Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Here's my gift to you...

If you are already my facebook friend, you may have seen this.  But Merry Christmas, happy holidays, whatever to you!  Be safe this holiday season!  I know this isn't the most amazing video I have but I really felt like doing something for the hoop community, even if it's just gracing you with my presence.   I know I haven't been blogging hardly at all.  Maybe that will be my resolution for the new year.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Better at poi maybe?

Here is my latest poi video.  Tell me what you think!

Happy holidays FYI

Friday, December 7, 2012

I am not dead yet..

(and if you keep singing after reading that title, you are awesome)

So, I went to Florida Flow Fest and it was amazing.  I was supposed to write an article about it but I just didn't know how I could write about how amazing and epic the entire weekend was.  I did take a good bit of hoop classes.  It was amazing to rub elbows with the famous of the hoopers.  Although the weekend showed a few things very clear:  I am a weird person since I still use irrigation tubing.  And I refuse to go to polypro 99% of the time.  The reason why I don't want to switch: if I don't learn how to do moves or not learn how to do moves with my hoop, I'll never really do anything with said move.  But if I learn with my troo hoop (or whatever), then I might figure out how to change it to work with heavier hoops.  I'll throw up some of the florida pictures.

I also want to tell everyone that I won't be writing for Hooping.org anymore (at least on a regular basis).  With my job requiring mandatory overtime, it's been so hard to balance all the things I have to do.  So I had to let it go.  When the writing bug comes to me, I will send articles to hooping.org to (hopefully) get posted.

And I posted some stills from my curvy hoopers video on facebook but here's a few more:

I will eventually post all the stills....

And did you see the results for Curvy hoopers challenge?  I'm so glad for Brandy and Shelli!  Especially Shelli cause she's awesome and I know her (eventually this will be in real life).  Next up for me is hoping that I will get nominated for the hoopies (of I don't know) and that hoop camp contest I keep entering!  Also, I might go to kinetic fire this year!  And I believe I will be teaching at PlayThink! this year! Exciting! 

But in the not so exciting news, I was relieved of my position at the gym and I wasn't paid for the last month.  So I've been disappointed since.

And I got a new tattoo guys):

My next big, close to my heart one will be....a hoop dancer.  So hey, if anyone wants to design me one, email me!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flow Camp Recap

I just came back from Flow Camp and it was amazing!  I arrived there on Thursday afternoon.  I drove up without getting lost.  Since Jorden was unsure of the amount of  kids I'd have, the potential to have children classes was in the air.  Other than that, since I was an instructor, I could camp in the VIP/instructor area.  Although I was warned it was loud.  I said no problem cause I have ear plugs.  So I pulled up, started setting up my tent near my car.  Although someone did help me with my canopy thing.  I was having problems.  Even as a group we did.   After that, I started to walk around.  Even though hooping has made me more confident, I still cannot go up to a person and say, "Hey, dudes, what your name?  I'm Shannon!"  So therefore, I pretty much talked to no one till Paige came. We hooped a bit and there was people in the fire circle but no real safeties that I saw.  Later, after I safetied for Paige and another guy (who wouldn't spin till I picked up the towel), these girls said they were being safeties.   Not from my viewpoint since they were talking and not holding the towel.  But whateves.  I really wanted to spin that night but technically you have to take a class beforehand.  Paige got permission from Jorden.  I didn't ask cause I wasn't sure if it was just cause Paige is awesome and that's why.  So I think next year, there should be a quickie fire safety class for Thursday peoples.

 I went to sleep early with my ear plugs in. I heard some things but I was good.  They worked perfectly!  I woke up early, made me some eggs and got ready for my day!  I didn't go to the Flow Camp Warm up.  I just meandered about.  I can't really remember all the classes I took right now.  During the first day, I took classes like Baxterism: Fan Dance.  Grimm didn't have music or blindfolds.  I couldn't really get into the blindfold exercise at all.  Although the moves he taught were amazing.  My favorite was the move that he borrowed from poi body tracing.  I decided to buy a fire flow wand but had to rush to my class while Grimm got it ready for me.

When I had my class, one girl showed up.  The plan was to have fun playing the kid games but it's hard to do hoop games with one person.  So we just chatted and chilled.  We wound up walking to my tent with my makeshift couch to  look over more of my kids games with hooping.  She told me the biggest reason she came to Flow Camp was to take my class.  It was a major compliment, I thought.  Of course, I was also against 2 other hoop classes, one being Caroleeena's!  Either way, it was still exciting to be an instructor.  Thanks, one person for coming to my class!  I know you introduced yourself but I have a horrible memory!  (but let me tell you, she's awesome)

I did some other classes.  Did absolutely no hoop classes that day.  I left my twins at home and just wanted to make sure that I didn't exhaust myself.  One of my fire torches broke during the fire eating class when the teacher was pretty much flinging the white gas off as hard as possible.  I was warned previously so it was no problem. Hello, wick in the woods!   Even with those breaks, at nine in the evening, I wound up taking a nap and completely calling it a day after that.  It started as a nap but finished in the morning.  I was wiped.  I started the next morning with food from the cafe. 

I was going to take a hoop performance class but left my hoop at my tent. So instead, I took beginning contact juggling.  I really loved Eca as a teacher.  Love love love.  What else?  I decided to buy a contact staff which I had been discussing for a bit.  Although I have been sore about practicing. :(  I took two grimm fan tech classes and let me tell you: MIND FREAKING BLOWN.  He's a genious. I am telling you!  I took a beginner poi class that was not very beginner oriented.  I had two serious newbies that I was basically teaching myself.  The teacher started this class with flowers. FLOWERS. Helllllllo.  FLOWERS.  Yep, so I had a mini-real-beginners session in the corner.  A few people were very lost.  I told them they should have came to my corner.  I would have hooked them up.

