Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hoop Making

With two peoples birthdays and my belated wedding reception up coming, I think I need to invest in more piping.  I'm also unsure how many hoops I should have available at my reception.  I'm inviting 100.  I think less than 50 will show up.  There will be other games, like cornhole, board games, etc.  I just don't want people frustrated cause we ran short.  If I use the personal ones that I don't use ever, we could have about 7-8 excluding my personal hoops.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music Suggestions...

So, thanks to CircularPraise, I found a group I LOVE.  They are perfect. *puppy dog eyes*  I say that with high regards cause I don't tend to LOOOOOVE music sans words.  It's like a gypsy caravan met with a carnival joined forces and found electricity.  If that makes sense.  This group is called Beats Antique.  I'm pretty sure I will be playing this band at my wedding reception.

How did I start enjoying this band? Free download! YAY!

beats antique


PS! 30/30 is OVER officially today! Yay!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like a Boss...

I am conquering chest hooping like a boss.  I practiced most the night at work on breaks.  Practicing with the smaller hoop whiling spinning  helped me master it like a boss on my big hoop.  I could stand and do it.  I even practiced a small bit with one arm down.  I am so excited.  I was giggling and having fun.  It was amazing and I loved it.


I mean I have been loving it but oh mi gosh. It was great.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, Supposedly I was in a Rut?

I don't think I was in a rut persay.  I think it was a mental rut.  And yeah, that moan about "30/30 not improving me" was also a load of crap.  I mean, evidently there was a ton of bullshit this morning (maybe the entire month) and I think yesterday might have helped me move on from it.

Today, the husband was gone and I just didn't want to sleep (again).  I pushed everything out again.

I have been meaning to put in the hoopnotica DVD again.  So, I pulled it out.  I popped it in and I skipped waist hooping and went straight to hip hooping.  Now I've been doing it but I haven't really had a reason/keep it going/etc.  It's all about intention.  I kept it going, started to move with it.  I started to practice rolling it up and down and rolling up and down.  I eventually started to talk to my hoop.
"We're going up." *pause*
"Down."  *pause.*  "I said down.  Now, go down. Good!"

Next was the passing and floats.  I still don't get the float.  I tried for a minute and then, just went back to hip hoop practice.  Next, I tried more varieties of corkscrews.  I had been experimenting with the scoop anyways, but today started to corkscrew down with second hand.  I lost control for a moment and smacked John's computer. Uh oh.  Not broken, so it's cool!  I popped in the next video which started with more corkscrew variation and whatever else there was.  Next was chest hooping.  I don't really have it completely down yet but I am a bit closer than I was.  I started to spin and I wobbly had it while spinning.  Yay!

So, yeah, that whole rut crap was...crap.  I still need to focus on moving and waist hooping more but I'm getting somewhere now.  Or I've had it in me and I didn't realize it.  This is enough of a confidence builder that it's awesome.  Although I think the best way to start getting the whole dancing thing is utilizing Betty Hoop's DVD.  I'll have a review on another day.  Definitely it's a must buy for any skill level!


PS!  He said that if I clean out the back bedroom, I might be able to at least play with my minis in that room. ^_^  And if I have the room (and door shut), no one will know if I hoop with my big hoops either. ;)

What Happend Yesterday?

First, I was negative at least 8 hours of sleep.  When I'm sleepy, I try to hoop at work.  I had a lovely 10 minutes of practice there just dancing with my hoop. I felt beautiful.  This is what a ballerina must feel like.  After I went to work for a training and lost $10 out of my pockets, I pushed everything out of my way and wanted to try just dancing all the stress a way.  First I tried to take pictures and I got some cute shots.  Evidently I have a timer after timer function on my computer.  I was already a bit wary cause my troo hoop isn't connecting completely flush.

After some pictures, I wanted to dance.  I started and hit something.  I smiled, moved it and tried again.  I hit something again.  I momentarily gave up and just waist hooped.  My favorite song by my favorite artist came on.  I tried again.  I tried to move but I couldn't.  I was afraid I'd lose control of the hoop.  I kept moving.   I hit something...again.  I threw my hoop on the ground and just crumpled on my hoop. I started to bawl like someone had taken away my favorite toy

Maybe in my head, hooping has not been fully validated.  Is it ridiculous to cry over?  My mother, who has never seen me hoop, thinks I'm ridiculous and doing it for exercise.  My husband hates hooping in the house, even safe hand hooping with my mini.  He also thinks it's a waste of money and space.

The thoughts through my head will be in this word cloud:
Wordle: Hooping frustrations

Fun, isn't it?  I thought wordle would be the best way to summarize crying thoughts.  My muscle, from hooping in one direction, was hurting.  Since I had all this room, I stood up and wiped my tears.  I started to try to hoop left. I couldn't do it. It fell.  It fell. It fell and fell. I couldn't do it.  What am I doing wrong?  I tried to watch what I was doing to the right but couldn't mimic the other side.  What is wrong with me? What is wrong with my body?  Either I cried again or was borderline.  I'm pretty sure I cried again.  What's that thing about blindfolding yourself? 

I went to the bedroom and hunted for one of my night masks. Found one and it seemed to do.  I started to just hoop to the left with my blindfold.  Just concentrating on moving my arms and keep the hoop up through an entire song (which I can do).

