Friday, May 27, 2011

Plus Size Hooping

Can you be fat and hoop?
Can you be curvy and bust out some bombtastic moves?
Can all the fluffy women out there stop using their weight as a handicap?

Well, I think the answer to the first two questions are yes.  The last question I'm not sure about.  I'll get to that more later in this blog post. 

First question first: Can you be fat and hoop? Yes.
The problem with a lot of plus size ladies is the fact that they do not have the right size hoop.  Once you have the right size hoop, it can be easier that it would be with a child's hoop. 
Wanna see what it looks like to have the wrong sized hoop for your body? Here's a nice video:

So, now that you have a proper hoop, does that mean you will be able to win a hula hoop endurance contest right then? Heck no.  You might not even be able to hold it up for six seconds.  It took me days to be able to build up to a minute of hooping. Let me tell you, my first hoop was 1 inch, 160 PSI 50ish inch hoop.  It could break my foot.  It has bruised my friends.  It'd probably give me a concussion.  But it was also the only hoop I could use for a long time.  It should have a sloooooooooow rotation but that didn't help me keep it up here:

Wanna know why I can't keep it up?  I do not have this fantastic thing called muscle memory.  How many of you people move like you would hula hoop before hooping?  Probably like five people.  You are learning something completely different and foreign to your body.  Don't expect your body to produce a miracle overnight.  Even if you are a used to Latin dancing, if you were to switch to jazz or ballet, you'd still have to develop the muscle memory.

Hooping takes a magical thing: Practice.  Don't believe me?  You see what I looked like in February?  I could barely keep the hoop up.  I worked and worked on it.  I even joined the 30/30 challenge on  It was a challenge to hoop for 30 minutes a day for 30 days.  Hence the title: 30/30.  That really made me focus on hooping and getting better.  It gave me intention and a goal.  By the middle of that, I want to show you how much more comfortable I was hooping on my waist alone.

It's amazing how much practice has helped me grow as a hooper.  If you want to hoop, practice + right hoop helps everything.  If you have a hoop that works for you now but you are having trouble with other tricks, try making a bigger hoop.  The bigger the hoop, the   s  l  o  w  e  r    the rotation.  Try spinning with the hoop.  Do whatever you can do to help you start developing muscle memory.  I've learned most on-body tricks with my flamer hoop.  I learned chest hooping with that behemoth and it bruised.  I started to learn diagonal hooping on it (until I got the diagonal to the point where it hit the ground).  I have gone down a hoop but it's the same height as my flamer hoop (pure accident).  I've even been told that I need to keep training my body with that hoop to be able to achieve the things I want to conquer.

Can a plus size hooper be bombtastic?
Fuck yeah!  It takes practice and probably is a lot harder work.  Being plus size means that you may not have that endurance to do tons of jumps or random crazy stuff.  Also, you will have to figure out what works for your body.  Your body may be shaped differently than other people.  You may have to make allowances for that.  If your knees are shot, should you even consider doing tons of jumps? I hope not. Listen to your body.  If it hurts, don't do it.  And if you can't do something, make something else up to make up for it!  I can't do that body twizzle, but I've started to do a move similar that I like that has confused normal sized hoopers at first.  If you have seen my latest video, you can see me popping out the chest hooping.  Did I do that overnight? Hell no.  I've worked hard.  I've cried.  I've thrown tantrums.  I've almost quit. But I didn't.  I came back every time.  If I couldn't get a move down, I'd either drill it in or move on till a few weeks later, I tried again and succeeded.  Wasn't there a plus size hooper in Hooping Idol?  Hmm, I believe there was.  You have to rock pretty hard to make it that long.