I took one hoop class. That's all.  I even left early cause I was so tired but I'm pretty sure it was amazing.  Lots of hoop waist walking.  At one point during the day, I ran to the advanced fire eating class.  I slipped in and got to transfer from my arm to an unlit wand and a tongue transfer to an unlit torch.  I had trouble with the volcano/smoking candle whatever but I did it!  Then I got changed and ran to the fire walk presentation.  I decided to do it.  I originally wasn't going to but I did it.  Thom Thumb kinda convinced  me during his speech.  I ran to get the waiver signed and we started raising our whatever.  The longer I put off writing this, I forget a lot of things.  Either way, we danced, hooted and played tag in the circle.  It was great!  I don't think I had a spiritual enlightenment like some but it was exciting.  I was so proud of myself after that.

The instructor performances were great!  Especially the redneck fire poi dance.  It was epic.  Then there was sparkler poi or whatever.  I was freezing and my fire fan friend, Maddy and I shared a blanket during the performances.

I stayed up that night and  I spun fire hoop and fire fans.  I even did a  fire fan thing with Grimm.   Jessica and I tried to light and spin fire marshmallows.  I think I crawled into my car to sleep (spiders had taken over my tent).   My car died by morning.  I'm not sure why.  But by the afternoon, it was good.  I went to a few classes, talked to my neighbor (that was awesome and I don't remember his name), and packed my car.  The make your own toys was so over my head but the flow wand class was great.  I went home after that.

I'm going to find some pictures from Bellawillow.   I didn't take them. They are Bellawillow or Hobbes.  My camera died before the weekend had started!

What's next for Shannon:


Florida Flow Fest

Is anyone who follows me going to Florida Flow Fest?  I'm nervous. So nervous.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flow Camp 2012 is ON!

Hey there!  It's about to be Flow Camp Time!  I'm so excited but nervous.  Why?

  • This year I will be teaching classes!  I'll be teaching some kids classes and teaching a how to reach kids with a hula hoop class.
  • It's in the fall rather than the late summer.  This makes me dread the weather.  It could be pretty, cold, or rainy.  Or it could be all those in less than an hour.   Here's the weather that we're currently having:  Kentucky Weather
  • I didn't originally have the days off for Flow Camp and I've finagled my days off now. Weee!  Good thing I called cause she also did not have my days for Florida Flow Fest

So help me pack!  What should I bring?  I think I'll start packing now or tonight.  I'll need it after the horrible night I've had at work.  What are good camping foods?  Last year, lack of protein and vitamins was making me sick plus maybe heat exhaustion/dehydration.  Please remind me to bring ear plugs so that I can sleep!

Should I feel bad that I didn't lose weight before this?  I think I was dieting right at or after Flow Camp planning to be a hot momma by next years Flow Camp.  Since I keep getting sick every time I try, I haven't even tried much lately.  I honestly haven't even been hooping much either.  Maybe Flow Camp will propel me back into motion.  I think I had a sorry streak this time last year.

Also this happened last week:
Look at me go with that fire!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goals and Dreams

Hey guys!  Just dropping a quick word.  I'm still teaching classes at Women's Fun & Fitness in Nicholasville.  My current class schedule is 7:00pm Wednesday and 10:00am Saturday.  My class numbers are low which makes me worry that my class may be canceled. :(  But Flow Camp is coming up soon!  I'll be teaching classes there this year! Yay!  Anyone going?

One of the biggest things I've been struggling with lately is finding opportunities to teach hoopdance.  I'm afraid people don't think it's worth doing because of my lack of weight loss.  What they don't understand is every time I try to eat better, I get sick.  So the last few months, I've not even tried to diet.  What hooping has given me is more than pounds lost.  I can maintain previous weight loss with hooping (20 minutes or more a day) and have fun!  Most of my classes have very low numbers. The people that do try it love it but rarely come back.  Is there something wrong with me?

Other than that, I think my lack of fitness certifications is holding me back.  I really would like to get a group fitness certification.  I really want to be able to purchase the premier study bundle.  It includes all the materials, two practice tests and the exam included.  The exam costs $250 alone. The standard is $190 plus the exam cost.  I have been saving for it and then bam! Shit happens.  Isn't that life?  Want to help me raise some money to reach this goal?

Here are the hoop related links I have that if you purchase through my link, you will give me some cash.
Troo Hoops
Although no entirely related, I have a Synergy Code too.

If you just want to donate to me, feel free to email and I'll give you my PayPal email!  I can send you something nice that's knitted or crocheted or something else I have!  I know someone that crowdsourced her divorce!  Maybe I can crowdsource a quarter of my fitness cert?  I do plan to save all the money I get from the gym towards this goal.  But I only get paid $10 a class and so far it's sporadic.  Plus holidays have screwed up class sessions.  The owner of the gym I'm at right now says if I get certified in anything else, she'll let me teach it!  Unfortunately the new gym, Anytime Fitness ignores my calls/emails about hoop classes. :(

And someone fixed my broken fire fan for free this month! YAY!  Other than that, I haven't really been hooping much.

Here's a few things I've been doing that's not hooping related (and there is more NOT saved to my computer):

Monday, August 6, 2012

Going through Stresses

Sorry for the long silence of words.  But I'm back.  Yet I feel a little lost....

  I started teaching classes at Women's Fun and Fitness in the town I live in.  Except that hardly anyone is coming.  The people that are coming love my class.  The key is how do I get people to try my classes?  I'm offering a free raffle for any participant that comes to my classes.  I've also been emailing a gym that is being built called Anytime Fitness.  When I woke up today, I got the official no email from them.  I just don't know what I am doing wrong.  Because of the heat, I haven't done a lot of hoop jams.  The thing is without seeing hoopdance, people don't understand what to even expect and that they can do this.  Without even trying or watching a class, how can any place, gym or other wise, say no?  At least let me come in and show them what this is about!  I just feel like losing hope but I don't want to give up on this.  What if I give up and someone else comes up behind me and actually makes this work?  What am I doing wrong?  I don't want to be a failure.  I want this to work out for me!