I couldn't get it to stay up through an entire song.  It fell 10 seconds before the song ended.  But that's something I can do!  Although that's usually with T-Rex arms.  What is wrong with me? I hit the cat toys basket which I had just fixed from another hoop session days ago.  That was it.  I was done.   I threw the hoop down for good for the day.  With the cry burts, I had no clue if I had reached 30/30 but that was forgetting about work.  With my work total, it was 30/30.

I'm not saying I don't like 30/30.  It's really pushed me but I don't know if I've improved in my hooping.  I don't know if I'm better than I was 30 days ago.  I don't know. I really wish I knew if I had improved.  It'd help my bruised ego.  I just feel like I'm stagnating.  I can't walk with my hoop. I can't do awesome tricks.  I can't dance.  I feel like I'm stuck.  I'm in a hooping rut.  I don't know what I can do next in my hoop.

I just want a pick me up.  Where is a mysterious benefactor that wants to help me achieve my dreams?  I just woke up.  I feel and look like hell. I had a good 8-9 hours of sleep.  Eh. I'm going to Taco Bell for fourth meal.

****don't think that this is a farewell to my hoop blog post.  Just sometimes we all have those moments of being completely lost in whatever random thing we do****

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sometimes it's time for a break...

Especially when you are a few minutes from a complete mental breakdown.

I know we're supposed to love the process, but sometimes trying to love the process could be disastrous. If one pushes before a breakdown, it could impede the hooper and potentially make one give it up for good.  I'm done with my 30/30 today.  I'll pick up the hoop later but no more today. I'm done.  I'm sure there is a small part of this issue that is sleep deprivation.  I'm just tired and another minute spinning that hoop will be bad. 

Time to move the tables, chairs and lamp and pretend this day didn't happen.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running....ehhhhh and Other Exercise Frustrations

This isn't much about running or hooping.  It's mainly an annoyance but I can swing it back to hoops in a minute, I swear.  I've lost 80 pounds before and kept it off!  What did I do?  I ate sensibly and exercise.  Did I run 10 miles a day?  Did I do 3 hours of spinning or Tae Bo?  No.  I did what like.  I like weight training and walking.  I was reading a random thing from my journey on google.  This girl said, "Small hoop is akin to running whereas a big hoop is like walking."  It seemed like an inherit diss on walking.  Evidently walking can't get someone fit nor let them lose weight. Psh pah.  I also see comments on facebook of people saying: I did a 3 mile run today but I still hate running.  If you don't like to run, don't do it!

Really I disagree with the girl about the hooping.  If I'm in the gym with my big hoop and I'm spinning around/walking and hooping, I feel whoooo.  I'm sweating, out of breath and tired.  That's just within 5 minutes.  When you are really into it.  Not just standing in the living room praying that you don't hit the TV, there is not (as much) joy.

  That's another thing about the hoop, I don't feel like I'm working hard enough to be exercise cause I really, really enjoy it.  Shouldn't I hate it even a little bit?  (Not including the ugh let me get my 30/30 in and then, I'm gold once I start)  Even though for the two weeks I was combining hooping with healthy eating I was losing (very slowly but that's okay).  I fell off the wagon but next week, I believe I will try again.  No more half-assery.  I think to supplement my hooping, I will do mainly barre exercises and some dance/yoga when I have time.  I found my Betty Hoops DVD to try tomorrow.  I never used it when I bought it cause I was incapable of hooping.  I think I can keep my hoop enough up that I can use it.  Although I hope that it won't require hip hooping.  I haven't quite got hip hooping.

Also, any youtube videos for what hoopnotica calls the Float (but no one else on youtube calls it that)?  I can't get that move yet it's so pretty.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've had exactly 8 hours of sleep and I'm not sleeping anymore.  I work my 12 hour at work today.  Now, why am I awake?  I woke to text my friends and tell them I didn't win.  I'm bummed.  I guess my video wasn't what they were looking for. The only thing that annoys me is when the contest was first posted, I asked specifically if it had to be 3 minutes exactly or a bit over/under.  They said 3 minutes or less.  Then the next week it was changed to "approximately."  I now don't like that word.  The person who won had a video that was 3 minutes and 14 seconds long.  It just burns me up because I followed the directions.  The directions said at first 3 minutes or less. :( I really wanted to go to Hoop Camp.  I'm just bummed.  I guess I should go hoop now.  I'm thinking maybe the inner self esteem is just afraid that it's because of my lack of skills.  Although when I talk to my friends, they are like, "No! the point of camp is getting better! etc"

This is the one time that my husband is right.  He was telling me a story where he almost one a contest when they extended the deadline so that one person could enter.  That person was a professional miniature builder and beat John. :(


Some Wise Words....

If you are an early morning hoopcity-er, you might see Noora  or here.  She's super duper nice and made it to 80s week on Hoop Idol.  I talk to her a lot and today she said a whole bunch of wise words.

About "smearing:"
-The easiest way to start is sitting on the floor legs crossed for example. Sit inside the hoop. Then think of a rolling coin, or a hoop why not?! :-D You know what I mean?
So do that move on the floor and when you get the move stand up and do it in the air
try to keep the hoop rolling evenly. When you can do it slowly you can lift it more upwards so it rolls around your body from front to back creating a circle around the top of your bum and around your pant line. Wow that's a hard one to explain by words

You may not understand it but I do after seeing a video and all. Trying to teach hoop techniques can be hard just using words of a foreign language, I'm sure!

