Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry Holidays part 1

Happy Thanksgiving!

In some parts of the world, you may be celebrating with your family and friends about the fantastic year.  I will be sleeping throughout the day and working the night.  There are no holidays for nurse aides.

I want to tell you what I am thankful for this year:

  • My marriage.  I know you probably think he is a controlling ass, but he's not, I swear.  I'm thankful in an era where 50% of first marriages dissolve, I'm still happily married.  I have a man that bought me a house and a puppy just to make me happy.   I have a man that does the dishes, cleans my messes, puts up all the decorations for the holidays up, cooks for me, goes to Kroger at 3 AM to get me cold medicine, and does all my laundry just to make things easy on me.  He even said we can 'entertain' the idea of trying for a kid next year.  I guess you can call me spoiled.  Yes, he doesn't want me to spin fire mainly cause he's afraid I'm going to instantly combust into flame with it near me.  This is coming from a guy who is petrified about fires though.
  • Hooping.  Hooping has changed my life in silly small ways.  It's completely ridiculous, I know.  I haven't lost 43058239042390 pounds like some people.  I'm not making much money through hooping (I've sold 3 hoops so far and given away the rest).  Hooping has given me a passion, confidence, friends, a reason to live again.  I'm not saying I was about to kill myself before hooping.  It's just I realized through a storming-hoop session  that I had lost myself throughout the years. I lost my passion for life and I was just floating.  I use to love playing in storms but I had stopped.  I found I could be beautiful through the hoop.  I have done things that I would have never done without the hoop.  I found writing again through the hoop.  I loved to write as a kid but after school I made no time for it.  Now, I write for this blog,, and some local stuff I want to get going.  I've inspired people (I hope) through my videos.  
  • New Friends.   So the hoop has given me this and it amazing.  I love people, like Paige and Sarah, that I've met through hoop jams.  These are people I wish I had known long ago.  But thank you, hoop for helping me find these amazing people.  Then there are other people like Nan from work.  I really appreciate talking to a "Mom" that isn't like, "you gots to change yer life when you get a witty baby in your tum tum."
  • My animals.  Even though sometimes you hurt me and make me cry, I love you and your itty bitty faces that make me smile.

Some people and other things to mention:
  • Caroleeena- Taking your class was such a blessing.  I was able to learn new things that I didn't know I was even ready for.  It was amazing and some of your words still touch me.  Your facebook posts are amazing and inspiring.  I only hope one day that I am as loved as you are in the hooping community. <3
  • Lara Eastburn-If it wasn't for one comment you made to me during the one Hoopsophy article on that had the group questions, I would have given up.  I thought that my large hoop was going to be forever.  Hearing that someone started with a hoop larger than mine made me believe that I could one day have a "normal" hoop.
  • Ann Humphreys-I love your occupation updates.  You dance so beautifully with the hoop and I am so glad that I escaped to take that one class with you.  I felt so inspired once I left your class. Thank you.  I love the fact that someone I consider a celebrity was waving to me in their car! It's like wow that famous person knows me!
  • Shekinah Spins and Kym Spins-I love love love your blogs so much!  I feel like I know you guys and would love to spin with both of you some day.
  • Philo and I first googled hooping, somehow I found  It was right at the results of the Hoopie awards.  I thought to myself that day,  "I will win a Hoopie one day!"    Although I wasn't sure how I could possibly do that!  Please remember when Hoopies come out soon, I could totally be eligible for 2012 Newbie Award. :p  I would read everyday and be depressed on the weekends that I couldn't read.  I still watch Hooping Idol videos to cheer myself up.  Also, I still love the Gotta Hoop video from Philo.  I absolutely love and I'm so proud to be able to write for  You have no clue how much I screamed when I saw my first tutorial posted on there.  John thought I had died.
  • Hoopnotica DVDs- You helped me a whole lot throughout these few months. Thanks Hoopnotica for supplying videos that grow with you!
  • And last but not least, thank you to my readers!  Thank you for caring to read through my silly thoughts on this blog.

