Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Here's my gift to you...

If you are already my facebook friend, you may have seen this.  But Merry Christmas, happy holidays, whatever to you!  Be safe this holiday season!  I know this isn't the most amazing video I have but I really felt like doing something for the hoop community, even if it's just gracing you with my presence.   I know I haven't been blogging hardly at all.  Maybe that will be my resolution for the new year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Better at poi maybe?

Here is my latest poi video.  Tell me what you think!

Happy holidays FYI

Friday, December 7, 2012

I am not dead yet..

(and if you keep singing after reading that title, you are awesome)

So, I went to Florida Flow Fest and it was amazing.  I was supposed to write an article about it but I just didn't know how I could write about how amazing and epic the entire weekend was.  I did take a good bit of hoop classes.  It was amazing to rub elbows with the famous of the hoopers.  Although the weekend showed a few things very clear:  I am a weird person since I still use irrigation tubing.  And I refuse to go to polypro 99% of the time.  The reason why I don't want to switch: if I don't learn how to do moves or not learn how to do moves with my hoop, I'll never really do anything with said move.  But if I learn with my troo hoop (or whatever), then I might figure out how to change it to work with heavier hoops.  I'll throw up some of the florida pictures.

I also want to tell everyone that I won't be writing for Hooping.org anymore (at least on a regular basis).  With my job requiring mandatory overtime, it's been so hard to balance all the things I have to do.  So I had to let it go.  When the writing bug comes to me, I will send articles to hooping.org to (hopefully) get posted.

And I posted some stills from my curvy hoopers video on facebook but here's a few more:

I will eventually post all the stills....

And did you see the results for Curvy hoopers challenge?  I'm so glad for Brandy and Shelli!  Especially Shelli cause she's awesome and I know her (eventually this will be in real life).  Next up for me is hoping that I will get nominated for the hoopies (of I don't know) and that hoop camp contest I keep entering!  Also, I might go to kinetic fire this year!  And I believe I will be teaching at PlayThink! this year! Exciting! 

But in the not so exciting news, I was relieved of my position at the gym and I wasn't paid for the last month.  So I've been disappointed since.

And I got a new tattoo guys):

My next big, close to my heart one will be....a hoop dancer.  So hey, if anyone wants to design me one, email me!