Friday, December 9, 2011

$30 More Dollars

I'm saving for a fire hoop right now.  I decided to get a Bearclaw hoop because it will be removable and I can make it heavy!  Also, they aren't $150,000840549 dollars.  I can't wait.  Although the reason I have to wait is because of the anti-fire burning feeling in my house.  I'm slowly saving up.  Remember if you want to buy any quick wicks, I have a link you can use!  Also, the bearclaw people are totally earning my respect by being active on hoop city.  He really cares, y'all (I for some reason am thinking it's a guy....).

In other news, I give up on hip hooping!  I don't need to pressure myself to learn this move nor will make me hate my hooping practice because of it!  I'm done.  I think it will come to me but not right now.  At least I can do it when I spin people!  That does not make me an awful hooper.  That means I get to be excited about something later.

And the sun is going to be out the next three days!  So I will be able to tape a Christmas hoop video!  I'm so excited!  I was kind of afraid that the rain would never stop.  I didn't want to have to build a raft. Unfortunately, I don't have a tripod.  So I may have some creative camera placements just like last video! Awesome!

And that's my update!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry Holidays part 1

Happy Thanksgiving!

In some parts of the world, you may be celebrating with your family and friends about the fantastic year.  I will be sleeping throughout the day and working the night.  There are no holidays for nurse aides.

I want to tell you what I am thankful for this year:

  • My marriage.  I know you probably think he is a controlling ass, but he's not, I swear.  I'm thankful in an era where 50% of first marriages dissolve, I'm still happily married.  I have a man that bought me a house and a puppy just to make me happy.   I have a man that does the dishes, cleans my messes, puts up all the decorations for the holidays up, cooks for me, goes to Kroger at 3 AM to get me cold medicine, and does all my laundry just to make things easy on me.  He even said we can 'entertain' the idea of trying for a kid next year.  I guess you can call me spoiled.  Yes, he doesn't want me to spin fire mainly cause he's afraid I'm going to instantly combust into flame with it near me.  This is coming from a guy who is petrified about fires though.
  • Hooping.  Hooping has changed my life in silly small ways.  It's completely ridiculous, I know.  I haven't lost 43058239042390 pounds like some people.  I'm not making much money through hooping (I've sold 3 hoops so far and given away the rest).  Hooping has given me a passion, confidence, friends, a reason to live again.  I'm not saying I was about to kill myself before hooping.  It's just I realized through a storming-hoop session  that I had lost myself throughout the years. I lost my passion for life and I was just floating.  I use to love playing in storms but I had stopped.  I found I could be beautiful through the hoop.  I have done things that I would have never done without the hoop.  I found writing again through the hoop.  I loved to write as a kid but after school I made no time for it.  Now, I write for this blog,, and some local stuff I want to get going.  I've inspired people (I hope) through my videos.  
  • New Friends.   So the hoop has given me this and it amazing.  I love people, like Paige and Sarah, that I've met through hoop jams.  These are people I wish I had known long ago.  But thank you, hoop for helping me find these amazing people.  Then there are other people like Nan from work.  I really appreciate talking to a "Mom" that isn't like, "you gots to change yer life when you get a witty baby in your tum tum."
  • My animals.  Even though sometimes you hurt me and make me cry, I love you and your itty bitty faces that make me smile.