Can all the fluffy women out there stop using their weight as a handicap?
 I'm sorry if I offended anyone here.  I honestly believe that sometimes we use our weight as a handicap.  If you have some extra love on your body, how many times have you thought, "oh I won't do that till I lose ___ pounds," "Oh I can't do that cause I'm too fat," or "this is so hard cause I'm fat?"  Maybe it's only me.  Maybe.  But I doubt it.  There are two amazing hoopers in my area.  I take classes from one of them and met one at the hoop jam recently.  They both told me that it took them forever to learn to waist hoop.  One girl said, "it took me months."  She's average sized; I'd kill for her body.  It took me a month to learn. I don't count the years I tried before.  That'd be a day of trying and then giving up.  That barely counts.  Sometimes I find myself thinking, "If was skinny, this would be easy."  But it wouldn't be.  They say when some people lose weight they find themselves unhappier than when they were fat.    That's because those are the people that have blamed every problem on their weight.  When that guy rejected you, maybe it wasn't because of your weight, but your personality?  Maybe you didn't get that job because you weren't qualified?  Although there is some weight discrimination in this world, not everything is because we're fat.  Trust me, I can twist my husbands words so easily to say that he just called me fat and he'll argue that he's never said those things to be ever.  It's true.  He's never called me fat.  Sometimes we hear what we are afraid of.  If that makes sense.  

I used to swear that I'd never let my weight hold me back.  I sorta held true to that.  Until I realized I was holding my personality back because I was afraid of what others thought of me due to my weight.  When I had my big breaking point, I realized my weight was holding me back all these years.  I was too rose-tinted glasses to see it.  Even after losing eighty pounds, I let my fear hold me back.  I've done things as a plus sized hooper that I wouldn't have ever done 40 pounds ago.

Am I losing weight with the hoop? No but that's cause I eat like a fat pig and I haven't had a solid hooping practice recently.  I know if I were to curb my eating and stop letting pop creep back into my life, I'd lose weight.  Hooping is helping me maintain my loss (which is currently at 50 pounds).  The thing is I love hooping.  I'm not on a diet and I'm exercising?  I'm looking forward to...*cough, cough*...exercise?! What?  Maybe this is much better than I thought.  Hooping has changed my life and this isn't the last stop.  I may be plus sized, but I'm here hooping world.  I'm here and I'm proud.  One day, one day, the hooping world will know my name! 
So, yes, you can be a bombtastic plus sized hooper.  It takes the right hoop and practice.  And please stop having an excuse.  When you hear yourself thinking that it'd be easier if you were thinner, squash that damn thought!  Wear a rubber band and snap it!  As much as I am one that will free myself to the anger at the hoop, I do not allow that self talk.  If you self talk like that, you will be like that.  You will be a "failure" if you keep thinking, "I'm a failure."  You're not.  You're you and you are special.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Late edit:
This is what you may do with over 2000 hours of flight time with your hoop aka my latest hooping video.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flow Wand at the SpinJam

I haven't busted out the camera with the flow wand.  Someone had a camera at the SpinJam and this is what happened when I was resting:

In a Land Far, Far Away...

I was in a very bad place in my life.  I had no respite from my personal anguish.  I have no clue if anyone in my family ever knew.

I almost killed myself.  In the last ditch effort, I called my best friend of the time to tell her.  She said a lot of stuff.  Something she said clicked that day because I didn't.

This really has nothing to do with hooping but I found this on stumbleupon.  Click this to see it large size.

Personally, that first part is what Emily told me years ago. And it worked.

It's been years since I've felt that low in my life.  I still was depressed but not as suicidal.  It's only been in the last few years I can actually say I'm not depressed at all.  Thank goodness.

Yes, I have bad moments.  I have moments of being so frustrated with life that I think, "I hate my life."  Within a few moments, I can get over it or sleep it off.  I'll pout and grumble for a few minutes or days but it's nothing like it was.  No doubt about it.  I realize that there is always a bright, shiny thing around the corner of life.  I try to visualize it as much as possible.  When I hear stories, like Baxter's, on how the hoop helped his depression, it gives me hope.  I'm not saying I'm depressed, but I'd like not to go back to that time of my life.  If the hoop can prevent me from sinking, I'll grab on like it's a floatation device. 

I don't want to drown again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to Bust out the chest hooping

My recent hooping, non edited:

Update on Mission New Place To Live:  They countered our offer with a laughable offer.  The lady said maybe they want us to get serious.  So, we upped our offer. Fingers crossed that we can make it feasible!

My Weekend Redux

Friday:  I got on a medicine that says avoid long exposure to natural and artificial light.