About hooping in the early stages:

(this is what I'm going write home about)
-You've been hooping for such a short time so no worries! :-) It'll come before you know it! 
I hope I would've practised more dancing and moving my arms while waist hooping in the beginning of my journey.. :/ I was all about the tricks and now I still feel lost with waist hooping after over a year
So now I tell my students to MOVEMOVEMOVE but everyone always wants to learn the tricks! :-D And you can't do much with tricks if you can't move with the hoop. But that's just my opinion
Do anything :-) It doesn't matter just move them around
Doesn't matter how silly it looks, the most important thing is to move them a lot so you'll get used to it. Later they'll be smoother and prettier and flowing beautifully! 
Yeah :-) Baxter told us to move our hands the same way we would move them if we were working. So for example I work in a cafe, so I would pour coffee and make sandwiches etc :-D
It looks really funny but it works :-)
Yeah you should :-) It's a lot of fun! But anyway, whatever you do, forget the t-rex arms! ;-)

So, yes, I will start practice moving my arms while changing an imaginary diaper. Whoooooooo!  And I learned something new while she did, too.  I taught her the word "hardships."

*now I continue to wait for the blog update.*


Monday, March 21, 2011

Hoop Disaster

This was my first try at collapsible. I was using 1 inch piping.  When I first made it, I collapsed when it was still hot and messed up the piping.  It's taped with duct tape.  I really hate duct tape on hoops.  When I remade it with intentions to go to work, it snapped.  So I did this and took tape with me to work.  At work, I popped it in and taped it off.  It still looks misshapen and awful.  Although it's good to have a hoop just ready for me to hoop with at work.  I used duct tape because I didn't want to gaff a hoop and it get stolen/thrown away.  I might make an extra 160 3/4 hoop to take to work but use vinyl with a note attached saying, "Use me. I'm a hula hoop!"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of Contact Juggling and Hoops...

A few months ago, I had pneumonia.  Having pneumonia can prevent one sleeping because you are trying to cough out your lungs.  So what do you do all night and day when you are coughing up blood? You watch the internet!

You click on something which leads you to another thing which leads you to google something else and then BAM! You are at an entirely new location!  One of those times, I found the fushigi ball.  I researched it thought contact juggling was really cool.   It's like the Labyrinth!  THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL. I wanted to do it.  I would have ordered some stuff if I hadn't just spent $200 on doctor bills and medicine.  I pushed it out of my mind because it seemed more silly and something that my husband would deem childish.

A few months later, I re-found hooping and really saw the awesome possibilities with hooping.  The times I had tried to hoop before I never knew that there was hoopdancing other than what I saw in the hoopdance video from Betty Hoops.  Hoops are exercise and that's why it'd be more acceptable. And now I'm totally hooked on the idea of learning contact juggling sometime when I feel like my hoop fund can go towards a contact juggling fund.  Especially since I could share it with my nephew who loves his fushigi ball.

I'm pretty sure he thinks hooping is silly.  I can't really change that.  He wouldn't let me show him a youtube video about it.  I think if I keep hooping it up, one day, he'll get that it's not a "Shannon-fad."  When we go on our one year vacation, I fully intend to take my hoops.  I'm hoping we'll hike and I can hoop on top of the mountain. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I won't give up just because he disproves.  Basically, no one except for my close friends and random strangers at the park has seen me hoop.  No one I know close has seen it.  I can't share my youtube videos because it shows illegal house hooping.

I'm currently thinking about buying the Hoop Path DVD.


About to Loose a Hooping Space...

Okay, so as you may know, I have another job.  This job is to help the kids in the Sunday School.  It's held in a gym.  We are moving to a building in a week.  Next week will be my last day in the gym.  I love having that huge space.  I get there 10-20 minutes early to hoop.  I bring tons of hoops.  One girl grabbed a hoop, found me preparing for class.  Stood there quietly with the hoop till I finally got up and told her more tricks.  Today, I was just spinning around and around with my hoop.  It was exhilarating and fun to just make that movements.   It really brought up my heartrate. I think I've slacked on my technique for knee hooping.  It seems sloppy.  I need to work on that.

Also, what tricks would you share with 5-6 year old?   She is so greedy for knowledge but I'm running out of ideas.  Somethings are too hard for that age group.

Also, my husband has clarified that he just doesn't want to see me hoop inside.  Yet the time I asked him to watch, I was hooping outside.  Maybe he had just said that so he wouldn't have to get dressed.  Eh, either way, I'm going to get better and he'll see how awesome I am!

I am hoping to have a hoop jam next Sunday.  I don't know how many hoops I will need just in case.  I have at least 4 extra hoops.  Yet I won't really know till I get the weather forecast for Sunday.  Also, I'm hoping nothing will come up.  Unfortunately, accuweather is already saying rain.  Hope for no rain!  A week things can change, right? I want a hoop jam!  I want to spread hoop love.

