Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flow Camp 2012 is ON!

Hey there!  It's about to be Flow Camp Time!  I'm so excited but nervous.  Why?

  • This year I will be teaching classes!  I'll be teaching some kids classes and teaching a how to reach kids with a hula hoop class.
  • It's in the fall rather than the late summer.  This makes me dread the weather.  It could be pretty, cold, or rainy.  Or it could be all those in less than an hour.   Here's the weather that we're currently having:  Kentucky Weather
  • I didn't originally have the days off for Flow Camp and I've finagled my days off now. Weee!  Good thing I called cause she also did not have my days for Florida Flow Fest

So help me pack!  What should I bring?  I think I'll start packing now or tonight.  I'll need it after the horrible night I've had at work.  What are good camping foods?  Last year, lack of protein and vitamins was making me sick plus maybe heat exhaustion/dehydration.  Please remind me to bring ear plugs so that I can sleep!

Should I feel bad that I didn't lose weight before this?  I think I was dieting right at or after Flow Camp planning to be a hot momma by next years Flow Camp.  Since I keep getting sick every time I try, I haven't even tried much lately.  I honestly haven't even been hooping much either.  Maybe Flow Camp will propel me back into motion.  I think I had a sorry streak this time last year.

Also this happened last week:
Look at me go with that fire!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goals and Dreams

Hey guys!  Just dropping a quick word.  I'm still teaching classes at Women's Fun & Fitness in Nicholasville.  My current class schedule is 7:00pm Wednesday and 10:00am Saturday.  My class numbers are low which makes me worry that my class may be canceled. :(  But Flow Camp is coming up soon!  I'll be teaching classes there this year! Yay!  Anyone going?

One of the biggest things I've been struggling with lately is finding opportunities to teach hoopdance.  I'm afraid people don't think it's worth doing because of my lack of weight loss.  What they don't understand is every time I try to eat better, I get sick.  So the last few months, I've not even tried to diet.  What hooping has given me is more than pounds lost.  I can maintain previous weight loss with hooping (20 minutes or more a day) and have fun!  Most of my classes have very low numbers. The people that do try it love it but rarely come back.  Is there something wrong with me?

Other than that, I think my lack of fitness certifications is holding me back.  I really would like to get a group fitness certification.  I really want to be able to purchase the premier study bundle.  It includes all the materials, two practice tests and the exam included.  The exam costs $250 alone. The standard is $190 plus the exam cost.  I have been saving for it and then bam! Shit happens.  Isn't that life?  Want to help me raise some money to reach this goal?

Here are the hoop related links I have that if you purchase through my link, you will give me some cash.
Troo Hoops
Although no entirely related, I have a Synergy Code too.

If you just want to donate to me, feel free to email and I'll give you my PayPal email!  I can send you something nice that's knitted or crocheted or something else I have!  I know someone that crowdsourced her divorce!  Maybe I can crowdsource a quarter of my fitness cert?  I do plan to save all the money I get from the gym towards this goal.  But I only get paid $10 a class and so far it's sporadic.  Plus holidays have screwed up class sessions.  The owner of the gym I'm at right now says if I get certified in anything else, she'll let me teach it!  Unfortunately the new gym, Anytime Fitness ignores my calls/emails about hoop classes. :(

And someone fixed my broken fire fan for free this month! YAY!  Other than that, I haven't really been hooping much.

Here's a few things I've been doing that's not hooping related (and there is more NOT saved to my computer):