Saturday:  John and I went to look at the potential new place.  He pointed out the underground lines.  Okay, so?  He forgot to show me the bike racks that he wants the hoops on.  I took my flow wand with me everywhere and played outside a games shop with it. The owner came out and said, "No loitering!  I'll call (some person I guess we mutually know that I can't remember his name."  I'll tell him to bring the mace cause she has a stick!  He's been to Afganistan and he won't hesitate."  I stopped...for a while.  John was taking too long to decide what little tonka truck he wanted and I went back out to...loiter.  Later, the owner of the shop told John, "You should have married an adult."  Well, I thought that was one of the points of marrying someone fifteen years younger than you.

Sunday: I took my flow want to church and made a 6 year old cry cause I would not let her touch it.  I can make a nice hoop again.  A nice, quality wand? Hell no.

I went to my first official spinjam.  Now, I will go over and over about how hooping has made me slightly more outgoing and braving people situations, but I still have after effects.  My heart was pounding the entire time I drove there.  I was there at 12:15.  No one was there.  I saw a girl with coffee opening her trunk.  I prayed to myself, "please be pulling hoops out."  She did and I popped out of my car.  Well, slowly.  I spent a minute or two "looking" at what the heat of the weak was doing to my hoop. Then, I walked over and started hooping.  A few more people came and went.  One person started knee hooping for the first time ever.  It was hot and humid and sunny.  It was blazing.  Sometimes I pulled out my flow wand and played with that.  Evidently I really like going up and down my chest.  I've gotten really good at it to the point it's a part of my play.  Yes, I don't believe I have a move unless it just flows out of me as I move with my hoop when I'm groovin' with it.  Oh and I have some duck down too because I play with that a lot too.  I played with the pizza toss for a bit, but I still don't like it.  I got a few compliments and  that I'm ahead of the game considering how short of a time I've been hooping.  I tried to say thank you but mentally I'm going, "But I suck.  I can't diagonally hoop comfortable, I can't hip hoop with a smaller hoop, I can't do so many things.  I'm not awesome.  There are people that hoop for three months that are like professionals."

Later that day I went to that six year old's party. I brought hoops.  Later the sun came out and I took them all out.  I was hooping in the sprinkles.  I think I heard some gasps when I first started. I heard Nan telling all the mommies that they could hoop too.  I heard some kids that are attention seekers scream at me, "I can do that too!  I...I...look at me...I..."  I even taught Nan's brother how to do the halo.  ^_^  Nan's mother wants me to make 3 hoops for her which I think are the hoops I should have already been making anyways.  It was so hot and humid. I had to take many breaks.  I was so sweaty and icky.  One mommy came to me and sat beside me.  She said, "I've heard about you.  You're the hooping goddess, aren't you?"

I was trying to chest roll.  Come on, I know this but I haven't practiced in a bit.  Well, a kid came to me and said, "Are you going to give us a show?"  Also, during the playing in my friend's yard time, I realized why those lines underground would be nice.  Her's weren't and I was really afraid to toss my hoop.

Now, I must get dressed and clean out my car.  I have to have it clean enough to fit in a friend for hoops class.  I'm literally dragging her to this class.  She's like, "hooping is not my passion."  Maybe cause you haven't seen the awesomeness that you can do one day?  I don't think she's even seen me in the last few months hoop  It's like I said before that sometimes the hoop hasn't latched on to someone and how awesome it can be.

And please be sending John and me lots of luck!  We are hoping to get accepted for this place that we put in for yesterday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flow Wand Tutorials

I love his hooping tutorials.


He is very hard to hear though. :(

Long string

And I just love this chick:

Now, I will play with it a bit since I cannot sleep.  I think I need to invest in some sleeping pills. :(

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hooping Dreams part Duex

This is the first time in my life I was able to fit in a normal sized shirt.
Years ago, I loved myself no matter the size I was and when I moved I decided to change my life.  I wound up losing eighty pounds at that time.   It was life changing.  I don't know how many times there are personal trainers that have struggled the way I have struggled.  I don't mean 20 vanity pounds.  I am talking hundreds of pounds.  The type of hard work that "cutting pop" or "changing to whole grain" doesn't work.  I wanted to be able to help others be able to reach these feats.  I was pondering getting my personal training certification.  I figured, "Eh, I'll wait till I hit my goal."  I never did.  I was pondering it again half a year ago.  I was like, "Eh, when I lost thirty pounds."

