Friday, April 29, 2011

I Never Understood Flow Toys till..

Years ago, I used to be obsessed with bellydance but I was always too scared to go.  The bellydance studio also held poi classes.  I googled it quick and was like, "eh, what's the point?  I'm not Moari.  Why do people like this?"  I didn't get it then.  Years passed, still too worried about my weight to go to the bellydance classes.

It all changed a few months ago.  I had always wanted to hoop.  I've been trying since those years because it is such an "awesome" workout.  I never could even with my "adult hoops."  So, I guess my hoop mother is all those weight loss articles that swear by hooping.  That planted the seed.

Now a few months into this hooping thing, I am all about flow toys.  I want to try poi, contact juggling, flow wands, toroflux, EVERYTHING. I get it.  I really do get it.  Maybe I was destined.  I act like a 12 year old anyways. 

I love it because it's something that makes my body beautiful when it's not to most people.  I love it cause I achieved something and I achieved it while I was fat.  Yes, I'm fat and I can do awesome hooping tricks.  It makes me move in a way that my non hoop dance does not make me move (I'm a jumper).  I can flow to the music and be creative with my body and my usually DIY-ness.  It's magical.  I feel like a ballerina when I hoop at times.  I always wanted to be a ballerina.  I was too fat or old to be one. Evidently, I call hooping magical a lot since I already have a tag as "magic."

I know a friend who is recovering from addiction.  I really want to give her a hoop.  I wish she'd come to my reception.  Maybe if she found the hoop, she'd stop wanting to abuse IV drug use.  I also know a friend that's completely strung out on a guy who is bad news and strings her along.  She's always in the constant state of "I LOVE HIM YET HE'S WITH ANOTHER GIRL.  Even though he treats me like crap, he's perfect."  I feel like if she could find the hoop, she wouldn't need his affection and find her true self worth.  Seriously, you should see the facebook updates I suffer through because this girl hates herself without him. 

Also, bop it while waist hooping is hard, yo.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello, I'm Shannon and I'm here to make your day diffucult...

Or really the story of how I promised not to buy more tubing when in fact I did.  Honestly, I have 3 potential sales anyways. So, it will make up for itself?  I have two sister hoops to make and one for Nan since she gave hers away.  Although I'm not sure if Nan is paying or if we're bartering.

That is another reason why I am carrying the hoop in this picture, I didn't expect to buy the hoop tubing.

First, ACE:

This is what havoc I wrecked when I first went to ACE.  These men really don't know what irrigation tubing is.  They even admit to not selling it a lot.  He took off the 1/2inch tubing that's like 3 persons higher and you need a ladder.  I told him it was wrong.  He tried the next roll.  I think they also had some 160 but I didn't want to bother him more.  This is when he tried to measure it out.  The one that knew how to spin it out said .39 cents was too cheap.  Hello.  That's why I come to ACE for 100 PSI and I can get it by the foot.  I might have to see how much their 160 is for a hundred.  I only got 25 feet of the 100 to be a cheap and lighter version of my hoops for the reception.  I think that should make 2-3 barely. Depends how big I make them.

When I went to Lowes, I wound up buying more tubing and more connectors.  Why does my local ACE have no Lasco connectors ever?  Although Geneva is so easy to slide in.  Geneva is not good for collapsibles! I think I may get a new hoop for hoop path from etsy. I don't feel like making a new one and for the middle of a price for a DIY quarto, I can get a taped hoop that is a 4 piece connections.

So do you think 12-14 hoops is appropriate for a 75+ person reception with potential kids?

And I think I've fallen in love with one of the hoops I made the reception.  It's starting to look well loved. <3 

Also, my lovely blog readers, I do have drafts of blogs to post sometime when I finish them: reviews of Betty Hoops, hoop making the lazy way, hoop brands, teacher certifications, Identitape vs discount hoop supply, my PRIVATE hoop class, and more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Yeah, Caraleeena is coming to Cincinnati.  That's close enough that I can actually go.  Although I still haven't found anyone I can go with.  I guess I may be going alone.  I think with my recent hooping events near me means that I am totally meant to hoop.  It's a convergence of "Shannon, don't give up. Keep hooping it up!"