I am afraid sometimes that I have to lose weight for anyone to care about this.  I don't do this to lose weight.  I do this for me.  It's fun and it's helped my sanity/coping skills/socializing.  It's also helping my knees and maintaining weight loss.  I don't know what I should do to get respect around here, especially regarding the local gyms.  I'm working on my personal training cert right now.  I have an old group fitness trainer book.  I wonder how much has really changed since the edition I have and then, I could go ahead and test for it. 

I am slowly plotting a plan.  I'm not sure if it will work but it won't hurt me to try.  I'm thinking of holding a LIKEs contest for my Undefined Hoopdance facebook page, a picture share contest, make a promo video for my class at Women's Fun and Fitness, make a promo picture for my WF&F class (for facebook sharing), and maybe make flyers to post around my town.  I'm not sure what else to do!  I'm also thinking of renting the blue building again for a all day hoop event with classes for $8 and build your own hoop workshop.  On top of that, I'm thinking of getting Hoopnotica trained for level 2 and minis.  I'll have to talk to my mom about that.

Although I will be at my library's Explore event hooping and hopefully gaining interest in hooping!  I'm also going to email local groups/clubs in schools to see if they would like me to come and talk/hoop with their kids.  I really think FCCLA would appreciate this.  Last year, FCCLA in my county said no but guess what?  I'm going to expand to other freaking counties this year.  I'm not a crazy stalker person.  (John accused me of this when I tried to make my own hooping destiny this weekend).  I just love hooping and want to share hooping with everyone.  Is there a crime in that?

Anyone have any ideas?  I have now emailed a few FCCLA schools, even their principles (darn websites can't help me find the correct advisor email addresses).  I am developing plan 2.0 later today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Weekend at PlayThink!

Here is my video of my PlayThink Experience.
Please come next year!  There will be a PlayThink Movement Festival 2!  It will be amazing!  If there is anything you want to see, tell Paige!  I know I've put in my very, very minor suggestions.  There will be a bigger post about it soon.  I'm trying to write a hooping.org piece now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Play Think Movement Festival!!

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Anyone interested still has time to get a ticket!  You can at least get a day ticket maybe?  I think I will be taking:
  • Yoga
  • Beginner poi
  • Integrating hoops with dance
  • yoga or twin hoops or fire eating
  • Rest or juggling
  • Poi Wall Flowers (who knows if I'm ready for this but whatever)
  • Fire Safety
  • Poi: Stalls
  • Yoga therapy
  • Bellydance basics
  • Rest
  • Burlesque
  • Hooping Amazons (which I am SOOOOO excited for. I think this will help me SO much)
  • Hoop: Reaching spiritual planes
Everyone that can come should totally come!  This time I will tape, tape, tape my fire hoop up.  

Other great news:  I will have a chance to go to Florida Flow Festival. I've been told soon enough that I can actually ask for the time off (I had this chance last year  with Florida Flow Festival and with Return to Roots but as a nurse aide, I couldn't a week before). I will probably camp ($30 a night) unless John's mom's place is nearish. I am so excited.  I'm 75% sure that I will get to go.  The videos from last year were amazing.  There will be cheap tickets being sold.  Consider it.  If this happens, that's THREE festies this year.  And Florida Flow Festival might mean I could meet a ton of new hoopers and stars of the hoop!  And make connections!  I'm thrilled!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Never Cheap Out on Fire Hoops

Remember a few months ago that I bought a bearclaw fire hoop?  It was one of the cheapest hoops I could get that were collapsible with removable wicks.  Bearclaw also frequents the Hoopcity forums which made me think, "they must really care about fire dancing."  When I first got the hoop, it was cold and one of the sections would not snap tight.  I'm not an idiot.  I have plenty of snap connecting hoops.  I waited till it became room temperature (thinking it was the temperature changes) and it still had issues.

Last night I finally got to burn it.  To calm my fears, I put gaffer on each connection.  Although I don't think I put gaffer well on one connection.  Having your own hoop versus using someone else's hoop is so different.  I pretty much waist hooped the entire time.  I was so scared that my boobs was going to catch in flames.  It seemed like one fire on a wick was so much larger.  After talking to Paige, I lit it again and tried again.  I was starting to rock it out.  I was doing helicopter and what not.  I think I had just put it on my waist and it snapped apart.  It went flying into the grass. I panicked.  I asked Paige to help me and we were going to put it out.  As we were putting it out, on one of the extinguished wicks, my hand grazed the spine and all of the sudden I realized I was burnt.  I honestly believe that this would not have happened if I had a better hoop that wouldn't snap apart midspin to cause me to have to extinguish it like that.  I mean yes, accidents happen but still.

  I might write an irate email to them although I've been too busy to do anything really other than work and sleep and Hooping Idol stuff.  I did remind her that I had her quick wicks.  The story with the wicks is I ordered the wrong size.  I ordered 1/2" instead of 3/4".    Since there's a restock fee, we decided when she is able, I'll give her the ones I currently have and she'll order my correct size.  Although that's been a few months. More like 8 but I understand it's a stressful time!

Here is the video though

And I might start doing a blogging series on my hooping idol videos.  What do you think about that?  It would cover what I was trying to do and what I wish could have happened.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm slowly dying...

If I could slap my immune system, I would.  You see yesterday (yesterday really being Friday) I slept for a few hours (read: not long enough) and taped my video for Hooping Idol Disco Week on Hooping.org

 Since I was so worried about sending in the complete video in time, I went ahead and posted it.  It didn't finish uploading till 8.  I took a thirty minute nap.  I felt awful when I woke up. My ear was hurting.  After the last blog on weight loss was posted, I was doing fine till I got an awful case of strep.  My eating derailed till this week.  I was doing great!  I was thinking surely it's the weather, lack of sleep, stress was causing my body pain.  I went to sleep for ten long hours after work.  I woke up and my throat was tight and hurting.  I've been checking for strep symptoms (white dots in the back of your throat) religiously.  It's not too bad.  But I'm watching you, throat. I get strep about every few years.  Usually it's like strep this year, ear infection next, etc.  The problem that worries me other than I don't want to be sick again is that I'm afraid they will tell me to get my tonsils out.  I have very large tonsils.  Always have. It's genetic.  They make comments about them every time.  The last few times the doctors have asked, "Why haven't my tonsils been taken out?"  Because no one has told me point blank, "They have to be out now."  They usually make jokes. If it's not an issue, why take them out?  I'm pretty sure cutting organs out for fun was nixed for a fun time years ago.