So, speaking of spreading hoop love.  I had a crazy idea.  Just to bring awareness to hoops, one could walk or hand hoop a 5k or something like Relay for Life?  One of the 5ks around here, they dress up and do all sorts of silly things.  I could totally walk while hand hooping or doing some basic waist hooping (hopefully by then I would be better than I am now).  Is that just silly or what?


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Things About Hooping..

I've learned a few things and this is what I've got:

1.  Most scrubs are unsuitable for hooping.
When they say natural fibers, they mean it.  Even if it's 30-55% cotton, if it has a mark of man-made, it doesn't work.  So please listen to the experts. It won't work.  Or it will be very difficult.

2.  A diaper does not work like a hoop.
Okay, so this may seem weird.  I'm a nurse aide.  One day an unopened brief fell onto my foot.  You know that trick where you pick the hoop up with your foot.  It kinda helps make the hoop falling not seem as sucky.  Well, I thought I would be able to pick the brief up like I do my hoop.  Uh, it doesn't work.

3.  Purses can make excellent hoops in an emergency.
Or at least I've found that when I have a purse in my hand now, I hand hoop with it.  My husband even told me one day, "Stop playing!"  
I retorted, "I am not playing!  I'm about to put stuff in this purse!"
"No, you're hooping!"
"Hmph!" *storm off* 

4.  Hooping, or perhaps hoop camps, doesn't bode well with my husband.
Maybe this is a communication failure on my part.  Or maybe he is jealous of me having these opportunities.  Or maybe he just doesn't get hooping is very much like war gaming is to him.  He's not a traveler.  He's a homebody and he hates the state of California.  Either way, he's just an old curmudgeon.  Or maybe he thinks that going to a far off place just to hula hoop is ridiculous.  He has no interest in watching me.  He keeps saying, "I'll  wait till your better."  Or maybe anything that takes me away from him cause he doesn't trust anyone.

Shannon; hooping: John; Wargamming.

5.  I'm really nervous about the Hoop Camp Contest.
When I posted it, I had a good feeling about it.  Now, I'm nervous like all get out.   I ask my friends and they like mine better.  They are a bit biased though.  I really would love to go.  It would be flippin' amazing!  I really, really want to go.  I have amazing camp spirit because I'm a 4-Her!  I am totally up for going to camp.  Did I say I would love to go? 


Friday, March 18, 2011

30/30: Taking my Hooping Further?

Today I was hooping in the park for 30/30.  I've been trying to transition between the things I can do and waist hoop. The hoop kept falling or I couldn't get anything fluid.  Maybe I need to spend part of my 30/30 focusing on specific things for each 30 minutes plus focusing on just waist hooping with my flamer hoop.  I haven't the last few days and maybe that is why I was having more difficulty other than the wind with waist hooping.  How do you make it look more like dancing when you can barely keep the hoop up? I can't dance with my flamer cause...well, it feels dangerous off my waist.

Going to my car, I was stopped by some kids from my old high school, he asked to use my hoop.  I let him use my troo hoop.  He asked if I knew who he was.  I said. no.  He told me but I still have no clue who he was.  He hooped for a minute.  The fellow jumped through the hoop asking if I am one of those hoop people.  I think he meant hoop dance.  So I said, "Yeah.  Or I'm trying to be."

When I got home, I was locked out.  So I hooped with my eyes closed while waiting for my husband to come home.  At that point, I was pretty wiped from earlier and didn't sustain for long.  At that time before other things came up, I was half tempted to dig for fabric and whip out the old sewing machine.

I still love hooping.  Don't get me wrong.  But I just feel so limited in what I know or so jagged in my technique.  Maybe I've been watching too much hooper videos.  I just went through all of the other entries on's Hoop Camp Spirit Dance.  I can't do very much in the hoop and I feel like I can't dance with my hoop. I can't sit here and go, 'now waist hoop, shannon!'  It sometimes happens when I'm trying to recover the hoop in waist hooping.  I just feel like I don't know where else to go.  That's one of the reasons I joined SaFire's Seeding 1.   Maybe then I can really focus on basics and get going somewhere.  I'm not sure.  I'm half tempted if I could make a 160 psi hoop heavier than my troo hoop.  Although I don't see how.  Surely it's the same?  Would hooping blindfolded help?  I hear that helps something but I'm not sure.  I'm just lost.  Or maybe that's what I think.  Cause the people who can't do what I do, think I'm amazing.

Spirit Dance Contest is over.  Now, the waiting begins.  I'm so nervous and anxious.  Yesterday, I had such a good feeling about it.  Now, not so much but the more I talked with my friend about it, the more hopeful I came with it.  She might be biased, but she liked my video better, especially after I read to her the prompt.  Other than that, we talked about hooping about 75% of the time.  I showed her the things that she can do while she is recovering from bruises from hooping.  She knew most those moves but forgot them.  I showed her videos, like Gotta Hoop, Georgia (Lara Eastborne's entry to Curvy Hooper contest), and Baxter hooping blindfolded.  Her mom liked the hoop I gave her.  She was expecting a Walmart hoop. Haha.

So yeah, anyone have any ideas?  I promise I won't give up on hooping.  Especially with 30/30.  Although I didn't have time due to guests at home to post till 12:35.  Do you think they will still count it? I promise I did hoop for 38 minutes at 5:00pm and then get locked out!

