Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poi and blisters?

My bandaged fingers.
Since I've started to try poi, I've been getting blisters.  It's really frustrating and painful.  My first blisters recovered.  The hoop jam the other day made me have more blisters.  I can't seem to practice for more than a few minutes before I get more.  Do I wait till my skin toughen ups?  I find most other holds awkward and hard for me to achieve the one move I know. I hardly have had hoop bruises and so problems like this have never happened to me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoop Jam x 3

Take three of hoop jam was amazing.  I was extremely prepared.  I had my radio, I had my new sign, I had hoops.  I was alone for a few minutes when a woman rolled up.  There is one person that came and her mother actually wants me to perform (sorta).  Facebook to the rescue, that lady was Sarah.  She was having trouble. I had her use my flamer (160 PSI, 1") and she was able to do it after a few pointers.  After a while, we got her husband and child hooping, too.  I was playing with my poi at times.  I finally have the butterfly.  I tried my best and moved my butt while doing the one move I know.  Dancing or trying.  And she has friends that hoop and spin poi, too!

A few kids walked over and I taught them how to hoop.  I wound up giving the hoop to the three kids.  One was a little chubby kid.  I was mentally thinking, "Go hoop that weight off and be the next Baxter!"  I remember doing the over the shoulder roll and the one girl that was hooping with us gasped in wonder as I did it. <3  Also, don't mention fire hooping around kids!  I was like, "that's going to be my fire hoop one day. Uh, no, you only play with fire as an adult with a firefighter present! Yeah! Yeah, forget what I said."

Although I was reminded why I don't take my niece and nephew to the park when I go.  A fifteen year old girl comes over, takes a long drag of her cigarette as she starts waist hooping.  She started to brag about how she used to win hooping contests at 4-H camp (uh, where was I?).  Yeah, I don't want to be the person to put those bad influences around my niece and nephew when they don't mind me as is.

I'm already committing to a hoop jam on the next Monday I am off.  Hosting a hoop jam can be taxing.  It's all about being a good host or at least that's what I'm trying to do.  Is that right?  I can't wait for Paige's jam on Sunday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Flow Camp...finally!

This is blog one about Flow Camp. Yes, I will be able to split this experience into two blogs.  This is the experience side of the blog and the next one would be like pros/cons sort of thing. I pretty much have NO pictures of myself.

I got spirit!
I was able to get Thursday night off.  After an awful day at work, I was able to go home and finished packing.  I realized in the move that I couldn't find any of my good backpacks.  I call my mom in a panic for a backpack.  I realized I wouldn't be able to go back to camp to retrieve things like fans, flow wands and all that. I'd be taking tons of stuff with me.  She brings it over.  I'm ready to head out!  I should have warned people that I used to attend 4-H Camp.  Therefore I have spirit and I bring it. So while I'm driving, I get lost.  Finally I find my way. Thinking it's 8 miles away, I see a sign. Bam! I turn in.  

There is a tent and there is Jorden! The person I've been basically harassing for months about Flow Camp. We greet each other and I head up to the camp grounds.  I try to remember not to park past the yellow tent but I'm confused if I'm not supposed to park past it or like past it on the other side past it.  So I park right at the edge of the tree line at the direct beeline to the yellow tent.  I'm not breaking a rule then, right?  Although I'm just feeling ansty at this point.  I'm nervous.  I'm alone. I don't know what to expect.  So I start setting up.  I'm starting to think to myself that I may not have fun because I'm alone.  That I have no one to talk to and pal around with.  I'm done when another car pulls up.  I find out later that it's Amanda, one of my Google+ spin buddies!  Talk about serendipity!  

After they set up, we all start to realize that we all know each other.  In between texting, I hooped a touch.  The weather was perfect at that afternoon.  Eventually, Amanda and her friend (name escapes me) turn some music on and bam! The hoopers come out.  As we spin, we find out that Nicole of MKY Hoops was near us, too! 

We could hear music in the background but no one know if they were sound checking or what.  Eventually, after a while, Nicole heads up there.  I grab my flashlight and superhooper LED and go on up.  Basically this is the only time I actually hooped at dark at Flow Camp.  Around 11, I go back to camp. I didn't take a nap and I'm so exhausted.  I would have slept decently if it wasn't for the fact that after midnight someone kept slamming a car door most the night. Every time I'd get in that sleep zone, someone would yell or slam a car door.