 But I'm pretty sure this is my third or more strep case in the last three years.  Let alone it was just a few weeks ago I had strep.  I'm scared.  I mean who wants to have surgery?  And I'm thinking about work and all that other stuff like money and comp time.  Another worry for me would be my hooping. If I have to have this surgery in the next few weeks, if I'm voted through to the next rounds in Hooping Idol, what happens then?  I don't know how long it takes to recover from a tonsillectomy but I have that I'll be having the Hoopnotica training in May.   I know I'm letting my imagination run rampant but I knew this would eventually happen. 

Actually, I'm sick of this past winter and spring.  I've been getting sick every month it seems.  I had the GI virus, strep, colds, everything.  I'm done, yo. And most of the time, it's right when I'm starting to get healthy again.  Tell me what is up, body!?  Shouldn't my body be appreciating the lack of fat and thousands of extra calories?  Shouldn't my body be loving the extra non-hoop workouts?  When I lost the eighty pounds, I never got sick.  

 I do honestly believe that I will be calling in at my other job in the morning.  I'm worried about my full-time job because I'm hearing through the grapevine that they will require us to work a few extra day.  I can't do that.  I already feel like I live there and I hardly ever spend time with the people that matter.  In a few months, if you hear about me looking for a new job, that may be why.  Anyone know of nice jobs that have flexible schedules that work preferably Monday-Friday, dayshift (maybe, I'm flexible) that pay $12 an hour?  I feel like if I had a different job, it'd be SO much easier for me to do hoopy things.  I really don't want to have to get a new certification for anything else.  

But hey, in good news, my Hooping Idol video is up.  At times, I feel okay about it and other times I just want to cry and shake like a leaf.  I'm afraid to let out half of my hooping style out.  So I stick traditional because I'm afraid no one will get it.  The style that you can see in a combination of Bare Bones Hooping and Welcome Spring!  In just a few bits of time in each video.  Honestly there are more videos that I don't post that illustrate it better.  So, please do consider voting me through the next round of Hooping Idol.  And no, I didn't go into Hooping Idol blind.  I remember reading/watching Shekinah Spins last year.  I know I will get some potentially rough critiques that will probably be like, "get a smaller hoop.  No shakey camera! Etc! No costume!"

And here's some new pictures that my friend, Stella made for me at the hoop jam!  Feel free to pin and all that fun stuff...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Teaching Joy!

This past week I've been teaching classes with the YMCA Afterschool program to teach their kids to hoop.  It was a trial and a huge learning process!  By the end of the week, I had tons of child sized hoops and a go-to system with the kids.  I was even told a few times, "I think you are awesome" and "I've never been able to hula hoop before."  So many kids walked in thinking that they couldn't do this but they proved themselves wrong for the most part.  I just hope everyone enjoyed it.  I still have to run the hoops over from the YMCA back to them.

The other news is that I am officially teaching at Flow Camp!  I sent in a submission on how to work with kids and she liked it so much that I will be teaching two classes!  I'll be teaching how to teach children hooping and a kid hoop class.  I already have an outline and everything.  I'm going to rock this out!  I am so excited!

And if you didn't see, I entered hooping idol.  I'm nervous!  Let's see if I make it to the top 20?!

PS!  I've gotten awesome comments so far on my video.  Although I wonder how many people have entered?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vacation Hooping

Warning I didn't edit out a fall. So there is some cussing and general me laying on the floor

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being the Fat Girl Hooper

This has been conflicting me the last few days and I just wanted to talk about it with someone/thing. The other day, someone made a comment to me, "If hooping burns a lot of calories, why are you still fat? And you don't even look good doing it."  One person even said, "I thought you were nice till you starting this hooping thing.  Now I think you're weirder than shit."

I actually disagree.  I think I looking freaking fantastic! But the thing is with hooping for 30 minutes a day, I can maintain 250 easy while eating like a pig. Now, when I stopped hooping as much, I went up to 274. 275 is like no-no zone. It's way too close for 300 for me. I feel like a success that I lost the 15 pounds (I'm now at 248) with hoopingdiet and I have successfully stayed away from 300 for 3 years.

Why hooping means so much to me even without the weight loss is that I know that it will prevent me from ever going to my highest weight.  When I realized I was awfully close to the beginning, I upped my hooping practice.  Example:  I've only been hooping 20 minutes most days this month.  I've ranged from okay eating to awful binging when I come home from work.  I never got above 255.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even dipped into the 250s if I was doing 30 minutes or even 20 minutes everyday.

My goal since Thanksgiving has been to lose or maintain. Yes, I'd like to lose fast but I don't really care. It's what I'm calling passive weight loss. If it involves 1-2 months perfect and 1 month of not so perfect, awesome. Also, the biggest difference on my weight loss right now is that I'm keeping it a psuedo-secret. I'm not blasting it on facebook or even telling my family other than my husband.  So, yes, I have lost weight hooping.  And I've maintained weight loss with hooping.  Hooping is my go-to cardio now.  And this is the reason why I gave up a few years ago because the "weight wasn't coming off fast enough" or I didn't "look like I should." With this new mental change, I think it may help that mental platueu.

Is it horrible that I am not a perfect size 6? I've had others tell me that see me every day that my face has gotten thinner since October. None of my weight loss is noticeable.  But I don't care because my clothes fit, my knee doesn't hurt anymore (like at 274) and no heartburn. And I really don't care or I didn't until someone made that comment. It's just bringing me down.

Hooping has given me friends.  I honestly will say that I have friends now!  I go outside and I feel more confident in life.  I even called a gym the other day to see if I can teach there (no answer).