Some people and other things to mention:
  • Caroleeena- Taking your class was such a blessing.  I was able to learn new things that I didn't know I was even ready for.  It was amazing and some of your words still touch me.  Your facebook posts are amazing and inspiring.  I only hope one day that I am as loved as you are in the hooping community. <3
  • Lara Eastburn-If it wasn't for one comment you made to me during the one Hoopsophy article on that had the group questions, I would have given up.  I thought that my large hoop was going to be forever.  Hearing that someone started with a hoop larger than mine made me believe that I could one day have a "normal" hoop.
  • Ann Humphreys-I love your occupation updates.  You dance so beautifully with the hoop and I am so glad that I escaped to take that one class with you.  I felt so inspired once I left your class. Thank you.  I love the fact that someone I consider a celebrity was waving to me in their car! It's like wow that famous person knows me!
  • Shekinah Spins and Kym Spins-I love love love your blogs so much!  I feel like I know you guys and would love to spin with both of you some day.
  • Philo and I first googled hooping, somehow I found  It was right at the results of the Hoopie awards.  I thought to myself that day,  "I will win a Hoopie one day!"    Although I wasn't sure how I could possibly do that!  Please remember when Hoopies come out soon, I could totally be eligible for 2012 Newbie Award. :p  I would read everyday and be depressed on the weekends that I couldn't read.  I still watch Hooping Idol videos to cheer myself up.  Also, I still love the Gotta Hoop video from Philo.  I absolutely love and I'm so proud to be able to write for  You have no clue how much I screamed when I saw my first tutorial posted on there.  John thought I had died.
  • Hoopnotica DVDs- You helped me a whole lot throughout these few months. Thanks Hoopnotica for supplying videos that grow with you!
  • And last but not least, thank you to my readers!  Thank you for caring to read through my silly thoughts on this blog.

Hoops ready to be taped and some new BodyHoops hoops

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pictures are Worth It

Hula Hoop and Star Wars themed Holiday Wreath

This is what a six year old gave me on Sunday. <3

My article for the Jessamine Journal is almost ready. Although the word hoop is really repetitive.  I know talking to most hoopers, I'd use words like dance partner, prop, etc but a non-hooper in this po' dunk town would not get that.  So I've been using exercise in this article as a replacement.  Also, in the next few weeks, Lois will probably email the PE teachers to get me in their classes.  She didn't forget me; she just wanted to wait for the best time for me to come.  Although I am super worried that I won't have enough hoops.  I only have about 8 good hoops right now and I would need probably thirty.  Can I even fit thirty in my car?  Eek!

I am so excited.  I also thought maybe I should email other FCCLA's in my area. If my own hometown doesn't want me, than poo to them!  After I get my certification or something, I might email my former state adviser.  I'll come to their camp for free as a presenter of hooping awesome-ness and why everyone should think outside of the exercise box to have a Student Body program.  

On Tuesday, according to the tracker, I should get my bodyhoops order. I am so, so excited to start.  Except I think I maybe getting sick. And I've given up on NaNoWriMo.  But it doesn't matter since I've started something really awesome (BodyHoops teacher program), wrote two different articles and posted some on here!  I almost have a three beat weave learned. So yeah, go me!  

On another note, sometimes I look back at my blog posts and think, "I still sound like a silly girl writing in her journal."  You have no idea how many times that I've read my past journals when I was a teen and thought, "Oy vey."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Girls Can Hoop

This is dedicated to all the plus sized hoopers out there, to all the people that love their big hoops and to anyone who thinks they can't hoop.  Trust me, you can!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Opening More Doors By Force

Remember this post a week or so ago?  I was thinking of going to school for a career that I thought I would never ever do in my lifetime.  In Kentucky, we have some drop in anytime classes for a few random pre-reqs.  I figured I would start one, do part time in the spring/summer, then full time for this.  Cool, right?  Wrong.  You see a few years ago I went to Midway doing nursing pre-reqs.  I couldn't handle the pressure nor the money and had to quit.  Only a few classes were taken.  I gave the bill to my mother to pay.  It's been two years.  So I enrolled into BCTC to enroll in one of those drop in classes.  I'm getting so excited when I get an email that says I need to transfer my credits.  I explain that I can't transfer those credits.  I'll take all those classes again at BCTC. Wrong. Not going to happen.  Can't enroll.

What have I decided to do in the mean time while John and I try to pay this off hopefully next fall? I'm going to use the money I would have used to enroll into the Learn Anytime classes and get the BodyHoops distance teacher program.  Although it seems to have changed parts of what was included in the certification in the last few days.  I'll just make a few more.  I was really liking the idea of having three new hoops that I didn't make into my collection.  I even checked the webpage three times to make sure there wasn't a reason why the price and stuff included was different.  I guess they changed it very recently, like on Saturday.

I always had a feeling I'd use the BodyHoops training which is why I never bought the BodyHoops DVD.  Although if you've read this blog post, then you will know that certifications are not necessary but I've always wanted to have an opportunity to take a class.  I also hope that being certified might help me grow a hooping community in my region.  Maybe in my town it will give some professionalism to this silly thing I do.