Nicole and her Cosmic hooper minis

More Nicole
  I was freezing and not sleeping that well.  Therefore, I just woke up at dawn.  I got ready.  Set up my backpack.  Set up my stove and realized I didn't have a lighter.  So, I had yummy cereal and some mushrooms.  Next, I hooped a bit.  I saw Paige roll up.  After a while she came over and told me I was surrounded by poison ivy.  She also shows me her area and invites me over.  Her area is in the woods and is pretty kickass. I go back to my car and throw everything in the car and move on over.  After, I'm set up, Jaclyn comes.  Paige finds our neighbor, Ann.  Around 11, we start to go to the porta potties and the warm up.
Warm up time!

 During the warm up, I'm starting to do a diagonal chest hooping.  What? When did that happen?  I also close...learning the reverse weave.  It's so...backwards!  Some of the hoopers were there.  You can tell that 75% of the people here are hoopers.  It becomes even more apparent later.  Although it is so hot now.  Everyone is trying to find shade to flow in.  The classes I took was bellydance, poi, hoop, fire fans, flow wand and minis.  Poi I was having great difficulty with.  Although at one point, Angel says while looking directly at me, "don't give up! Keep practicing!"  I think that was a hint. Or I was looking really defeated.  Although her co-teacher really helped me not give up.  I got the idea. It's the memory that needs work. The last time I touched my poi before my blisters, I was starting to get it.

Our Friday night moon.
Around the middle of the afternoon, I started to get that feeling I get whenever I am very exhausted.  Usually it means I'm about to get pneumonia.  I was trying to do deep breathing exercises in the intermediate hoop class.  At one point, I'm struggling with an alternate hoop current vortex when I turn around.  This girl, I'm sure she was trying to be nice, said, "hey, we have some smaller hoops if you want at our campsite."  I don't know if she said that because of my struggle or if huge hoop disdain is that big.  One girl mentioned earlier, "wow, huge hoop!" but it was in an appreciative voice.  This girl's comment didn't seem like a good thing.  Why is it so bad that I have a big hoop? I like my hoop and it's the only way I'll get reverse current right now.  I'm sure she meant it with all the love in the world...I hope.

Either way, I started to feel sicker and walked out early.  I got some real food, revive vitamin water, and rested during the twins class.  I felt tired but revived after that rest break.  Fans was interesting.  My next few classes were flow wand and reversals.  My next batch of bruises was because of reversals class.  Although big, heavy hoop cannot do pinches.  The instructor for this class was very intimidated by the size of this class.  Most the hoop classes were full.  I left a bit early.  I wanted to change and walk to the campsite that was a billion miles away.  I was drenched in sweat.  If I didn't change at least my shirt, I would have been soaked.

Flippin' amazing.
Paige, Jaclyn and I found a great spot near the fire circle.  I played with my hoop and glow poi for a short while but I was so tired.  We saw some amazing fire dancers.  Mostly poi.  A few hoopers but most were virgin burns.  My favorite was the guy with the anacondas and the few people that danced with each other. OMG. AMAZING. I was exhausted.  Therefore I trekked back early.  I know. I'm an awful kill joy.

That night I slept better. I found and extra blanket in the car and wore my jeans to sleep.  I could hear music that was reminiscent of the desert, if that make sense.  I didn't mind. I used to sleep with music when I was a teen.  I woke up early again.  Pretty much an hour after the music stopped.

The day, I had eggs and sauted portebello mushrooms.  I know you don't care but I was soo stoked about my breakfast. It was pretty awesome!  Yoga for prop manipulators was next.  My shoes became soaking wet.  Let me tell you, yoga is some hardcore shit.  I failed at it miserably.  And if you find a spot, make sure it is not under some lyras.  That was pretty stupid when it came to sun salutations.  Next was the group photo. I had some time to waste when I walked back to camp to change shoes and get the glow sticks.  I also grabbed a sandwich and forgot the glow sticks. Awesome. No glow sticking for this girl.  Either way, I was prepared to do my classes.  I did the bellydance fusion class, a hoop class with Jorden, contact juggling and flow wands with Grimm.

  Jorden really burned my muscles.  When it got about time in the class that we were covering material I couldn't do, my aching muscles and I said, "we're out."  I had never tried to counter spin with my reception hoop. I think I had only done that a few times with my flammer when it was all new in hooping.  I never realized how important my muscles were to get the hoop up till that class. 