I think it also shows the type of people in the hooping community.  They seem to be so welcoming no matter what your size and looks.  I know I've helped quite a few people in the hooping community through my personal blog, my hooping.org articles, and various emails I've gotten from other hoopers.  This one girl I've never met has listed me as her hooping momma because I inspired her!  

Is this what the lady from Dances with Fat feels like?     I have deep down worries that the reason that I'm not making any impact at all is because of my weight.  Would various gyms let me teach if I was thin?  Would people think it was cooler if I was skinny and in a bikini?  Can I not do these tricks because of my weight?  Is there something wrong with me?

I will tell you that I've always been weird.  I come off wrong with a lot of people.  I'm quirky and odd.  My best friends growing up was my imaginary friends, I played with barbies till I was 15 (in hiding), I used to dance around at the top of the hill pretending I was going to be the next Brittany Spears, and I used to read tons of books.  I'd dream of being in Harry's world or being Sara Crewe.  I loved playing school cause I loved learning.  School was the only place that I'd see other people than my family.  If it wasn't for FCCLA and 4-H, I would have been a total hermit.  I was an angry teen that listened to death metal except I also loved to help people.  I was too bubbly to be gothic even though those type of people seemed to be the only ones that'd get my sense of humor.  

I was doomed from the beginning.  I asked John if hooping made me weird.  He looked at me and laughed, "You were weird before that."

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weight Loss and This Blog

This doesn't fit.  It's a size Large.
Would anyone feel slighted if I used this blog to talk about weight loss and weight loss struggles?  I'd really like to start losing weight again.  When I do, I tend to focus on it and talk about it a lot.  Will I be a size 2?  Does that mean you can't be a hooper and fluffy?  No.  I have bad knees and they feel a ton better when I'm under 250.  Basically, it's going to happen.  And hooping is going to help me get there.  So far, I've maintained my 15 pounds loss from Thanksgiving with twenty minute hoop sessions five days out of the week.  I've basically been waffling for the last 2 months.  When I got sick after Christmas, I just became unmotivated.  I don't remember why.  I think I was struggling with eating.  Also, remember when I hurt my ankle?  That also made me feel awful with my workouts.  I even tried to join a March fitness challenge only using BeachBody products but I couldn't even start that.  I should have knew I wouldn't be motivated to do it.  Hooping is motivating for me. Doing exercises that will help my hooping is even better.  I want to make my hooping practice the best thing ever.  Although kudos to me for maintaining.

Over the last three months, I was just trying The Simple Diet.  And it's not super do-able for me.  I'd want real food by the time I got home.  And I think my plant-based diet that I was doing in December was much cheaper.  Yes, buying tons of spinach and romaine was cheaper.  It was plant-based but not completely vegetarian.  Basically light on meat: some chicken, boiled eggs (egggies I love you!), healthy nuts, and some fish.   I psuedo-counted calories.  Meaning anything veggie and healthy, I did not count, unless it was starchy.  I was also following Beck Diet Solution. I'm also awful at taking before/after pictures.

Deep down I wonder if I would be more successful as a hoop teacher if I lost weight.  I don't like thinking like that cause I know it's not true. But it's a deep fear.

What is my plan?
If nothing else happens, these three things must happen every day:
-Write down what I eat.  No matter what.
-Be active at least 10 minutes a day, every day, no matter what.
-Rinse and repeat.

Detailed ideal plan:
-Eat mostly plant-based, using meals and shakes in emergencies.
-Hoop 30 minutes every day except for Sundays when I work.  Ten minutes is acceptable in that case.
-If possible, hoop on lunch breaks.
-Fit in some strength training.  On sparkpeople, I found a quick, basic strength workout. I'd say do it at least twice a week.  Three is much awesome. I'd like to add a barre workout at least once a week.  I'll put it in the yoga/pilates section of workout stuff.
-Do a yoga DVD once or twice a week.
-Beck Diet Solution
-Maybe do Betty Hoops DVDs.
-Walk the dog even if it's just around the block.  Try to work on time.  I should be able to walk him in 15 minutes.  0.94 mile shouldn't take me that long.  Although I continue to blame the dog.
-The idea is to start small.  The biggest key is to hoop every day and eat healthy.

I can't really tell you what I weigh this moment.  I weighed but I've ate recently.  Last time I weighed without food, it was 247.5.  So still under 250.  If I hit 243, I might treat myself to the waves class on hoopcity.  That'd be my 10% goal.

I like timed goals also.  In June, I will be going to PlayThink Movement Festival.  I'd like to be 230 by that time. Even though doing the math, that calculates to 2.25 pounds a week.  So that'd mean a whole lot more work that I really want to do.  It seems doable to me though.  Maybe 235?  Basically it depends on what I weigh in today.  I will be happy and proud if I could be at my 10% by PlayThink and 4-H.  I also wouldn't mind actually fitting into that BodyHoops outfit that is in size Large.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy (hoop) Bee

(Oh, look, I'm blogging)

I've been so busy lately!  I'm a really bad procrastinator.  For a month, I've known about the Central Kentucky Health Fair and I never got to making hoops.  Now, I'm cutting close to the deadline and making hoops like a mad woman.  My plan is to have five smaller hoops, five 100 PSI hoops and five 160 PSI hoops of different colors and sizes.  Although lately with my hoop selling, I've noticed a distinct favoring towards under my chest level.  The current complete hoop count is three 125 PSI hoops at my waist level and two 100 PSI hoops.  The thing is I don't even know how many people may want to even purchase my hoops.  I'm afraid to make a ton that won't sell.  At the same time, I need to work on a few hoop orders that I've received!   I guess when I finish this post, I will at least deco tape one more hoop.  Oh, except that I'm getting a cold.  Perfect hoop making feeling! :(

I've been really thinking lately on what I need and want to do to spread hoopdance in my community.  I realized I have enough comp time to take off for 4-H Camp which I miss.  I would want to teach a hooping class.  I've also contacted a few YMCA afterschool programs and I got a some interested!  After talking to  John, he let me get the BodyHoop KidsFit training (or will).  Unfortunately, the cart is screwing up the shipping.  John will be calling them hopefully.  I'm hoping to sell some DVDs while at the fair which is causing the cart malfunction.  Either way, I'll also get the training since I get $40 off with my certification.  I also think that I am at the level in my hoop practice that (some) of Hooping University will behoove me.  I don't think any beginner should get Hooping University when you have other choices like Hoopnotica DVDs, SaFire, and youtube.