Hoops ready to be taped and some new BodyHoops hoops

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pictures are Worth It

Hula Hoop and Star Wars themed Holiday Wreath

This is what a six year old gave me on Sunday. <3

My article for the Jessamine Journal is almost ready. Although the word hoop is really repetitive.  I know talking to most hoopers, I'd use words like dance partner, prop, etc but a non-hooper in this po' dunk town would not get that.  So I've been using exercise in this article as a replacement.  Also, in the next few weeks, Lois will probably email the PE teachers to get me in their classes.  She didn't forget me; she just wanted to wait for the best time for me to come.  Although I am super worried that I won't have enough hoops.  I only have about 8 good hoops right now and I would need probably thirty.  Can I even fit thirty in my car?  Eek!

I am so excited.  I also thought maybe I should email other FCCLA's in my area. If my own hometown doesn't want me, than poo to them!  After I get my certification or something, I might email my former state adviser.  I'll come to their camp for free as a presenter of hooping awesome-ness and why everyone should think outside of the exercise box to have a Student Body program.  

On Tuesday, according to the tracker, I should get my bodyhoops order. I am so, so excited to start.  Except I think I maybe getting sick. And I've given up on NaNoWriMo.  But it doesn't matter since I've started something really awesome (BodyHoops teacher program), wrote two different articles and posted some on here!  I almost have a three beat weave learned. So yeah, go me!  

On another note, sometimes I look back at my blog posts and think, "I still sound like a silly girl writing in her journal."  You have no idea how many times that I've read my past journals when I was a teen and thought, "Oy vey."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Girls Can Hoop

This is dedicated to all the plus sized hoopers out there, to all the people that love their big hoops and to anyone who thinks they can't hoop.  Trust me, you can!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Opening More Doors By Force

Remember this post a week or so ago?  I was thinking of going to school for a career that I thought I would never ever do in my lifetime.  In Kentucky, we have some drop in anytime classes for a few random pre-reqs.  I figured I would start one, do part time in the spring/summer, then full time for this.  Cool, right?  Wrong.  You see a few years ago I went to Midway doing nursing pre-reqs.  I couldn't handle the pressure nor the money and had to quit.  Only a few classes were taken.  I gave the bill to my mother to pay.  It's been two years.  So I enrolled into BCTC to enroll in one of those drop in classes.  I'm getting so excited when I get an email that says I need to transfer my credits.  I explain that I can't transfer those credits.  I'll take all those classes again at BCTC. Wrong. Not going to happen.  Can't enroll.

What have I decided to do in the mean time while John and I try to pay this off hopefully next fall? I'm going to use the money I would have used to enroll into the Learn Anytime classes and get the BodyHoops distance teacher program.  Although it seems to have changed parts of what was included in the certification in the last few days.  I'll just make a few more.  I was really liking the idea of having three new hoops that I didn't make into my collection.  I even checked the webpage three times to make sure there wasn't a reason why the price and stuff included was different.  I guess they changed it very recently, like on Saturday.

I always had a feeling I'd use the BodyHoops training which is why I never bought the BodyHoops DVD.  Although if you've read this blog post, then you will know that certifications are not necessary but I've always wanted to have an opportunity to take a class.  I also hope that being certified might help me grow a hooping community in my region.  Maybe in my town it will give some professionalism to this silly thing I do.

Although I've been thinking about getting Hoopnotica out here to do a training in Kentucky.  The more people in the area aware of hooping is good, right?  I know of a perfect location in my hometown as long as they respond to my email because it has to be a certain size. I'm still thinking about that though.  Not sure.

This week or weekend I will go over to my friend, Lois' with the article I wrote for my local newspaper.  I can't wait till Tuesday! ^______________^  Lois is also going to help me get in the PE programs if she didn't forget.  I might check on the library, too!

  Although bad news, the FCCLA members were not interested in having me come into the school and teach hoop.  Boo! Even John was offended because I used to be a state officer.  Maybe I should try the region/state.  Surely, I would be better than that guy that hypnotized people.  "Think out of the box with hooping."  "Start Student Body off with a Hoop!"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rock Fence Park Concert Finale + Update

 Months ago I was offered to come to the Rock Fence Park concert series finale.  I took my hoops and scouted out a spot out to the side.  John took Max and "tried" to enjoy the music.  It was really awful music.  There were high schoolers that was also singing at the event.  At first I had a few children come up and hoop.  I tried to hand out a few fliers for my indoor hoop jam (which was a bust).  After the high schoolers were done singing, they came over and hooped with me. I'm sure they thought I was odd.  