Next was flow wands with Grimm.  And let me tell you: it was fucking amazing.  The man is a genius. No one in any of the youtube flow wand videos is doing what he is doing with the tool.  Shekinah, I will make you a video of the things he taught me one day!  That is also when he told us that no one had showed up to his intermediate fan class.  I explained I was a beginner and it would have been useless.  He said, "it was beginner to intermediate."  What? I think knowing it was Grimm teaching fans, I would have gone anyways.  In the aftermath, I didn't learn super much from reversals (heavy hoop makes pinches impossible).

After that I went back to rest.  I was napping in the hammock when it started to sprinkle.  Paige and Jaclyn packed everything up before the rain.  I didn't do as much as I should have.  I thought it would pass.  After an hour or so, I called John to tell me the forecast.  He said it was clearing up but more was potentially coming.  I took that as my sign (with the leak in my tent) to start packing up.  Paige and Jaclyn also decided to leave.

A local magician played with us, too!

Right before we left.

A part of me feels like I wussed out but I was so exhausted. I don't think I would have enjoyed Flow Camp as much if I had stuck it out.  I still missed it when I got home especially when the pictures flowed in on facebook.  I tried to do what I thought I had learned in my hoop but I couldn't.  I have been trying to do more reverse current since Flow Camp.  I really wished I had a hoop to burn or was comfortable with my fire fans. I'm dying to fire hoop again.  And to really fire hoop.

Finally this is the end of blog part 1 on Flow Camp.Weeee.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel lonely...

Or maybe it's Flow Camp withdrawal.  I don't know.  I don't have a hooping best friend (meaning people I can drag to Hoop Path in Louisville or Flow Camp, whatever).  I am getting new friends because of hooping.  I'm so thankful for that because these people are amazing.  I can't take John to any event where I may be able to bring my hoop.  He doesn't even care to watch.  At the same time, I'm feeling lonely and lost in my hoop.  I don't know what else to do inside my hoop and I feel like I'm on a constant hoop loop.  I tried to hoop out some aggression today and I didn't know what to do.  I felt lost.  I tried to do a move that I thought I had learned at Flow Camp, but I can't do it.  My current hoop loop is vortex, waist, shimmy up, CHEST HOOPIN MFERS, vortex, maybe some passing/helicopter, VORTEXXXXXXX.  I get bored at the waist.  I love chest hooping so much. I could do it all day almost.  Although I seem to only do the same 4 moves no matter what.  I can't even do vertical waist up because it bounces to my chest. I don't know why either.

What I've like about poi is that while I practice, I can stay in the house and talk to John. Whereas with the hoop, I have to go outside.  I've even hoped deep down that he'd come out and watch me.  Nothing. I've tried to do what Paige's suggests and find some aspect that he wouldn't mind as bad.  I even suggested that he should be my safety.  I mean, he hates fire and always worries about me.  Then, wouldn't he feel better if he could make sure that nothing happens?  He'd be like my ultimate knight in shining armor.  I'm letting him think about it. Maybe that might help. I forget that he needs time to ponder.  By the time I'm ready to mention something, I'm ready but he still needs process time.  And honestly I didn't expect to spin fire at Paige's.  He wasn't ready for the idea of spinning fire.  Or ever.  The only time he's admitted that he doesn't mind the hoop was during a long fight when he finally admitted that he didn't mind watching me.  I'm not asking him to make comments every time I hoop but I'd like a comment at one point.  You know, "Hey, you have gotten better" or "That looks hard. Good job."  Or even "I'm proud of you."

Is it possible that with the (here comes the random metaphysical crap) amazing hoopers around me at Flow Camp and the vibe that was flowing that I was able to do moves that I had never even attempted to learn before?  Am I crazy?  I really liked that move (vertical chest hooping, arms down).  I did it the next day with ease but once I got home, I couldn't do it.  I thought it was fatigue.  Nope.  I tried yesterday morning.  Now eventually I did get very shaky move down but not the flow I had.  Sadness enveloped me as I just went back to the same flow I have been doing for months. I want a new move to invigorate my hooping practice again.  Or maybe I need to refind the moves that I rarely do.  I've not done a chest roll or palm spin in quite a while.  I think I've lost my nice chest roll from no practice.