I'm hoping in the next month to be able working on a  personal trainer certification.  I really want to make hooping and fitness my life.  This isn't the only time I've considered this.  I've submitted a hoopdance class proposal for the OLLI.  No reply on that.  I even emailed them again asking what the deal was.  I just go through ups and downs with this hoop thing.  I get mad jealous of people like Tilly Whirls (who I love to death) because her community seems to be welcoming it so easy.  I have gyms that have told me no and some that ignore me.  I'm not giving up.  I just wish it was easier. Then, I get upset with myself because I think, "If I lost my weight and say it was cause of hooping, that would spread ripples."  For me hooping isn't exercise persay.  It's a way to feel like something I've never honestly felt: confident and beautiful. Joy in movement.

I don't think that hoop is going to get taped.  I feel like crud.  I make it all through the GI virus at work and a flippin' cold kills me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome Spring!

I'm breaking in my new hoop that is under my bust!  This is tremendous.  This video also shows some moves I'm learning....slowly

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bare Bones Hooping

This is my week five video.  I have to say after hooping it out and looking at the tape, I was amazed.  I love how I move now with the hoop.  I may just dance with the hoop.  I may not know all the coolest tricks but damn, I'm hot!

PS. This hoop is bare. No tape and no sanding.  I just rock it out!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jessamine Journal Article

The Jessamine Journal article on my hooping is out now!  Read about it here:  Article here !

For the most parts I'm pleased with what he wrote and the pictures are not awful which I was worried about.  If you have come here after reading the article and you'd like me to make you a hoop and learn how to hoop, please email me at contact@hooplove.org.  Thank you for reading the article!  I hope it helped inspire you to pick up a hoop.  Remember that I'm on the The Hooping Family Tree.  If I've inspired you to hoop, feel free to submit your information and let's see our tree grow!  I've been able to touch some people with my hoop that I've never met before!  It's amazing how my life has changed!

If you don't think you are "fit" enough to hula hoop, please read my latest hooping.org article!

If you want more info on the events mentioned in the article, please continue reading:

I'm  going to be vending at the Central Kentucky Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.  I'll be selling hoops, offering a raffle for a beginning hoop kit, and more information on hooping.  This summer I will be holding a hooping workshop at the Jessamine County Library.   I started a facebook page for my hooping business called Undefined Hoopdance and I'm making a website for it.  

I am still fundraising money for The Hooping Life Event.  As far as I know, there are still many spots left in the Hoopnotica training.  Tempted? You should be!  You could meet me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hoop Community Update

Throughout the last year, I go through emotional ups and downs thinking that creating a hoopdance community is ridiculous and impossible. Sometimes it seems daunting. Paige has been hooping it up in Lexington for years and hasn't eeked out more than a few people a week.  People are apathetic and don't want to do anything.  Then, I get one hoop sale or something nice happens.  Nothing happens for a while and then, the cycle repeats.    I love hooping and more than anything I want to give this gift to my area.  Plus deep down, I want to find my local hooping best friend and we'll be the dynamic duo of hoops and life will be grand!

I've started to teach a once a month hoopdance class at my place of work and I keep hoops downstairs. Yes, it's for free but I'm getting feedback and practice with teaching.  Hopefully, when I am able to get classes I can show them, "See, I'm awesome.  These sheets say so!"  In the last week, it's blown up! People will sneak downstairs on my lunch breaks to get me to teach them how to hula hoop!  I have two hoop orders and maybe more soon!

I've been passive-aggressively suggesting to the Jessamine Journal for a few weeks to do a piece on me and then, I submitted a piece to them about hooping for health.  A week later, I received a Facebook inbox.  It was from a writer that wanted to do a piece on me about hooping.  I met him yesterday and I rambled about hooping for an hour. And then I hooped.  I hope he got good material because I feel like I talked nonsense the entire time.  I tried to do dynamic hoop moves that I hope look well in pictures. Or no concentration hoop face.  He said it will be online on Wednesday and print on Thursday!  I'm so excited and nervous.  And excited!

I'm also going to be vending at the Central Kentucky Health, Beauty and Fitness Fair.  This summer I will be holding a hooping workshop at the Jessamine County Library. Someone has offered to trade poi lessons for hoops.  That's cool cause I don't get paid as is and I still fail at poi.  I've contacted various YMCA children's programs to see if I could come out for hooping.  Jessamine answered me.  Fayette (which is what I used to work for!) has not.   I started a facebook page for my hooping business called Undefined Hoopdance and I'm making a website for it.  What should be on this website?

Maybe this is all coming together.  Or it will all unravel like I fear it all will.  Especially regarding my events for the Hoopnotica training and Hooping Life.  So.so.so.scared.  This weekend I'm going to spam/email all dance/yoga/fitness/etc studios about this event all over the state.

I am still fundraising money for The Hooping Life Event.  As far as I know, there are still many spots left in the Hoopnotica training.  Tempted? You should be!  You could meet me!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hooping Life Fundraiser

I'm raising money to bring a showing of The Hooping Life to Kentucky! I'm worried that I won't be able to make the goal of $500. I'm trying to think of new ideas but I'm running out of steam. I really thought there would be more interest in this. Anyone got any fundraising ideas? I have a super fun chipIn widget though.

Did I also mention this would be the same weekend as the Hoopnotica training? Fun for everyone!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Biggest Loser Update

I just wanted to post something super quick while I was at work.  For anyone wondering, I did not win the Biggest Loser Contest.  I didn't even hit the top 30 at all.  Yes, I'm dissapointed but oh, well.  I just got an email from them that I could have $250 off of admission.  Yeah, if I ever have 3k to spend on anything, I'm going to HoopCamp and every other hoop retreat there is.  I'm still clueless if I will get to go to any hooping retreat other than local ones. 