John's best friend came over and let me teach her how.  I only worked with her for a few minutes and she was able to waist hoop.  She was thrilled.  She kept asking me why I wasn't on the stage.  I almost crept over when it was over.  I was also not pleased about the fact that they didn't introduce me.  I probably was looking like the crazy girl with the hoop.  Also, the Jessamine Journal did not take a picture of me but of the little kids.  Even Lois' was ticked off about it.  She just wanted me on the stage hooping away.

I know I'm writing about this now because obviously I never did when it was appropriate.  The biggest reason is because I somehow got to talking about the book, Hooping.  I expressed my disdain for the book.  I'm sorry but the tone of voice throughout irks me.  Even a friend at work agreed.  Somehow that started to get Lois on a flurry to get hooping in this area.  She starts telling me about places I need to contact and articles I need to write for hooping.  She was so excited.

 I'll be honest.  After my last hoop jam was a bust.  Every hoop jam I have either gets weather-ed out or no shows.  On the other hand, I decided to email at the FCCLA teachers in the region.  I know FCCLA has a Student Body national program.  I offered to teach a hooping class.  Only one emailed me back and she said she'd ask the members on November 2nd.  I didn't hear anything back.  I know creating a community is not an easy thing but I feel like I can't get ahead.  It's been frustrating me deep down.

Lois' plan for the hooping thing is to get me published to legitimize what I'm doing, go to the school's for PE classes, and I can't remember what else she was saying.  I emailed the FCCLA adviser to check on how the meeting went as an update.  Lois knows exactly which teachers are lazy enough to loooove a "free" day.  Talking to Lois also helped me figure out why only one messaged me back.  Evidently there are no CTSOs in the schools anymore.  That upsets me so much because I don't think I could have became a state officer if it was merging both schools.  That's why the Lexington schools hardly had any big FCCLA attendance.

So, hopefully, this will help me out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My future, My Life

Sometimes even the smallest amount of hooping in your day can make the badness go away. -Shannon, 2-11-11

It's November which means I am participating in NaNoWriMo.  I have also taken the @HoopingLove twitter to NaNodom.  That means I won't be posting or hooping as much.  Although I've been rewarding strenuous writing with mini hoop sessions.  Also, in a month, ask me if I'm editing my novel.  I'd appreciate someone harassing me to do more than write it...fix it.

Other than that, I've been contemplating my life.  As you may know, I work as a nurse aide.  I don't want to do this forever.  As much as I would love to be a professional hooper, I know that will not happen...maybe.  Either way, I have to get a day job.  I'd like to have a career but what would I like to do?  I'm sorry but nursing has so much bullshit in it.  I don't know if I want to go down that rabbit hole.  A lot of nurses will tell you now a days that they would never, ever consider going into nursing.  Nursing is not about the care anymore.  It's about the paperwork and don't do anything wrong.  Every day I worry about getting wrote up for abuse.  If I become a nurse, I'd have to worry about one med error or more.  I don't want to be a nurse aide forever though.

I was browsing the local community college website.  I clicked random things that I might like.  I wound up clicking human services.  I liked all those classes and helping people.  Everything I've done so far has helped people. What's a step up from a human services degree?  Well, I thought social services.  I started digging and I could start a degree for social services at BCTC.

I know social work has most of the same bullshit but it has less of the actual shit.  I know there might be some crazy hours and awful pay.  But surely it will be better than third shift CNA?  I know there will be very sad cases.  I've seen horrible crap at this nursing home.  Surely seeing an abused kid is the same? When you seen someone die in front of you, surely everything has been broken?  I have hooping as my stress relief if anything.

I figure I could take as many classes as possible at BCTC.  They garentee smooth transfers to University of Kentucky.  I wouldn't even mind staying an extra semester to take a few other classes.  I would like to take American Sign Language and Spanish to make sure that I have skills that will make me a very wanted employee.  I'd get a BS in Social Work and a minor in Spanish.  Sounds legit?  Might take five years and yes, I would have to work still.  My friend who is in the career said there is a state program that would pay for my schooling if I am accepted.  She also said she made about $400 more than I make base (without second job and overtime).

I really love helping people and I wouldn't mind doing this.  I'm just starting to think third shift is ruining my marriage and my health.  I have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much I sleep.  What do you think?  Am I insane?

And good news though: my husband is going to try to get his masters degree! ^___________^