I know I've said before that I'm ready to go down in my hoop but I don't think so.  If I went smaller, I wouldn't be able to comfortably stand in one spot and hoop.  I'd really have to spin to get a move.  Although I want to go smaller but I'm not sure if I'm ready.  I also get very bored waist hooping and I cannot for the life of me walk while hooping.  Shouldn't waist hooping be a good base on being a good hooper?  I can't even hip hoop on my reception hoop.

I guess I'm in the hooping dumps? Even though I am in the hooping dumps, I still move to music with the same flow I have since I started to hoop.  I look forward to hooping when I get off at work.  Once I start, it's like, oh.  The music around me doesn't inspire me.  I can't find headphones to use my MP3 player.  Either way, I'm getting sick of that music, too.  The only thing that can blast is an old CD player/radio.  If I were to find music online, I'd have to burn it.  Anyone have some great mixes and hooping music?  I loved most of the music at Flow Camp (and Paige tends to have some  rockin' music at her house).  I love the dubsteppy goodness at times. 

Maybe in someway, it is Flow Camp withdrawal. I wouldn't have realized I was this lonely until after experiencing what it is like to have such amazing, talented people around me

Edit: Someone was defending John over this blog post.  Which I think is crazy because I've been hooping for six months which is a whole lot longer than John's been in neck pain or since we've moved.  And that one time I had hoped that he'd come out and watch me, he could have rested in a chair under our brand new porch.  Instead he watched Star Trek Voyager.  Also, this post isn't just about him.  It's about a lot of different things.  Music, un-inspiration, and just being lonely in the hoop.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am exhausted.  I am to the point where I can't even sleep, I am just that tired.

So instead of normal blogging, I will make random words comments  about Flow Camp.  Kind of like a word cloud but not.  Normal blogging some point soon.

Lonely. Lost. Google Plus. Hoop City. Screenhouse. LED Fun. Music blasting. Hoop a bit. Sleep. Doors slamming people yelling with LEDs. No sleep.  Morning. Trudge. Lonely. Paige. Moving on up!  Ann.  Warm up. Reverse weave almost there. Poi socks and DVDs.  Bellydance. Poi. Ow. Lost. Poor.  Hoops. Feeling sick. Flow wand. Fans. Change. LED a touch. Rest. Fire. ANAFUCKINGCONDAS!  Grimm. Sleep. Music.  Awake. Dress. EGGS AND PORTBELLOS! Teepee. Moved. General store. MONEY FOUND!  Pavilion. Yoga. Oh mi gosh. My body doesn't do that. Shoulders blades. Boredom. Group photo.  No glow sticks. Run! Sammich, glasses, water.  Fusion.  No glow sticks! Oh well. Contact juggling in the trees. Ball rolling in poison ivy.  Hoop for Health. So tired. Break.  Fans. Grimm is bad ass.  That was the BEST class ever. Phenomenal. Ice.Request. Dirty.  Rest. Hammock. Sprinkle. Rush. Pack stuff up. Chat in the rain.  DOWN FLIPPIN POUR.  Wait. Feeling tired. Bad Feeling. Hour. Packing up. Mud. Barefoot. Slipping and sliding.  Pack it up!  Rainbow.  Drive. Tired. Palasades. Home. Shower.  Tired.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Max

I have been silent lately.  I mean did it really matter much because Burning Man was going on right?  It's been so hard for me to find time to write lately.  I am hoping that soon that will pass.  Why have I been busy?

This little mutt came into our life:
He's now 12 weeks old and a lot of trouble.  This is Max, a beagle mix.  I don't know how I convinced John to get this dog.  First, he fell in love with a beagle from the "Friends of the Animals Jessamine County."  They wouldn't let us adopt because we don't have a fence. Okay. Petsmart sponsors puppies on the weekends. I convinced him to take me and sure, there is the cutest little beagles.  John's thing is beagles.  One day I want a Great Pyrenees.  And I found out really quick: puppies are a lot of work. They are not cats.  And he doesn't want me on the computer 2-4 hours a day.  On the good hand, he's good for John because he sleeps better now.  Puppies seem as time consuming as babies are.  So think before you get one. 