 I'll be going to the beginning/intermediate class because with my impending reception and potential chance to go to Keeneland for the first time in my life, I can't go to the 7th.  I guess I'm not ready for teacher certification (one day I will be!).  I asked her on facebook what the beginning class would cover.  I hope to be able learn something new or perfect something I've been working on.  I'm just half leery since the next day continues what is started on Friday.  Which makes me scared that the new stuff for me would be on Saturday, the day I cannot go.  Either way meeting Caraleeena would be amazing!  And I love how one comment on the class says, "learn to flow and groove with your hoop."  Yes, please!

Hello Kentucky Flow Camp....

Are you in or near Kentucky? Want a cheap flow festival?  Come to beautiful Kentucky for Flow Camp 2011!  I am SO stoked!  I will be able to meet other people in Kentucky that love hoops and try other flow arts. Yay!  It's also cheap! 

Flow Camp 2011


Stop! It's Hammer Time!

Yesterday I was told over and over again how much I had flow and was dancing with my hoop.  I love improvement. <3

Monday, April 25, 2011

An Oops of Epic Porportions...

Do you realize what that picture is?  That is two hoops connected together.  I had to drop the hoop to reheat the water.  When I picked it up again, I slipped it in another hoop.  I didn't realize this till I had fixed the hoop.  In a panic, I had to rip it apart.

The reason my water was cold is cause I don't like to make them in the kitchen.  I take a mug of hot, hot water and make my hoops.  My latest foray taught me a few things: make sure you have enough connectors (I barely had enough and Walmart doesn't have them).  Different tapes feel different.  I just tried my tape from discount hoop supply tape.  It feels and lays different than the other (identitape).  To make a large hoop, it takes 12 feet which is great cause I might need to know that to get some 100 psi from ACE. They sell by the foot.

If I learned anything else, I forgot it. 

How many hoops should I provide to a big reception full of 60-70 people?  I have 6 made/making, 4 personal ones that I don't use anymore/at all.  So that's a grand total of 11 hoops.  I can make a few out of 1 inch psi but I would only use duct tape to cover those.

Wordless Monday

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obsession Transgressions

Let me tell you a secret:  I get very fangirl-ish over things in my life.  It used to be knitting.  I still knit just not a lot.  It's hard with a job to know you have to do something for months at a time before you can use it.  And I felt stagnant.  When I'm in my fangirl stage, that's all I talk about.  At the moment, I have two obsessions: hooping and reusable menstrual products. Yes, I said that.  I suggest to stop reading now if you don't like that.

 Now, on facebook, I will share a lot of articles, blog posts, videos about hooping oooor cloth pads/cups.  I also "like" hoop things and cloth companies.  I don't like to complain about my husband on there nor having silly statuses like, "going to taco bell."  I have had some compliments on my hooping posts.  This one man says that my hooping posts entertain him.

Yesterday, I got a message saying something like this: (I can't exactly remember what. When I feel embarrassed/in trouble, I get tunnel vision and only read/hear parts.) "Shannon, lately whenever I log into facebook, all I see from you is posts about hula hoops and your period.  And you know what, I'm kinda getting sick of it. *stares at you*"

First, I never post about my personal period, that I know of unless it's something like, "They are worth switching to, trust me!"  But usually I just say, "green your period, look what winds up in the ocean, switch to cloth, etc."  Also, by using stumbleupon frequently lately, I've posted awesome things lately other than pads or hooping.

Secondly, what is wrong with hula hoops?  What is wrong with having a passion or two in your life?  Sorry if you think hooping is dorky but I'm pretty sure it' here to stay.  I guess I can't ever make a status that says "Good workout today!" because that might be about hula hoops.

Third, it's called don't read it.  I have a girl who post random quotes like, "A real man will stand by her girl," "A man isn't a man if he can leave a girl crying in the road," and all that other silly stuff.  Do I message this chick saying, "hey, all you post is stupid phrases that are like 12 year old mottos?"  Nope.  I grow up and ignore it.

The reason I post those things frequently is because I love these things.  They have both contributed to my wellness and happiness immensely.  I want to share my love with the world.  Most people don't know that hula hooping can be more than simple waist hooping (maybe that is why she is a killjoy).  Most women don't even know that there are other options out there for that time of the month.  I would have loved someone to tell me when I was 12 that there was another way either by cups or cloth.  I've had times in my life where I had to choose between food or protection for that time.  Now, I don't have to worry.  I'm set.

I also spend my money and time to sew pads for girls in Africa.  This ensures they are able to go to school during that time.  Many of those kids can't go during their period because they can't buy protection.  I guess I'm awful for helping and spending my time to do that.