Although I've been thinking about getting Hoopnotica out here to do a training in Kentucky.  The more people in the area aware of hooping is good, right?  I know of a perfect location in my hometown as long as they respond to my email because it has to be a certain size. I'm still thinking about that though.  Not sure.

This week or weekend I will go over to my friend, Lois' with the article I wrote for my local newspaper.  I can't wait till Tuesday! ^______________^  Lois is also going to help me get in the PE programs if she didn't forget.  I might check on the library, too!

  Although bad news, the FCCLA members were not interested in having me come into the school and teach hoop.  Boo! Even John was offended because I used to be a state officer.  Maybe I should try the region/state.  Surely, I would be better than that guy that hypnotized people.  "Think out of the box with hooping."  "Start Student Body off with a Hoop!"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rock Fence Park Concert Finale + Update

 Months ago I was offered to come to the Rock Fence Park concert series finale.  I took my hoops and scouted out a spot out to the side.  John took Max and "tried" to enjoy the music.  It was really awful music.  There were high schoolers that was also singing at the event.  At first I had a few children come up and hoop.  I tried to hand out a few fliers for my indoor hoop jam (which was a bust).  After the high schoolers were done singing, they came over and hooped with me. I'm sure they thought I was odd.  

John's best friend came over and let me teach her how.  I only worked with her for a few minutes and she was able to waist hoop.  She was thrilled.  She kept asking me why I wasn't on the stage.  I almost crept over when it was over.  I was also not pleased about the fact that they didn't introduce me.  I probably was looking like the crazy girl with the hoop.  Also, the Jessamine Journal did not take a picture of me but of the little kids.  Even Lois' was ticked off about it.  She just wanted me on the stage hooping away.

I know I'm writing about this now because obviously I never did when it was appropriate.  The biggest reason is because I somehow got to talking about the book, Hooping.  I expressed my disdain for the book.  I'm sorry but the tone of voice throughout irks me.  Even a friend at work agreed.  Somehow that started to get Lois on a flurry to get hooping in this area.  She starts telling me about places I need to contact and articles I need to write for hooping.  She was so excited.

 I'll be honest.  After my last hoop jam was a bust.  Every hoop jam I have either gets weather-ed out or no shows.  On the other hand, I decided to email at the FCCLA teachers in the region.  I know FCCLA has a Student Body national program.  I offered to teach a hooping class.  Only one emailed me back and she said she'd ask the members on November 2nd.  I didn't hear anything back.  I know creating a community is not an easy thing but I feel like I can't get ahead.  It's been frustrating me deep down.

Lois' plan for the hooping thing is to get me published to legitimize what I'm doing, go to the school's for PE classes, and I can't remember what else she was saying.  I emailed the FCCLA adviser to check on how the meeting went as an update.  Lois knows exactly which teachers are lazy enough to loooove a "free" day.  Talking to Lois also helped me figure out why only one messaged me back.  Evidently there are no CTSOs in the schools anymore.  That upsets me so much because I don't think I could have became a state officer if it was merging both schools.  That's why the Lexington schools hardly had any big FCCLA attendance.

So, hopefully, this will help me out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My future, My Life

Sometimes even the smallest amount of hooping in your day can make the badness go away. -Shannon, 2-11-11

It's November which means I am participating in NaNoWriMo.  I have also taken the @HoopingLove twitter to NaNodom.  That means I won't be posting or hooping as much.  Although I've been rewarding strenuous writing with mini hoop sessions.  Also, in a month, ask me if I'm editing my novel.  I'd appreciate someone harassing me to do more than write it...fix it.

Other than that, I've been contemplating my life.  As you may know, I work as a nurse aide.  I don't want to do this forever.  As much as I would love to be a professional hooper, I know that will not happen...maybe.  Either way, I have to get a day job.  I'd like to have a career but what would I like to do?  I'm sorry but nursing has so much bullshit in it.  I don't know if I want to go down that rabbit hole.  A lot of nurses will tell you now a days that they would never, ever consider going into nursing.  Nursing is not about the care anymore.  It's about the paperwork and don't do anything wrong.  Every day I worry about getting wrote up for abuse.  If I become a nurse, I'd have to worry about one med error or more.  I don't want to be a nurse aide forever though.