Now, I am hooping, I've changed my viewpoints on a lot of stuff.  Why should I ever have to wait till I lose another ten pounds or more?  I understand waiting because of weight restrictions a la pole dancing.  Other things?  No.  I've been to multiple hoop classes now and I've not died of embarrassment.  Let me tell you, running around in veritable circles chasing a hoop is just damn embarrassing.  I'm pretty sure I can conquer the world if I can live through that.

You know what I love to read in my spare time?  Fitness books and magazines.  I want to know the most accurate and healthy ways to lose weight.  I really don't fall much for these "weight loss miracles."  Please don't harp on me about the benefits of some random berry found in Paraguay.  I love telling people they need to lift weights.  Not those silly pink one pound dumbbells.  Real weights.  Women can't pack on that much muscle if they lift a fiver and it sure won't kill them.  I pretty much know enough to easily take a personal training cert and not fail.  I have the passion for it.  I want to be a personal trainer and add hooping to box of tricks.  The only thing I'd worry about is the math part.

I figured I could take personal training through ACE, get HoopBody to come to KY and get the hoop certification through them and be a bona-fide teacher.  I figured if I had time, I'd take classes at the community college part time in areas that'd behoove me for fitness.  At the same time, I'd be working on my fitness.  Maybe I'd open a small studio in town (way down the line).  I'd keep my CNA and do agency. Awesome plan right?  My mother doesn't think so.  She told me, "Doesn't sound lucrative.  You should go ahead and do nursing."  Thanks for crushing my dreams.

Oh, hold on, stop the presses.  I just checked my credit score.  I have no good credit.  I have one bad thing which is $1000 from the one semester of school I did go to.  It's been years.  I called to verify that my mom didn't pay it like she said.  She said, "It's thousands of dollars. I can't do that."  You should see my face right now.  Seriously.  Not a dime has been paid toward that.  If I had even known, I would have at least contributed $10 or more a month.  Whatever I could afford.

The problem is this could potentially wreck one of my lifelong goals (nothing to do with hooping) that could be achieved this summer.  I am so flipping upset that it's not even funny.  I mean I am disgusted.  I don't even have good credit to balance the bad.  What you, my lovely readers, don't know is that my brother is living in California.  He has no job.  He is not in school.  My mother supports him.  She pays for our old babysitters cell phone.  Who knows what else she does that I don't know about? Yet she has the audacity to tell me to go to college when I can't afford it, no time, can't get help/grants/loans for it?  The PT cert is distance education that I can do when/where I want to do it.  It's a one time fee (minus the recerts and CEUs...but still!).

We're trying to find a place to move to that has a yard for me to hoop.  John's step dad is willing to help us with our potential move and asked if my mother would help at all.   John even knew that wouldn't happen. I feel so bad.  I said she might offer to buy the paint but as I said it, I knew she'd offer to get low quality paint which would not do here.  I know John's dad will be stretching is ever last dime to help us and my family can't help at all.

I am just revolted right now.  Pissed.  Fucking want to smash something and cry.  This blog may not have much point.  Other than the fact that I wanted to get it off my chest.  The hoop is giving me dreams. Dreams I want to pursue.  Dreams that I could do for the rest of my life and be happy.  Nursing I'm always apprehensive because there is so much bullshit.  I can't reach my dreams.  It's not like it's a thing that just popped in my head.  I thought about this years ago and it's strong in me right now.  The hoop is making me stronger.  I want to help people find a new life in a smaller body.  I may not have kept all the weight off.  I may not be losing.  The hoop is helping me maintain a fifty pound loss.  If we move, I plan to hit that wagon so hard that the pounds will fall off (hello hooping garage and exercise room!).  New place, new habits?

I guess before the hoop I was in limbo and now I've been found.

Maybe part of this blog post is a plea to anyone to send prayers, vibes, thoughts, whatever you believe in, my way that'll things will fall in place for John and I so that we can get the place we have been looking at.  (hello run on sentence)  I want my hooping backyard and a garden and something that I've wanted for so many years (possible dog in our future, too?).  It may be in our reach but now I'm slightly afraid that it's been screwed up.  If everything works out for the good, I'll have my yard and garden.  I'll probably cry and scream in happiness.  There will be plenty of pictures.  I've only told a few what the plans are because so much could fall through.  It's kind of like waiting for the second trimester when the miscarriage rates get lower?