Wanna know what post threw this girl off the deep end?  I was sharing an Earth day special for free, no shipping and handling cloth liner by a good company.  I think the post before that was about my glow hoop I received in the mail.  Honestly, receiving a new cloth pad I ordered, hoop tape, or a new hoop is really the only exciting thing I get in the mail or in life.  My life is pretty much: work, sleep, waste time, eat, repeat.  During 30/30, it was work, sleep, waste time, hoop, eat, repeat.  So yes, getting the glow hoop I bought months ago was exciting!  I guess I should be grateful I didn't post a status over getting my Hoop Path DVD.

And don't think I'm sitting here crying over this.  I wanted to get it off my chest.  This girl I personally don't regard as a friend anymore.  When I got married she laughed and called me retarded.  I know who my real friends are.  They don't mind my hooping obsession and try to join along.  Even if they don't get my love for reusable menstrual products, they say, "hey, go with your personal likes. Whatevs."  They are also my facebook friends and never make a comment about my "excessive" posting.

Have you ever offended someone with your obsessions?  Got any funny stories?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What "level" hooper am I?

I went to the hoop class the other day.  I knew most of the tricks but it was good just to work on those some more. Although I was able to really be able to start chest hooping with my arms down.  I still appreciate going because I was able to just hoop without worries on space constraits and I got to see a friend. 

These are the tricks I know:
  • waist hooping (side to side mostly)
  • chest hooping
  • some hip hooping
  • knee hooping
  • hand hooping/halos
  • corkscrews (up and down, front and back)
  • figure 8
  • passing
  • helicopter
  • smearing
  • vortex
  • hover
  • revolving door
  • hand hooping stalls and reverses.
Italized means that I'm still working on that.  What level hooper am I?  High beginner, just a plain beginner, etc.

What moves should I try next?  Add a youtube video of what I should learn next! 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

How do you become a better hooper?

I mean, I know how to do some stuff.  I can do it but not well.  Or skillfully.  Or is that something that will come in time?  Do you do drills?  Dedicate an entire hooping practice to practicing that one move?  I'm just kind of at a loss.  I feel like if I were to google, "how to be a better bellydancer, runner, athlete, etc" I could find answers.  Hooping doesn't have that...yet.  Should I cross train with other forms of dance to help my muscles or whatever?  Help me out here! Since you've became a hooper, have you been thinking of yourself as an athlete?  I have.  I'm fat and I'm an athlete! whoooooo.

I really think this might be the key to losing those last 80 pounds.  The way I did first was to accept my body as is.  I would think that my body was strong and my calves were powerful even with the flaws.  If I'm starting to accept my body as is by hooping, it might work again.  I mean would an athlete scarf down an entire box of cookies? Nope.  An athlete would at least pay attention to portion sizes.

The thing is I need something to prevent my thought process from thinking: You can't hoop because you aren't like those skinny hoopers.  This is hard for you because you're fat.  You have to use that huge hoop cause your round.

Although good news:  I'll be able to have more videos of my home practice.  I have a new webcam that takes videos.  I think I need to get back on the 30/30 bus with changes.  Ie, on my double days or something, I have to do at least 10 minutes but if I'm about to die, it's cool not to reach 30/30.

And more good news:  The lady who let me use a hoop that showed me that I COULD hoop is having two hoop classes.  Yay! Hoop classes!  Plus old friends will be there.  Although husband doesn't even like the idea of me going to it.  I don't get it.  What is so wrong with hooping classes?  I'll actually have $10 for it anyways! I want to bash his head in with my heavy hoop.  Maybe then he'd get it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I Told You I Didn't Quit Hooping...

I made a hoop for my niece.  She loved it although she was too busy to really try it out.  I'm not sure if it was a hit or miss yet.

I took my troo hoop and played for a bit.  I can chest hoop with my troo hoop. Although I have to spin for it but I have to spin with my troo hoop more often anyways no matter what.  John's mom complimented me.  He still didn't really watch me nor care. Well, he's in for a rude awakening for when we have 4th of July and all that.  Totally taking the hoop with me.  Basically from now on, if it's outside, the hoop comes with!  Even when we go to Pigeon Forge, we're going to go hiking.  I'll take my troohoop and I'm going to hoop on the mountain.  He doesn't like that idea so far. :p

I think I heard John's sister and her friend talking about my hooping but I was trying to hoop more than eavesdrop.  Yes, I missed a hoop love spreading opportunity, but I wanted to hoop more.  On the way home, John said, "Why didn't you go to the backyard to do that?"  I never thought of it as an option.  Personally, I don't care.  I didn't hit any cars. Only a tree.