I haven't been hooping much lately.  I got really sick this past week.  I keep getting sick once a month lately because this weather won't calm down.  It's rather annoying vomiting my guts out.  I don't want to be sick anymore.  Someone fix this now!

I got a question:  What do you think is the perfect way to know if you are ready to move down hoop sizes?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fire Hoop

Last month I got my fire hoop and here it is:

This is a bearclaw manufacturing hoop.  They ship FAST and through Fedex (I'm not sure if this is important to some people).  These are removable spines.  I'm not sure if they are made to legit go on the inside but I screwed some in to test it like that.  I also bought the deluxe fire kit with it.  The deluxe comes with duvetyne, oil lighter, two paint cans, and a can opener. My hoop is the Sunhoop 4 with four snap connections, removable spines, and six inch steel spines.  It's 40" and when people say practice with your fire hoop, they are right.  It's so odd to realize your hoop isn't the usual space but wider.  Does that make sense?  

Overall, I'm very happy with this hoop.  The only issue I have is that when I snapped it, it unsnaps in motion.  I have snap hoops which means I'm familiar with the collapsible snap hoop wiggle.  It seems one connection doesn't seem to fully snap into place.  I was hooping with it and it fell apart at that spot. Although when I got the hoop from the mail, it was really cold.  I'm not sure if the cold effected the tubing (expanded it or contracted it?) and maybe that is why it wouldn't snap in place.  I just get some gaffer and have gaffer over all the connections

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rock the Vote!

Today is your last day to vote for the Hoopies!  I'd appreciate any votes heading my way.  I love you all!

This afternoon I teach a hoop class at my work.  I don't know how it will be because with nursing, there is no good time.  Hopefully a few people will show up.  I need the feedback for my BodyHoops course.  Yes, even though I am sick, I am going!  I want to teach people to hoop and get this party started.  I can't take pictures because we have a no camera rule. :( I'm nervous and I don't really know what I'm doing.  I'm just going to go with the flow!  Wish me luck!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Why I Felt I Wasn't Worth It....

Part two of my journey for the Biggest Loser Contest.

 I entered a biggest loser contest a few weeks ago.  I really would love to win.  If I do win, I'll try to update my blog from there with pictures, videos and tons of fun stuff.  I also want to get that place hooping.  Do I need it?  Is it going to break my weight loss goals?  No.  But it's a nice extra thing and I think with all the freaking overtime I do at work, I deserve a nice vacation in a warm place!

 I've already lost some weight since I even made that video.  I would have lost more if I hadn't strained that stupid muscle.  That really, really made things worse.  What's the worst thing that may happen if I win that contest?  Maybe an extra pound I wouldn't have lost cause I wouldn't be exercising 1000 minutes a day?

  And also, some people may not like my phrase, "With hooping, I deserve/worth this" or whatever.  The reason I said that is because I've finally accepted myself and what I am capable of doing.  You see, a few years ago, I lost eighty pounds.  Except I couldn't maintain it.  I couldn't step back and say, "Shannon, you're not being selfish by asking for this long to exercise.  You are not being a bad person when you say no to the bread or asking for more veggies."  I thought deep down, I didn't deserve to make myself a priority.  Also, a very important person in my life gave me some backward compliment that basically made me feel like my new thinner body was vomit-inducing because of saggy skin.  That comment hurt beyond I think anything anyone has ever, ever said to me in my entire life and trust me, I have had very horrible things told to me.

I look back and I realize I was not a "shrunken fat person" like I thought.  I actually looked normal sized actually.  But after that person made that comment, I didn't even try anymore like I was at least attempting.  That comment plus my personal self doubt trashed my entire view of myself.  I didn't feel like I was the winner that I truly was.  I trashed my body again.  I didn't care anymore

Most people don't realize that when you are morbidly obese, 80 pounds doesn't look like it would be on someone that just needed to lose 80 pounds.  And when you lose 50 pounds, things may not look drastically different.  Dramatic weight loss is often airbrushed and glossy.  But guess what people?  When I lose all 120whatever pounds, I will show off my saggy skin and be proud of it.  I've been fat all my life and I know I'll have saggy what you call its and excess skin.  Because I know with the hoop, I will always be beautiful.  Even if I am 160 with saggy skin or 273.  If I can post videos online to the public for all to see at 273 and still feel like I'm beautiful, then I really am the winner here.  I don't know if that at all made sense in the way I wanted to explain why I put that caption in my video.  Yes, I know I was always worth it now but I truly did not feel like that.

Link to video to vote on:  http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/160284/voteable_entries/39288179

Link to Facebook event you can invite others to (this worked!  I did it on my husbands facebook and bam! A few new votes):  http://www.facebook.com/events/306225239422227/

Want to know what I looked like when I thought I was just a shrunken sized fat person but still fat?

It actually really hurts to look at that picture now because a few months after I was on my way back to weight gain, I saw this picture.  With a clearer head, I realized that I didn't look as fat as I thought.  I looked like a slightly "she could lose a few pounds but normal sized chick."  You know as a morbidly obese person, you always feel/look like the person in the picture that screams, "Something here doesn't fit here!"  When I saw that picture, I didn't feel that way about myself. I felt like I fit into the picture with everyone else. I was actually on a weight loss break at that time of the picture. So I'd say about 220-214 around January-ish?

What did I look like at my heaviest?  At 300 (and I had already lost a bit.  I have no true beginning pictures cause I actually lost the first 25 with increased activity due to my job and being a broke bitch):
Although as I make rounds at my usual weight loss haunts and tell them my size with my hooping videos, they say I don't look the weight I said.  Maybe hooping has kept me tighter?  Which I know is not true because my measurements equal close to my 300 pounds measurements.  Yet I don't wear many different clothes.  