<3   Shannon  <3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Hoop to Pass Hoop Love

My friend wanted a heavier hoop instead of a 100 psi that my friend had made her in the first place.  160 psi for a 5'4" person or whatever height she is.  Since it's March Madness, she wanted a UK hoop.  You can see my friend in my Hoop Camp Spirit Dance video.  Do you know anyone with Lap Band that hoops?  She's used my hoopnotica hoop and at times it hurts her band.  Hopefully this will be a good size for her to hoop with without hurting her band.


We're All Naked Around Here

We're just hanging around all naked with no pants or tape on. We're just letting it all hang out.

If you make hoops, these might help:

They help me grip the hoops to push them together.  Yay!  Almost no gaps now!  I got a three pack from Dollar Tree to open something but I couldn't remember what.  Either way, now they are being useful!

Yesterday, I went to phelbotomy class.  After the 30 minute ride of me talking about hooping, I mentioned that video.  Well, when we were in line to pay, my friend wanted to see the video.  She kept explaining, "You go, girl!  Wow!  How can you do that?"  I told her I had a hoop in the car and could show her.  We had thirty minutes to spare.  We went back to my car and I pulled out my 100 psi.  I showed her knee hooping, waist hooping, figure 8, and more.  I offered to let her take a go but she refused.  I lost the hoop at one point and had to chase it again.  That's where it fell right before it almost fell off the side of a hill. 

Today I got my link for Safire's Seeding One.  I'll tell you what I think of it after I really go through it.  I also think that I might need to replace my mp3 player soon.  It doesn't seem to want to charge. :(


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoop Camp Entry...

I took the prompt to a different level.  Other than being my entry, it's a good three minute video of what hooping means to me.

Of course, I'd really, really want to win.  Wouldn't anyone?  I work two jobs as is and getting to Hoop Camp with airfare and all that wouldn't work for me.  So, I'm sending out good vibes to the universe that I may win. ^_____________^

If you didn't know the prompt is: Hoopcamp 2011 – “The Spirit Dance”. We’ve invited you to show us how you’ve been moved, how you move others, what hooping does for your spirit, what keeps you coming back to your dance. Explore the deeper thread that connects, inspires and touches our incredibly vibrant hooping community,

All the entries are here at

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Think I Hate the Wind....

Today I was mandatoried at work.  Which meant my to-do list is kaput.  Therefore, I hooped when I got home with minis.  Thank god for them because I wasn't really in the mood when I started.  After that I decided I wasn't going to sleep.  I went to the park to work on my video for hoop camp video contest.  I might as well try to win it. :p  You never know. :p  Although this makes my 30/30 odd.  I sleep 11a to 7pm.  Since I'm not sleeping, when is my new day since my day 15 can actually start on the 14th.  I figure any hooping past noon counts today cause I'm going to sleep at night tonight.  Maybe.  Depends how grumpy I get.  Which is getting grumpier every minute my husband pokes me.

When I went to the park, it was so warm and pretty.  Except that there is a ton of wind today.  Wind plus hoops equals it falling into my face and dropping it even more than usual.  On top of that, my batteries, tripod, and camera kept malfunctioning.  It was so annoying.

Although I finished my friend's hoop today.  It looks so good!  It also feels heavier.  I am thinking my friend made me a 100psi hoop and not a 160 psi hoop because when comparing the size, my hoop feels a bit heavier.

Pardon my cat hair.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tabata Your Face!

Did you know you use a lot of leg muscles to hoop?  Yeah.  Wanna know how I know?  Cause I did a set of 8 tabatas two days ago. Tabatas are a style of exercise to go as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10.  It's hard.  I did 8 sets of squats.  I'm still feeling it today.  Yeah, I couldn't really waist hoop at this point cause of it.  It hurts.  So I did some minis.  I just play with switching to my thumb to hand. I'm getting better though!   

I also played with the water hoops at Walmart.  Let me tell you what, those are so egh! Egh!  I started to hear an employee scream something.  I was afraid I was in trouble.  Evidently, I wasn't in trouble.  At first though, I ran and threw it back. 

I got my oil changed.  While I waited, I did this:

(And the car's battery is fine.  I had zero oil and need a tune up.  It was the heavy rains causing condensation in my engine that was making it not start)

This hoop is for my friend, Laurie.  I took her to my first hoop class with me.  She's the fantastic person who's been giving me rides to work.  She will also be going with me to hoop path.

And news on Hoop Path.  My husband does not like it.  I told him either I pay for two days of Gen Con plus one night of room or $200 worth of gaming stuffs.  He told me he'd think about it.  Did you know that gaming convention tickets for four days is more expensive than Hoop Path with combined expenses?  Laurie and I both put in for Hoop Path today.  I hope, especially since we are both on different units now, that we will get our days off.  I just worry since it's two CNAs wanting the same days off and staffing will be an issue.  And it's like 6 days off, but only 3-4 of our work days cause usually Wednesday/Thursday and Monday is our off days.  Especially weekends.  Although not much worries for her because weekends are high staffed on Roosevelt now, unless they fire people. I am slightly worried people will drop out of it, therefore making it not as cheap as I wanted. 

