this was a very expensive purchase and I was sincerely worried about my hoop.  I hate feeling in the dark about something like this.  I understand this is a product made with care but I just want to be informed.

The reason why I did not choose Lighted Lifestyles for my second hoop was because I wanted it before Flow Camp.  Also, the reviews were starting to get less than stellar.  I did not like being clueless about my hoop.  That is why I chose another hoop maker for my second hoop.  Sorry, Lighted Lifestyles.  I hope your production time is truly five weeks now and you are responding to emails cause I wasn't super thrilled with your service.  If I could, I'd totally revamp this hoop to be down to a smaller size.  If anyone has any information on retrofitting or modding a LL hoop, message me. I don't know much about electronics but I am crafty.  I can do it, if you help me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Trick Inspiration?

I feel so stuck in my hoop practice. Again, I don't feel like I do anything amazing.  Although is it so bad to go through only 4-5 moves that give me great pleasure?  But I also feel stuck.  I can't diagonally hoop on my waist and I feel like that holds me back.

I saw this move today on the youtube and I might learn this one. 

What about you?  What trick do you think I should learn next?  I might tape my attempts at diagonal hooping to see how I can get better input.  Paige said I need to get better at hip hooping because my lower body is like wtf, shannon!  I was attempting to tape a super thought through video with costumes but I can't get in flow and the view was crooked. I want a spotlight worthy video!  I just feel so stuck in the hoop. :(  I want to feel the excitement of hooping again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Superhooper Review

This review is long overdue.  My Lighted lifestyles review will be on Friday.

Before Flow Camp, I wanted to have a new LED that I loved.  Lately I've been so obsessed with white LEDs.  I was really torn if I should wait but a 50" hoop is ridiculous.  I saved up my church checks and decided on Superhooper.  They have those super low prices with what I wanted.  The batteries sucked (I really like wall charging batteries) but the price made it worthwhile.  Since a polypro would ship free with it, I figured why not get one too?  I tried to make the cart a billion times on the superhooper website and it wouldn't work.  When I'm still making up my mind about if I should buy something, I always make a cart a few times.  Even though the website was not working, their awesome website made it easy for me to figure out shipping without having to make a cart.  I like having everything so straight forward.  That night/morning I think I facebook Lara on the Superhooper facebook page and informed her about the bug on the website.  I needed to do it soon because if I didn't order by Friday according to the chart, I wouldn't get my hoops in time. 

My response was pretty quick.  She fixed the bug and promptly messaged me to add a clear poly pro which I would get for free.  The next time you find a bug in a website, tell them. Maybe you will luck out on a free thing, too.  It made me feel like yes, I did need a polypro because the universe is giving me one. <3  Now, understand I did not expect anything in return other than being able to place my order.  I had the money for both hoops and was expecting to pay.

I ordered it Friday, after trekking to the library to complete the order.  This was during the move and my internet was gone.  When I got my email confirmation, I looked at the address.  Oops.  That's not my new address.  I promptly emailed Superhooper back and a very short while she reconfirmed my address. ^_^

True to the chart on the Superhooper website, I was able to get my hoop on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't remember.  All I know is that it shipped FedEx and I was so unsure about if it was a sign-type package.  I stayed up.  I remember the door knocking and I ran to the door. There was my hoops on the porch.  I yelled at the driver as he ran off, "Thanks! Have a great day!"

 I hurried my box inside and tore it open.  When you get a superhooper hoop, you have to screw it together.  We had just moved which meant that I had to search for one.  After I found it, I put it together.  To save money, I didn't get it sanded.  I figured I could tape the inside myself.  I turned it on and it was so gorgeous. I love white LEDs.  I played with the LED and the polypro. The LED feels heavier but not awful heavy.  Be advised I like heavy hoops.  I like the weight because I can still use it even if it's smaller.  I really wish I had gotten a superhooper LED first.  I also got this one at 40".  I loved it and taped some green gaff inside the hoop.  I have not noticed any rattle and it's super bright. It's my baby. ^_^

 Polypro feels so much different.  It's like hooping with air!  I realized I had to speed up my vortexes and I definitely cannot waist hoop with it much.  That's okay.  I'm starting to accept that my favorite move is chest hooping.  I know the waist should be our "home base" but I love, love, love chest hooping.  I don't know why either.