Sorry for my mental/heart/angry verbal spewage.  Looking for new places to live, feeling half sick, run down from work, and all that has taken so much out of me. I went to the doctor and found out something that was bugging me for a while was probably a germy-bug from work (except the test results won't be in till Monday).  I've been feeling ill and took the night off.  Hopefully, this weekend will be help me feel better.  I just want these plans in the air to go through.  I even told John, "I will do anything to have a backyard to hoop in. I'll throw away most my crap."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hooping Dreams

I love to sleep.  I love to dream and daydream.   Sometimes hooping makes me forgo on sleep.  Now, my dreams are weird.  Very weird.  I've had dreams where Michael Jackson's skin was inside out and he was the boogy man.  I dream about work a lot.  I dreamed once that these men in the home were like space cowboys and was fighting save my life.

Since four months ago, I've been having hoopy dreams.  The only reason I am hooping now because I dreamed about hooping.  You see, the day I was about to give up on the entire idea of waist hooping, I went to sleep.  That night I dreamed I was waist hooping except I was spinning with the current of the hoop.  The next day, I tried it.  It worked.  Instead of 3 seconds, I was able to hoop for 5 seconds.

There have been many hooping dreams since that night.  Most of them are just my average hooping dreams.  There are a few things that are plaguing my hooping: hip hooping NOT with my flammer hoop (I can do it with my flammer but no other hoop that's smaller), going from my waist to knee hooping and back again, and walking.  You see, I'm a side to side hooper and hooping while walking is hard.  I can walk to the side but that isn't very conducive to much.  Some days I can walk straight and even march very well.  Most days, no.  I do a shuffle shuffle if I walk forward.  I don't like that shuffle shuffle and it feels uncomfortable.  I want to really WALK.  Feet lifting off the ground and more.

The other night I had a dream that I was walking with my hoop.  I was really walking.  It was great!  It felt great.  This gives me great hope.  My other hoop dreams came true.  This one will, too.  Along with the dream that I had a backyard to hoop in.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caroleeena Class Review

Caroleeena Class Review

The class: Beginning/Intermediate
The cost: $35
Where at: Cincinnati, Ohio by Shine Yoga.

Caroleeena is an amazing person.  She is so nice and caring and giving.  She started the class and told us an introduction of hooping.  I wish I had taped it because I cannot remember it for the life of me.  It was enough to repeat to others, especially if you do classes. She said that you had to say animal noises when your hoop ran into somebody.  Let me tell you, I meow an awful lot.

After that, we did stretches and did some waist hooping.  She really drilled how to walk with the hoop. At the moment, I have patches of time when I can walk straight with it and not.  Evidently my body doesn't like me most of the time to do it?  I guess that means more practice.  I just feel like I have to shuffle my feet for it and I'm sure a portion of that is because I'm a side to side hooper.  After that we moved to more off body stuff, like the hover, front hand hooping, side hand hooping and some fun, fun stuff.  We covered some tosses and palm spins.  My favorite thing I learned was the tosses, chest roll, and palm spin.  I soooo love the palm spin.  She suggested combining it with a move that I've been practicing. Extra love there.  The way she taught the class was in a way as if we were all teachers.  I loved that. I can teach others easier now even though I didn't take the teacher certification.

Around the end, we played games with balls and waist hooping.  It was reminiscent of playing bop it with my hoop.  Imagine a few months ago, I wouldn't have been able to do it!  We also walked around the gym with our hoops: walking front, walking backwards, walking side to side, and walking with lasso with your strut.  At the end of class, she complimented every hooper and you had to say thank you.

  I also brought supplies since I know through FB that she was collecting for relief efforts.  After that I chatted with one lady for a few minutes who knew a local hooper.  I also showed off my LED.

Worth it: YES.  If you ever have a chance, go! Even if you are not a beginner hooper anymore.  DO IT.

PS! Sorry for the late update.  It was supposed to post autimatically while I was at work last night.

PPS!  I had a dream today where I was walking FANTASTICALLY with the hoop. I was lifting my feet, no scooting.  It was awesome. I <3 hooping dreams.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30/30 out the window...NSFW?

I haven't really hooped in a week.  This week will change that since I will be having another hoop class tomorrow with Josie.  I may be by myself.  $5 private hoop class...holla!  I try to tell all my friends but some have just stopped listening.