Do I have anything amazing and hoop worthy to add to take your hooping to the next level?  Nope.  Although I am annoyed I can never find Lasco brand 3/4 connectors at Ace right now. :(


Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 Hour Sleep in 48 Hours

Let me tell you a bit about me:  I work as a CNA at a nursing home.  I also work a part time job at a church child care.  Did I mention my CNA job has mandatory overtime? Yeah. This month, I'm doing 30/30. Okay cool.  Then, bam! I decided that I wanted to take a phelbotomy class.  Mondays and Wednesdays.  I guess that's cool.  Oh except yesterday I was up till one messing with my broken car.  Did I mention that I have to leave my house at 4:30 to get to my class?  I have gotten one hour of sleep in the last 48 hours.  I'm tired but 30/30 must go on!  So, what did I do?

First of all, hooping peps me up.  So I hooped before class. Although I don't think I counted that in my 30/30.  I came home, got dressed early and waited for my ride.  10 minutes into my 30/30. Then I started to play with my minis.  I really lose time when I play with those.  Not that I can do fun, cool things.  My friend called and I ran out.  I didn't stop my clock.  So I don't know how long I was hooping. Therefore, I assumed 15 minutes. I took my troo hoop with me and hooped at breaks.  It perked me up. I had 8 minutes left.  Last break, hooooop hooop hooop. DONE! Now finish work and come home.  I'm tired. I'm exhausted.  Yet I am missing my 30 minutes directly after work.  Although I am still too tired at this point to pick up the hoop.  I'm going to bed after this charmed.

 But I really can't hoop in my scrubs with my troo hoop. I'm half tempted to take my extra piping and make a hoop just for work.  I would just keep it there in the exercise room.  If someone steals it, who cares?  I wouldn't be using expensive gaffer on it. Also, it would prevent those black scuffs.

 Hoop Path 5 plans are going well.  I have 3 friends wanting to go! Scooore. That means rooms will be around $90 for four days.  That helps with gas too! Yay! Although 4 people's multiple hoops in my mom's car will be pretty bad.  I think I'll make two or so collapsible for myself.  I'm making Laurie a hoop this weekend that will be infinity style too.  My husband isn't so positive about it.  Maybe I am being selfish.  He says he'd love to go to gaming conventions but he doesn't get to.  He has not mentioned it.  After we went to Origins, he said how it wasn't like it used to be.  I thought that was his way of dismissing them because he's never mentioned it before now.  I don't know.  Ugh.  I really want to go.  I want to take my hooping to a new level, meet other hoopers, and just have fun!  And have a mini vacation!  I mean it's not like I am spending all my money on it.  Splitting it by four makes it so much cheaper than it would have been.  :( 

I'm conflicted.  It gets to the point where I start throwing a little tantrums in my head saying I work two jobs, I work hard, I can't even do one thing for me. Yes it's a big thing but ugh!  I mean I will be paying for 75% of our one year anniversary vacation.  Can't I have one thing for me?  Don't I deserve something like this?  I haven't even been able to go to 4-H camp in years because I have to work a real job.  :(  I miss going to camp.  Can't this be my own little version of 4-H camp with hoops and no campers?

So yeah, that's my hoop world right now.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I mentioned that I'm using hooping as a form of weight loss.  The other day I weighed in at 256.  So I lost 2 pounds.  I know that's good because it's a healthy weight loss.  Just my last few times were quicker.  I shouldn't compare myself from last time.  I'm hoping for the same results next week. Although I just had a tiny binge today.  During my 30/30 today, my husband called. Evidently, other than my car breaking down this morning, money things aren't as great. 

Although I may have an impromptu hoop jam this weekend with my best friend.  Not sure yet but we'll see!  Depends on my car and other things.  I really hope so because maybe we can spread hoop love!


Hoop Path 5

I really want to go to a hoop retreat.  Hoop Path is one of the few that will fit my schedule.  I've never seen the Hoop Path DVD nor the classes or workshops.  Has anyone experienced Hoop Path?  Been to the past retreats?  Tell me everything!  Also, would it be okay for a beginner hooper?  I hope so!  I want to mingle with all the other hoopers and grow in my hooping!

I already roped on friend into it.  If I can get two more even bigger discount on the room and gas. Weeeee!  I would have to make a new hoop because of my love for black gaffer.

Hoop Path Info

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Troo Hoop Review!

Here is my video on it:

The Hoop:

This is the hoop.  Although I bought the DIY option.  I figured since I had ordered so much tape that this made buying the hoop "okay." Actually any hoop is okay but in case the husband was to ask!  I got the pocket.  It came with a paper about their hoops, a troo hoop sticker, and the hoop. Der.  Taking it apart is actually quite easy.  No broken nails here unlike the hoopnotice hoop.  It comes in various sizes.  It's stable unlike my old Gaiam hoop.  I got the 42" hoop.  I'll have to see if I can hoop with my hoopnotica hoop.  Since I can hoop with this one cause I think that's how big Hoopnotica is. Hmm.  Also it does not rattle.  It doesn't click.  It's perfect.  If you want a collapsible, troo hoops is the place to go!