When I went to Flow Camp, I got tons of compliments on it.  Sometimes the green gaff gives it greenish trails.  If you'd like a good, cheap, and high quality hoop, I totally recommend Superhooper. The service is fantastic.  It really means a lot to me when people respond to my emails or facebook inquiries.  The fact that I was able to get a LED within a few weeks without paying extra for super fast shipping says a lot.  Also, they are right about polypro does not suck at 42" range. It works beautifully for me.  I really don't play with it as much as I should.  Although I love playing with it in the house. No gaff marks!

I totally recommend superhooper.  <3  This is a hooping company that cares about hoopers. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Virgin Burn

The other day, I was able to light up my fire fans for the first time.  It's not super awesome but I didn't die!  Trying to do spins was scary.  A few weeks ago I was totally cool with my fans and was like, "I'm going to rock this!"  Well, once they lit and it was windy, I was like "Omg, that's a big flame."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flow Camp Review

Don't get me wrong. Flow Camp was amazing.  I feel like it's my duty to share my opinions this blog.  Some things I think Flow Camp could have improved and others are my issues.  Hopefully, next year will be better and larger!

Flow Camp could have been better if...
  • Opening Ceremonies.  Yes, there was warm up but I think it would have solidified the feeling that yes, Flow Camp is starting.  Maybe I'm crazy.  I'm so used to big events having a kick-off/opening ceremonies.  It didn't need to be fancy or dorky.  No FCCLA-like skits here. Just a random, "Welcome, y'all!" would have sufficed. Although I would have rather likes someone, didn't have to be Jorden, come up and welcome everyone.  Something like, "Hey flow wanderers!  How is everyone!? (cheers)  I wonder who came the farthest? (wait for screams of random places) Oh, Did I hear someone from (random far state).  Thank you everyone for coming!  It's going to be an amazing weekend!  I just wanted to tell you a few things before we start. ( Directions to basic places, instructions on how to get a brochure if you didn't get one, explanation of class replacements, teacher introductions) (this would be a good time to share any surprises) Who's ready to flooooooooooooooooow?!  Woooo!  Have a great time! Be safe!" Cue opening warm up beginning! Maybe I'm lame but I think any big event should have a welcome.  Hell, if no one in Jorden's camp wants to do it, I will do it.  I love audiences and public speaking. <3  I've presented in front of thousands before. So I have the experience!
  • Brochures.  Many people didn't get them which sucked because some classes were cancelled.  I didn't know that I could get them from the General Store till Saturday.
  • Class changes, class descriptions and teacher notices.  Okay, this might just be my issue.  I think the class changes should have been updated as soon as possible on the website.  The descriptions should be sent right with the teacher signing up for it and detailed (like if they are extra props available)  If there has to be substitution that is too late to call, a opening ceremony could help ease the pain.  Hell, if I had known Grimm was teaching a beginner to intermediate fire fan class, I would have been there.  It didn't even list Grimm in the description and it was labeled "Intermediate fans."  I talked to him later and he was a tad upset no one came. He said it would have been fine for beginners.  He was blown away by the empty class with "40 people were in the  hooping class next door."
  • The hooping classes need more instructors.  One teacher couldn't make it and another guy volunteered. Awesome right? Except mostly hoopers came to Flow Camp and he was overwhelmed from what I could tell.  He eventually split the class but I think it's still too much for some people.  Of course, hoopers are amazing and some would help others but still 25+ people in one class can be daunting.  Maybe have a helper for each teacher? 
  • Can any porta-potties be closer to the campsites?  Even one would have been awesome, especially for the far off campsites.  I'm not sure if this was a logistic with Terrapin or what. When I moved the second time, it was so far away. Thank god for a go-girl! 
My mistakes:
  • Chigger bugspray.  Does it exist?  I want to bathe in that stuff.  My itching and bumps have finally subsided. Thank god!
  • Blanket, sleep medicine and ear plugs.
  • Didn't bring a  heavy blanket.
  • More sunscreen and baby wipes.
  • Definitely need a shade thing.
  • Proper transport for all my shit.
  • Emergency phone batteries and a watch.
  • Extra clothes, shoes, and take more pictures
  • Maybe a mat to wipe my feet before I step in my tent?
  • Towels. Evidently they did have showers! 
  • A fire hoop. I wished so much I had my own fire hoop.  :(
  • Talk to more people.  I may have outgrown some shyness but it was totally lurking in my head.
  • Take more video!
  • And (personal) permission to take rest breaks and naps!
That's all I can remember.  It was amazing and I cannot wait for next year!  I don't even think I will be able to go to Snow Flow now unless there are day tickets. :(

And there will be a blog on Monday on why I've been silent lately.