 I'm getting a flow wand! Yay!  Hopefully it will arrive next week.  I'd rather have it now.  I promise vids.  What do you call a flow wand person?  A flow artist? 

Unfortunately, some drama has happened in our apartment building that makes John want to move right now.  This drama is so bad that he wants to escort me to my car.  Good for me and hooping.  He is very particular about where he wants to move.  Also, I've been feeling sick and that's why I haven't been much to hooping. 

The Bluegrass Hoopers has 13 likes and even helped me find a new hoop class in the area.  This is what I was talking about being disjointed!  How was I supposed to know about this class other than word of mouth of people I didn't know?  That is why I have that group.  Now, I'll have two hoop classes this week. ^_^  I also bought business cards to give to people when I make hoops or what not. 

I received a very touching message via youtube.  I really wanted to cry.  I've always wanted to be a role model for something.  I wanted to be a role model for losing my 80 pounds and now, I'd like to be a hooping rolemodel.  I may not be perfect but I think that's what we need more in life.  Imperfect bodies in our lives.

This person described how watching my videos and my struggle with hooping.  She describes in her letter that she was afraid that she was too big to hoop.  I just wanted to cry that I'm helping someone.

Therefore the rest of the post is dedicated to body acceptance and random pictures I liked from my stumbleupon (most of them don't have sources).  Of course, some are half naked and show real bodies:

This was found on a page from a photographer that is trying to show that all bodies are beautiful.
This picture caused a tizzy in Glamour.  Some people loved it and others didn't.  She's considered "plus size."  I'd kill for her body, even if the modeling industry considers her plus size.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I had so much to say when blogger was down...

Now that it's working, I've lost my mind.  So here is some music that I want to hoop to so bad:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30/30 In Thought

I think there comes a time when we have to step back and think, if I practice now, will I add anything to my hooping practice?  Most times, the answer would be of course.  The past weekend exhausted me.  I still hadn't recovered fully.  Today, I told myself: Screw it.  If I hoop now, I'm not going to help myself.  I didn't fit my 30/30 in today.  I hoop for five minutes at work though. Does that count? :p

I took some sleeping pills and slept for 10 hours straight.  Lately I've been waking up in the middle of my sleep and my brain just turns on.  I think I could have slept for 20 hours though.  I feel a bit better though.

I am sure there are other hoopers around me.  I know there are.  Yet where are they?  I think they are so disjointed that we don't know each other.  I hate finding out on facebook that I missed a hoopy thing.  So I made a facebook page for Bluegrass Hoopers.  This is a place to find other hoopers, classes and other things in the central Kentucky area.

Also I believe that more hooping things need to be in Lexington.  Why?  Lexington is at the crossroads of I-75 and I-64.  Lexington can reach a bigger/broader range of people.  We have ton of greenery and friendly people.  I get so sick of people saying, "I was thinking of having a workshop in Louisville."  Well, Louisville is farther away than Cincinnati, OH for me.  Louisville is in the tippy west end of Kentucky.  Lexington is more central to the area.

And that's my spiel.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This weekend was wow...

I did go to Caraleeena's class. It was amazing.  In depth review later.  Worth every penny and more.

The next day, I hooped in the parking lot and practiced what I learned.  I also got my Marisa Tomei HoopBody kit.  I had to make my 30/30.  I just got in the house and cooled off when John said it was time to go.  Evidently, we were going to a derby party.  It's at a house in the country.  So, I took two hoops, one for me and one for my niece.  I was out there about 75% of the time, minus eating, potty breaks, and watching that race.  I was teaching my niece tricks.  She's a dancer.  Some was easy, some was not for her.  She kept on.  She told me, "I love hooping now."  We'll see in a few months.
This is the hoop that came with the Marisa Tomei HoopBody Kit!

This is my husband.  I look blissed out and I'm not sure what his face is saying.

The next day, my lower abs were sore.  This was from all the chest rolls/body rolls/whatever the hell you call them.  Can you believe that those infomercials were right? You DO need a full extension of your abs.  I didn't use a bender ball, ab roller, or exercise ball. I had fun for hours!  This same day was when I had my reception.

I'm so sexy!
Here is my hot little before outfit to the right.  See those shorts? Yeah, I bought them just for hooping.  Holla at yer girl!