Hoopnotica Review
This is the Hoopnotica travel hoop kit.  You can buy it at CVS.  It contains: 1 travel hoop, 1 strap, and level 1 + 2 Hoopnotica DVDs.  It was about $40.  I felt like it was worth it just for the DVDs.  I bought it when I was really struggling.  This hoop is heavy but it's only 42" or something big.  It is heavier than my homemade hoop by my friend.  It has a mirror tape and a cloth tape with 4 connectors.  One of the connectors was harder to insert.  I would have to wiggle it in. To remove it, I suggest using some sharp, sturdy object to push into the button.  I use my car keys.  That one part of the hoop is also really hard to undo.  I have to wiggle it out.  I've had the hoop in my car for a week.  I've mainly used it once or twice this past few weeks.  I just noticed that some of the mirror tape is shredding.  It's really heavy hoop for isolations.  It's okay in a pinch.  Because of the limited sizes available (there was a plus size version on the website), I couldn't really hoop with this hoop.  That's my issue due to my girth and beginner status.  Also, my friend likes to use this hoop (because of the size) except for the weight.  You see she has had the lap band and she tells me that it hits it/makes it hurt mainly due to the weight. It also clicks when you hoop!

The DVDs are good.  They cover basic hooping.  Waist hooping, hip hooping, halos, corkscrews, knee hooping, and some other stuff I've yet to explore.  I like the trouble shooting.  I just sometimes wish that the waist hooping was more defined in the menu cause it just keep playing on when I needed to review waist hooping more.  It was frustrating for me to go back.  Also, you have to fast forward to go to the trouble shooting.  Although I loved Teagan doing it.  She actually made it seem hopeless which was just how I felt!

Hoop- 5/10...It's not bad but it's not good.  If you are desperate and in a fix, get it. 
DVDS- 8/10 ...good as long as you have the proper space to watch it with your hoop.


Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I was waiting for a friend. I saw a hoop sitting lonely in my car and bam! This is what I did for a bit:

So I played with my new minis today. I can't find any good tutorials for them.  Like that thumb thing? What? Help me!

Nothing really amazing happened today when it comes to my hooping or life. I'm super duper tired, guys. Other than hooping can wake you up! At least in this case, it was only for 5 minutes.


It Really is All About the Muscle Memory!

Still think you can't hoop? Think you'll never be able to go down to a nice "dance" weight?

I bought a troo hoop two weeks ago. I ordered the pocket sport. At the same time I bought a Lighted Lifestyle LED hoop. It arrived last week. I tried it a few times and it seemed like I was keeping it up. I tell you what, when I hoop, it feels like forever when it's been 30 seconds. I finally taped it but never really used it. I love my Flamer too much. Well, I tried it today. And BAM! I could do it. Not for very long but enough that I know I was truly making it happen. It is all about muscle memory and practice. Think you can't do it? Think again! I believe in you!

Want proof? I got it!

I was playing with it while recording a lovely, rambling review of Troo Hoops. That will be posted soon.


Day 6/30

Here is a video I made at my other job of me hooping. I drop but that's okay. I love that when I'm doing it, it actually looks like I know what I'm doing! Yes! Yes! And another...YES!

Ten minutes before I made this video, I was hooping and my coworkers, Alli and Nan, were mumbling to themselves. I was like, "What are you talking about?" I was feeling paranoid. They replied, "We were talking about how much you have gotten better!" I don't know if they were lying but I'll take it. *preens like a bird*

I don't think I mentioned the other day I was hooping. I felt that moment where the hoop and I was one. It was a magical moment. I remembered thinking, "Aha! That's why people love it!"


Silk, Hooping and More

Day 7
Today's hooping viewing was Fathead. Hooping while watching a documentary might be the only way I actually watch one because I can pay attention to the documentary rather than the internet. Yes, I'm watching TV while hooping. It prevents me from pracrastinating cause I won't say, "But...but...I want to watch more Charmed! Wah!" Right now I've been focusing on waist hooping. I don't think that's too bad.

I practiced more corkscrew up and down. I tried anti-spin but in this small apartment. It didn't quite work out. I tried spinning opposite of my spin. I did it. I did it. Weeeee. Although the hoop gets wobbly and hits stuff.

Now, did I tell you that I'm on a "diet?" I'm actually following Weight Watchers. I'm using hooping as a way to exercise. What I love about it is that I don't feel forced to exercise. I love it. Yeah, sometimes I say, "omgosh, I don't want to do 30 minutes. Erghhhhhhhh." Yet once I start, I totally am loving it. Sometimes when I'm feeling tired, I'll be like, "how much longer?" Although by end time, I'm rocking something out so much that I am even happier than I was when I started out. I weigh myself every few days. My official weigh-in day is tomorrow. I've used all my plus points and binged a bit yesterday. So, I'll have to see what hooping has done for me on week one. So, if you don't like to read about weight loss, I'm sorry. Hooping is going to make that possible for me (without agonizing) and that's why I will write about it in this blog. Anyways, who doesn't like to read about the lovely benefits of hooping?

Yeah, I'm hot. I know it. I know you're jealous of my chocolate Silk*.

*I don't really like most milk. I'm what you call "dairy phobic." That's why I drink milk alternatives.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Why Am I Hula Hooping?

It's an odd question cause I really don't know why. I've been trying to lose weight for 5 or so years. That's probably when I first got the itch. I always heard that adult sized hoops were the way to go.