Why is hooping so imperative to this weight loss venture? Because the only way I lost weight that time was because I accepted myself as is.  If I accept myself right now at 300 or whatever, nothing matters if I don't hit goal cause I'm just improving me.  I'm not disappointing myself. There was a great comment that Bax said in the HoopPath DVD where Bax says celebrate whatever you can do now in the hoop or whatever.  Not a skinnier or prettier you but YOU.  Does this answer some questions?

PS. I legit cried writing this blog.

Hoopnotica in Kentucky!

For the past few months after seeing a post from Hoopnotica, I offered to host a training.  I figured I could compare the BodyHoops program versus the Hoopnotica teacher training.  Either way, I would help spread hooping to the bluegrass region and prove that central Kentucky is imperative to a strong hoop community.  One girl I know would rather come to central Kentucky than Louisville.  Louisville for some parts of Kentucky is like another state.  For real.  I waited an hour and a half, starving and needing to wee, to reserve the building in my county.  We have a very limited places to do that sort of thing.  I got the first weekend I wanted. My contact at Hoopnotica put it in the calender. 

So, officially, Hoopnotica is coming to Kentucky! 
(caculations based on mid state unless otherwise noted to Lexington, Kentucky)
If you live in St. Louis, it's six hours away.
If you live in West Virginia, it's four hours away.
If you live in Ohio, it's a three hours away.
If you live in Indiana, it's three hours away.
If you live in Tennessee, it's four hours away.

If you have ever wanted to invest in yourself with a Hoopnotica Teacher Training in person and you're near Kentucky, come on down***!  If you sign up this weekend, you can get 10% off using the code from the recent Hoopnotica.  There is a local airport in Lexington, Kentucky!  If you need more info about the area, message me and I can get you rolling on food, hotels and fun stuff to see in the area!

Hoopnotica Teacher Training Calender
May 19th-20th
At the Blue Building in gorgeous Nicholasville, Kentucky.
Facebook Event for it

Also, I'd like to remind you about this contest I'm in.  I entered a biggest loser contest a few weeks ago.  I really would love to win.

Link to video to vote on:  http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/160284/voteable_entries/39288179

Link to Facebook event you can invite others to (this worked!  I did it on my husbands facebook and bam! A few new votes):  http://www.facebook.com/events/306225239422227/

PS!  I started hooping in 2011!  Shannon for Newbie hooper of the year!

***Am I saying you have to be a certified hoopnotica instructor or anything?  No.  I'm saying if you've ever wanted to and distance was your only issue, then yay you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A favor, my friends.....

As you all know, I'm obese.  Actually morbidly so.  I'm a binge, emotional and boredom eater.  I have a very bad relationship with food.  I don't know how I found out about this contest but I did.  My favor is if you can vote for me.  I have already started losing weight but my tendon has made me backpedal so much.  I'd really appreciate this.  I would love to win.  I promise to take a few hoops with me and get that whole place hooping!  And a month vacation would be awesome!  This contest is open for public vote for 15 days.  I'd appreciate as many votes as you can handle. You can vote daily.  I am the girl hula hooping, duh.  It's titled "Shannon's Biggest Loser Retreat Entry."

Facebook Contests Link...Yes, it's on facebook using the contests app.

Public Service Announcement
Also, remember that I started hooping in 2011 when you nominate people for the newest Hoopies on Hooping.org.  I would be honored to be nominated by you.  Just keep me in mind.  Nominations will probably open soon.  I remember seeing the results when I first found Hooping.org and was like, "I want one of those one day!"  Help my dream come true?  Maybe, yes please?  And maybe my big girls can hoop video can be nominated?  I know it won't win with the amazing videos from Hooping Idol but ya know. :p

And I didn't wrap my tendon before hooping for the newest 30/30 and it's awful sore. :(  This sucks.  Please, please do those preventative exercises I told you about yesterday.  This flippin' ass blows and you don't want this to be your problem!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keep Your Foundation Healthy

A few weeks ago, I thought that if I strength trained, it could make my hooping practice better.  I'd be stronger and all that junk.  Everything was going good.  The first week I made a sorta circuit.  Then I decided to use the Biggest Loser Book workouts.  I changed the moves that I couldn't do due to my knees and thought everything would be fantastic.  One move said, "calves are very easy to gain strength in.  Do as many as you can in a minute."  Yeah, okay.  I did it.  The next day I had major muscle soreness but my calf was hurting a touch more.  Hmm. That's odd.  Instead I did a yoga DVD at home.  My muscles were on fire the next day but I still hurt in my calf.  I took two days off and realized I strained a muscle.  After RICEing it and resting, I realized it was an achilles tendon strain.  Understand, I had been doing at least 15 minutes of hooping every day up to that point.

It's been a week of "You cannot hoop at all."  I have been so awful on my daily 30 minute practice but I try to pick up the hoop for at least a few minutes a few times a week.  I wake up hobbling because my tendon hurts so much.  Funny thing about this injury is that it feels better to move.  I feel worse going to work than coming home.

I want everyone to take care of your feet and ankles in this new year.  Try some of these exercises to strengthen your feet and ankles:

  • Calf raises.  You can use your hoop to help you balance.  Raise on your toes and lower back to the ground slowly.  I would slowly build up to these.  Don't start doing as many as you can in a minute.
  • Toe circles.  Use your toes to draw circles in the air.  Do these as small or as large as you comfortably can.  Do these in both directions.
  • Front and back foot flex.  Point your toes out and flex your foot all the way.  You'll feel your range of motion in this way.
  • Balancing postures.  Balance on one foot.  This strengthens your ankles.  This is a move that is good for your knees too.  Once holding for 30 seconds is easy, try it with your eyes closed!
  • When you are sitting, do the front and back foot flex with your feet on the ground.  This is another great range of motion exercise.  Easy to do if you are at a desk at work, too!
Expert village on youtube has great achilles tendon exercises if you wanted to see this in motion.  Keep your feet healthy.  They are your root to the earth and the foundation of your hoopdance!