I helped set up some more.  I changed.  I didn't even get to change on time. I was late to my own reception!  Blargh!  After a few more fixes to everything, John said it was time to start.  We did the food and I passed drinks.  I guess I shouldn't have had to pass drinks at my own wedding reception.  Originally, I was grabbing mine but I just wanted to help the line go down quicker.

That is when I sat for a little bit with John.  He ran off and I went to my friends and we talked.  I talked to my friend's cousin about how she needs to hoop.  That's when we went to hoop.  Evidently, the only important friends of mine hula hoop.  Woot woot woot.

The girl with the green/black hoop is the one I taught how to hoop during my reception!

And now me:

And that was the reception part with the hula hoops! Weee reception hoops!  John said he didn't want to make me mad and let me do what I want.  So the usual meet and greet that brides do? Yeahhhh, I didn't do that.  I hooped.

The next day, my husband took me to his dad's old house while he mowed the lawn and I hooped. I don't know how I'll stand the heat in the summer. It was a scorcher already.  I didn't really push myself while doing my 30/30 yesterday.  I was just so hooped fatigued.  I did what I had to and stopped.  My muscles are feeling better though.

Oh, hello, new hooping shoes.  Holla at $21 chuck taylors!

See the hoop I fell in love with and I stole for myself?

I think I might agree...

There are many times that I feel powerful and like a super hero while hooping.  I'm half tempted to start writing hooping on my resume.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Have you looked at today?  You better!  Go scroll down.  There! Do you see it? Yeah! That's me! 


I screamed!  I ran to John, he told me to put my voice down, and I told him.  I forgot what he said but he smiled.

That smearing video I made for Shekinah Spin is the video they featured.

Here it is! OMGOSH: Here's the spotlight now!

I am so ecstatic!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Body Rolls and Drama

This weekend has been exhausting.

I did go to the Caroleeena class on Friday, much to John's chagrin.  Over the weekend, John and I have been communicating more.

 He's not against me hooping.  He doesn't get it.  He's waiting to see if it's a "silly fad."  Funny thing that over dinner he said that most my fads last four months.  Hmmm, February, March, April, May....Hmmm.  One, two, three, four, fiiiive. Hmmm.  Just sayin'.

What he does not like is wasting money when we should be saving it.  Not feeling like we're financially secure doesn't bode well with him and running off to HoopPath is scary for him when he doesn't know if we can pay the bills.  After a long talk, we decided that I won't be going to Hoop Path but most likely I will be able to go to Flow Camp 2011.  It's in the neighboring area and it's only $80 prepay.

You know what I will get for not going to Hoop Path 5?  A freaking back yard.  I hate where we live now. It's small, neighbors are awful and it just annoys the shit out of me.  I don't have a yard. I want a garden.  Now that I hoop, I really want a yard since house hooping is verboten.  I literally cry some days with my hoop over lack of space and annoyance over going to the park.

We had our reception this weekend and our family gave us money mostly.  We racked up enough of a sum to be able to pay for a deposit on a duplex (hopefully).  He seemed more sure of it today.  I think that's what he may have decided especially after this talk.  I asked if I could get one of those shade thingies so I can hoop in the rain, too.  He said, "we'll see."  He also wants to find one with a garage.  Hello, winter hooping in empty garage.  It made me happy that he even considered it.

I think a yard would be so much better for my hooping than HP5.  I'd be in the yard all the time if I had one.  That's what I did this weekend.  I've hooped myself sore.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hooping Tutorial: Smearing

Shekinah Spin wanted to know how to do this move thanks to my last video.  Here it is!

Wee first tutorial.  Is it okay?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fourth Month!

My fourth month hooping:

Yes, I have been hooping for FOUR months. Can you believe how I've grown as a hooper?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bop it!

Here's my bop it video!

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 30/30

I entered the crazy wagon again! I have made my own personal 30/30.  And it's great cause I am SO in the hooping mood.  I just can feel myself being so close!  Nan hasn't seen me hoop in a month and she's amazed at my development. Remember that little girl who can do those things that I struggle with?  She's jealous!  Jealous of me!  OF ME! Yes, I am yelling.  You should see me in person.  I told her, "Why are you jealous of me?  You can do things that I had to work hard on?"  She mumbled something about me just being better.  Hmm.  Kids are crazy, yo.