I've probably hooped only 5 minutes in the past 2 weeks


Our cats hate him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flow in 1.5 Shifts

Flow Camp is in 1.5 shifts.  I can't wait.  Although if you saw my last written blog entry, I was going to be taking a glowsticking class.  Well, not anymore since it was moved.  Although Jorden kept the contact juggling class the same just for me.  It's not like that was essential!  If you are my friend on facebook, you will see that my icon is now the Flow Camp flyer.  I am just that hardcore for it.  I'm nervous about having to set up my tent by myself.  I haven't even practiced setting it up.  I guess I'll try packing some tomorrow.  I don't know.  Although I was never able to convince anyone to go with me.  I'm half tempted to think that my best friend was never interested in going with me because I offered her a free ticket.  Supposedly the only reason she couldn't go was because she was broke.  I'm trying not to think that way but I'm sort of hurt.  I tried to ask her about taking the ticket for days and she wouldn't answer. 

Even though I haven't even been to Flow yet, I've already gotten a bruise on my face from my hoop and a gaff burn.  It hurts sometimes when I squinch my face during an intense thinking session.  I wonder what lovely accidents might happen at Flow.  I know I'm good at accidents.

I am exhausted.  Which is why my 30/30 went out the window.  Packing and moving in 3 days is ludacris and energy sucking void.  I was starting to feel better when I got back into this sleeping only 3-5 hours a day thing.  I am a fool at time, I know.  I also stayed up to get my new LED today.  It's amazing.  I'll tell you more about it later!

I took my car to get fixed today.  I hooped while I waited.  Afterwards, the mechanic talked to me.  He asked me how long I had been hooping.  I told him since February.  He said I was really good.  I thanked him and smiled.  While I was hooping, an old man told me, "You go, girl." <3

44 hours till Flow Camp!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I really like this girl

Hula Hoop Dance - Barbara - San Francisco from Genevieve Wachutka on Vimeo.

I love how she dances with the hoop at her waist only.  So many people, myself included, jump way past that too quick.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dance Off

This reminds me of a comment the other day.  I told John, "well, I am a dancer now."  John disagreed.  He said ballet was dancing, hooping and hip hop (from a previous conversation) is not.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Models can't get thinner

Remember the blog from the other day?  More concepts on how advertising is affecting women.

Love yourself for who you are my friends

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Click the link to make it bigger
 I am so fabulous that I pack and move in tiaras.  It was crazy since two Fridays ago.  It got real on Thursday.  I got sick.  Called in Friday.  Being sick didn't mean that I had a break. Nope!  I was expected to move and pack.  Talk about miserable.  My job was to pack the extra bedroom.  Thank goodness since it was hot! And I was burning on 6 hours of sleep during 54 hour period.  Yeah, it wasn't fabulous. 

The last scrub down of the old place.
On Saturday, we moved the cats.  I had to clutch the Siamese, Artemis to my chest the entire time.  Not super fun.  I dropped her in the floor, she ran in a circle and hid under the toilet.  The kitten sat there crying like she was dying and slinked off to explore.  The old cat, Cat, hid in John's belongings.  Eventually, they figured they weren't going to explode and started to get comfy. Except they won't use the litter box.  Awesome. 
Cat hiding in a box.

Cats exploring in the unpacked mess.

Garage with hoop making zone

At the start of the day, I wasn't sure if it'd get empty in time but by Saturday evening, I was feeling better about it.

Our First Rain
Who wants to unpack it all?
The next morning, I taped the video that was posted yesterday.  I went to work. I got one part of my Dube order, one fire fan and my glow poi.  The other fire fan arrives today!  The next thing I did was stop by at the spin jam for 30 minutes only.  I stuck to my word too. After some more errands, I went back to the apartment to finish.  Most of it was already done.  I wound up cleaning my car out.  Yay! Cause it needs to be cleaned (especially for Flow Camp.)

Yesterday, I didn't feel like hooping much.  But I found a radio to play while I hoop.  Today (which is my August 1) is the start of my personal 30/30.  I missed that.


LED serving as a lamp.


This is what hooping means.

This seems so familiar. Hmm?

Another bliss out.
I remember thinking last week I'd add yoga and barre workouts but that's just stupid.  Nothing is unpacked and I'm binging.  I am so tired.  But my shoulder feels so much better.  I think chest hooping has been helping open my shoulder out.  Not hooping for 90% of this month has been agony for my body.  I didn't fully understand what hooping was doing for my body till I didn't do it anymore.

So, yes, I own a house now.  I have a backyard, too.  Although I've yet to hit flow in it.