Do you know what I did while I was watching the brand new HoopPath DVD that I finally got yesterday? I reversed and....hooped to the left.  I figured if I could just reverse the dang hoop while already going with my good current, then I should be able to do left.  It's all about teaching my body that it's not a different move.  It's all the same. If you can do it on the right, you can do it on the left.  Now, it's rocky.  Very rocky.  When I hoop right, I, unless I move, don't hit things.  But even with moving the table, I was still hitting stuff.  I guess that means the spin is wobbly and uneven.

Also, there will be HoopPath DVD and Betty Hoops DVD reviews soon.  I think Hoop Path DVD could be useful to most people.  There are some exercises it walks you through while holding one foot up. It's hard!  Although if anything, I think anyone can benefit from the Betty Hoops DVD, no matter the level.

My non hooping life:
So my illness from hell never came to fruition but I think I gave myself food poisoning today.  This is why I shouldn't be allowed to cook.  I don't know.  For the first time in a year (since I had rhonovirus from work) that I've been kneeling in front of the porcelain throne (although that doesn't count my bachlorette party cause I was too inebriated to even remember if I lost everything).  Either way, it sucks and I haven't done anything all night other than play stumbleupon.  I had a pile of hoops that needed to be at least stuck together.  I don't feel like throwing them in the back room, so I've thrown them in the corner.  I didn't get to sew either. :(

Last week wound up being a 55 hour work week cause I was mandatoried at work.  All last week I did 8 hours voluntary and then they had to force me to stay on my last day of the week.

All last week, I was doing more sewing than  hooping.  I made a blindfold for my hooping.  I'll show a picture later.  I've been sewing pads for girls in Africa.  This is the orginization I'm sewing for.  Although there are tons more that accept donations.

Everyone in my life is pregnant it seems and having babies.  John doesn't really want to talk about the baby conversation.  Maybe the baby bug is about to hit again. I mean I did just spend a portion of my night looking at cloth diapers. I can't even explain why other than just comparing and pricing it in my head for future use.  John just tells me "let God handle it."  What John doesn't understand is that I'm slightly half afraid we'll have troubles conceiving, so I'd rather start at least trying now, just in case.

Although John and I had a good conversation this week about my reception.  My expectations for it have been higher than what it is turning out to be.  John said that he doesn't have to be like a real reception.  So either way, it's just going to be a kickass party.  Either way, as long as it doesn't rain, there will be hula hoops, carnival games, bubbles, and more.  I think it will still be good.  The hula hoop idea was something I thought of even before I could hoop.  Now that I can hoop, awesome-sauce!  If I was amazing, I would have done a sort of first dance minus John (he doesn't dance) with my hoop.  But I'm just a fledgling.

I know that we shouldn't view hooping as a competition but it's hard sometimes.  That's what I loved about something Baxter said in the DVD.  The present me, weight, hair, abilities, etc was hooping now.  Not a skinnier me.  Not a fatter me.  Me as is.

I tried contact juggling while I was at my sister in laws.  It's harder than it looks!  Or the fushigi ball my nephew has is subpar for learning.  I'm also going to try to coupon clip more to save money (more money for hooping expenses?)

My head hurts. I think I'll go to bed.  I've been trying to write this blog post all night.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Am Not Dead Yet...

I think I'm dying of malaria or some weird thing.  I don't know.  Right now I feel like I'm about to get strep or a cold or something but I don't know what.  Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten better all week long.

At first, after 30/30, I took a break from hooping that started to get longer as soon as I started to feel ill.  The hoop I stashed at work broke mid spin.  I've also worked 8 hours overtime at work this week.  The days I go in for overtime is mainly sleep/eat/work sorta days.

Now, the first few days of my break, I sorely missed hooping.  I still do and know I should do but I just feel so icky.

My friends update me on everything in the hooping world cause I haven't even been online much either.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I WILL Join a Circus One Day

Things I want to learn for my personal circus act:

  • Aerial hoop
  • Contact Juggling
  • Aerial fabric
  • Multihoops 
  • Bellydancing 
  • Poi
  • Pole dancing
Hooping is creating something that I never thought it would give me: the drive/the I can do something physical attitude