I didn't even realize it was a new month until today.  I did hit my goal when I realized I hooped in the parking lot of church for 30 minutes. Go me.  I need to make a new work hoop though.  It makes 30/30 so much easier.

PS: Late edit:  If you have facebook, scroll on down to LIKE the new Whole Lot of Hoop Love page.  Then, you can get my updates and all that.  Maybe this has to do with me talking about hooping too much on FB.  Or if you are lazy, here is a link!


Dancing makes you smarter...

Or at least ward off diseases, like dementia.  As a CNA on a dementia unit, I can tell you what sort of dementia I do not want.  I would rather be like the 'lil old lady talking about sex all the time than the "underwear digger" or the "I'm going to kill everyone in this room" dementia.  And hey, if hoopdancing will help me ward off anything like dementia, sign me up please!

Some excerpts:

"One of the surprises of the study was that almost none of the physical activities appeared to offer any protection against dementia.  There can be cardiovascular benefits of course, but the focus of this study was the mind.  There was one important exception:  the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing.

            Reading - 35% reduced risk of dementia

            Bicycling and swimming - 0%

            Doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week - 47%

            Playing golf - 0%

            Dancing frequently - 76%.
That was the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical. "

Talk about them apples!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Does it Mean to Move On?

Again, another post on my level of hooper-ness.  What does it mean to have a skill?  To be able to add that to your bank and say, "Yeah, I can do that."  I know moves but do I put them into every day practice?  Is it moves that I can perform in even the most unfriendliest of clothing?  I'm getting better at getting to my knees and working with that reception hoop has made me a better hooper I believe.  I almost have the knee hooping up and down.  Although it doesn't quite work out perfectly. 

Sometimes as a fat girl, it's hard to see past your weight.  I have large hips.  The drop from my hips to my thighs is huge.  I'm afraid that my weight is the thing that is holding me back when I start working the hoop down.  Working with the reception hoop has helped me figure out how kick it back up and I've slowly started to bring it up with a corkscrew if I do it right.  If there is an official way, I'm not doing it.

When I have a move down, is that when I incorporate it in my flow*?  Can I only say I learned this move when it's natural like breathing? 

Hoop moves that are natural to me that I am always doing: figure 8, corkscrews, halos (horizontal/vertical), waist hooping (depending on the hoop: still/circling), moving to the side, side to side hooping, revolving door, passing.

Hoop moves that I can do decently well/don't always do them because I forget about them:  Vortex, chest hooping(arms up), helicopter

Hoop moves that need work:  Booty bump/diagonal hooping, chest hooping with arms down/arms transitioning, hip hooping (easy with my big one; not with the others), knee hooping

Moves that I don't really have down but I'm trying so hard:   Angled hooping UP (I don't know if it's me but I can't get it to go up), this move Josie taught me that I forgot what it's called(almost there), isolations.

Yesterday I was working with my 2nd hoopnotica DVD and I'm trying to practice transitioning from hips to knees.  I can't really hip hoop on my hips. It's so hard.  Should I ever need to know knee hooping with both legs cause I can't do it.  Although yesterday I tried my best to be able to move the hoop up but I couldn't.  I think the next time I got something, I have to keep working and working on it till I want to kill the move. 

I'm super excited about seeing Caraleeena on Friday.  My husband on the other hand does not think so.  You see, my reception is on Sunday.  Going to this class that's 2 hours away is crazy awful.  Irresponsible.  Although I feel like going to this class will help me get the moves that I've been struggling with....maybe. Depends what she covers.  And he caught me illegal house hooping (with the bop it).  I'm not going to stop illegal house hooping.  Cause sometimes you need to be inside the house to get down to your skivvies to get a move.  I just won't do it when he is home.  And I need hooping friendly headphones!

I guess this gives me an excuse to get a flow wand!  Cause I can do a flow wand in the house.


*I still don't know if I have flow.  If flow is like being in your own little world, then no.  If flow is where you are moving just for the sake of moving and grooving with your hoop, yes.  If it's hooping to a beat, I don't know how to do that.  If it's one of those things where you are moving, rocking, anticipating, and the moves are just spewing from your body with random ambition, then, yes, I have flow.