I think my first hoop was from a white elephant gift. Someone brought a hoop wrapped up. I mean how could you not know it was a hoop? Everyone made jokes about it. The gift I opened was Starbucks. Yeah, I totally don't go to Starbucks. So the very moment it was my turn to steal, I took the hoop. People were glad to give it to me. Everyone joked about it and asked me what I was doing with it. I shrugged. "I'll hoop of course." I was so proud to walk home with my new treasure. Until I got home and tried it. SUPERFAST SPINNING AND BAM! The hoop it the ground. I tried again and again. Nope. Man, that thing was like lightening. It was red and black vinyl tape.

Gaiam is quick to jump the peace-love exercise if they can. They came out with a hoop kit 5 years ago with Betty Hoops. Cardio Dance Hoop is where you can look at it. I tried with that hoop. Nope. It was a collaspable but with a covering over the hoop pieces. It won't kill your hands either but if you put it all together it will just wobbly. I think even Gaiam is ashamed of that product since I sent the a message regarding their new hoop kit vs. this one. The DVD was pointless cause I still couldn't hoop.

Break for a few years. When I moved in with my husband, I'd get them out again and try. It never worked. So why am I hula hooping now? I knew about it. My friend made hula hoops but I just felt like it was useless. Randomly, probably during a late night, I decided that I was going to hula hoop and nothing was going to stop me. Googling I found youtube videos and dug out the gaiam hoop. I tried and tried and tried. No luck. I contacted my friend to make me a hoop. I had 50 dollars left in my bank account and went to CVS to get the hoopnotica kit. The hoop was a plus. I mainly got it for the DVDs. I tried some more. Nope. But I learned halos. Whenever I got frustrated, I would do some hand hooping.

One night I wanted to see what I was doing wrong and this is the video I wound up taping:

Yeah, that was a scary, I'm-going-to-get-murdered moment.

When my friend gave me my hoop, I tried it at work the next day. When she first handed it to me, it felt like I was holding it up longer but I realized I wasn't. I was holding it up just as long as I was doing with the hoopnotica hoop. I was growing despondent.

I bought some 100 psi, 3/4" piping at ACE and made a large one (I first tried to put water in it but it was useless). I taped it and it revolved a bit slower but it was too light. I couldn't feel it. I'd start practicing with three hoops at my feet. Yet I'd storm off and cry about it sometimes.

I taped videos and asked the fine people of the internet to help me. I eventually found a instructor in Lexington that was teaching a class. The night before the class, I almost had it. I started to do a weird movement that was akin to me doing the hula hoop on the wii. Yet I was able to keep the hoop up for seven seconds with one hoop.

I went and she handed me this huge, heavy hoop. I started to do the same forward stance motion that I had been practicing for weeks and bam! I'm hooping. I was able to spin around, walk a few steps, and did the corkscrew up for the first time successfully.

I asked my friend to make me a big one. Although she was leery at making one so heavy. I understood a few days later when I couldn't wait and bought the piping I needed. After I tried it at the park, I dropped it on my foot and could have swore for five minutes that I broke my toe. By now after a few weeks of hard knocks, that hoop's tape is starting to come off. Most the hockey tape is gone. When they tell you it doesn't last, they are right.

30/30-Day 5

I really am getting better at hooping. Once I got the bigger hoop (which I made with duct tape and hockey tape), I started to experiment with doing side stance instead of my crooked front stance. I've been working and working on this. I've been doing the 30/30 since March 1. I mainly been practicing waist hooping. Although when I get bored, I start hand hooping or isolation work.

On day 2, I could hoop for six minutes straight. That was amazing since last Saturday I could only hoop for 1 minute on my waist. That was a very hard minute, too. Today, Day 5, I was able to keep the hoop up for 16 minutes without dropping it. That's improvement. After that I started to practice corkscrews. I can't keep the hoop spinning pretty in the corkscrew because my hoop is heavy. I've been able to corkscrew up with other hoops (as long as I start it before it falls with the thinner hoops) but never corkscrew down. I tried it. I made sure when I went up, I kept the motion. I tried down. There it goes. I did it. I didn't do it once. I did it twice. I did it a few more times and dropped it. I did it successfully going up and down and up and down and up and drop. By that time, it was 29:38 and I just kept hooping until it fell again. And you know what else I did? I started to do front position without going diagonal and succeeded for a minute. I was also illegally hula hooping in the house with my husband in the other room. No huge clunks or almost killing the LCD TV to wake up hubby.

Most things come easily to me. Sports...nope. Playing my flute in middle school? Never wanted to practice. This hooping thing is the only thing that I really had to work on to improve. This can be hard but I am doing it. Slowly but surely I've gotten the hand of this. I'll post another video soon.

More about 30/30:

Yes, You can Hula Hoop!

This was me a month ago:

This was me three weeks ago:

With practice and the right hoop, I finally learned how to hula hoop.  Think your hopeless and too fat?  There were moments I literally cried because I thought there was something wrong with my body.  Everyone swears that anyone can hoop yet I couldn't.  They said I had the "right" hoops but nope.  Evidently, I needed a heavier hoop than 160 psi hoop that was 43" inches long.  I went to a hoop class and once she handed me a 1inch hoop that was at least 55" longs, I was as good as gold.  I've gotten better (yes, I have) since that "Yes, I can hoop" video.