I was browsing the local community college website.  I clicked random things that I might like.  I wound up clicking human services.  I liked all those classes and helping people.  Everything I've done so far has helped people. What's a step up from a human services degree?  Well, I thought social services.  I started digging and I could start a degree for social services at BCTC.

I know social work has most of the same bullshit but it has less of the actual shit.  I know there might be some crazy hours and awful pay.  But surely it will be better than third shift CNA?  I know there will be very sad cases.  I've seen horrible crap at this nursing home.  Surely seeing an abused kid is the same? When you seen someone die in front of you, surely everything has been broken?  I have hooping as my stress relief if anything.

I figure I could take as many classes as possible at BCTC.  They garentee smooth transfers to University of Kentucky.  I wouldn't even mind staying an extra semester to take a few other classes.  I would like to take American Sign Language and Spanish to make sure that I have skills that will make me a very wanted employee.  I'd get a BS in Social Work and a minor in Spanish.  Sounds legit?  Might take five years and yes, I would have to work still.  My friend who is in the career said there is a state program that would pay for my schooling if I am accepted.  She also said she made about $400 more than I make base (without second job and overtime).

I really love helping people and I wouldn't mind doing this.  I'm just starting to think third shift is ruining my marriage and my health.  I have dark circles under my eyes no matter how much I sleep.  What do you think?  Am I insane?

And good news though: my husband is going to try to get his masters degree! ^___________^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm alive!

And I got very sick and bowed out of 30/30.  I hosted an indoor hoop jam this week.  It was a bust.  How do I freaking gain more interest?  I'm trying my best...maybe.  I'm feeling discouraged.  I want to change the lives of Kentuckians with hoops and other props.  How do I achieve this?

Other than that, I went to help with 4-H this week.  It was their annual "reality store" for 8th graders.  I took my poi in because obviously hoops are not fun.  I've sorta got the butterfly for a few moments till the bang.  There was some down time. So I started practicing my butterflies.  I had a few kids ask me and others asked the other adults because they were scared to talk to me.  At lunch, I had a whole group crowding around me to talk about it.  At one point, a couple of boys walked up to me and said, "Ma'am, are you a performer?"  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.   Squeee squeee squeeee!  One day I hope to be!

So I learned a reel today but I can't do a two beat weave.  If I taped a video of the things I'm having problems with, does anyone know enough poi to figure out my errors?  I really want to spin poi but it's hard.  Just like hooping was.

Maybe poi and contact juggling will be my big winter things. So far, so good, I haven't gotten anything flow art related for my birthday.  I don't expect a surprise from John when he gets home either.

I didn't get anything done on my vacation. Although I did get to go on a corn maze and many haunted houses.

Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Months

7 Months of hooping!

Thank you to all my readers and everyone that has helped me along the way. 

And don't forget that I'm holding a contest for anyone with friends in the Central Kentucky area.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Contest...sort of

I decided to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month by holding a contest in my local community.  I figure I will give a free customized hoop to a breast cancer survivor in my community.  This is a way to build a hooping community in my area (hopefully).  Bad idea?  I hope that I can use Facebook as a why to announce this contest. Since people are loving the picture share thing, I latched on.  I made this picture:
And I'm going to share it every day till the 25th.  I hope others share it as well. I really want to have a winner and spread hoop love in my community!  I really would like this to get the attention of the local media.  My goal in the next five years is to have a much larger hoop community in my area.  Is that a bad thing?

I am planning on emailing all the FCCLA teachers in my area and suggest they use hooping as a Student Body project.  I'll teach the class and provide hoops. I just need the kids to do it.  The kids would have to advertise and sign the kids up (I need a headcount for hoop number).  Hooping could be a good thing for them.  I hope at least one of the four teachers will consider the idea.  I used to be a state FCCLA officer in my state.  Surely, they will know I really want this to help FCCLA as a whole.  I know in my school Student Body was never really worked on.  Maybe next year, if this works, I'll email the state adviser and I could go to the state meeting and present hooping.  These are just plans.  Fame is great but I really want to open my area for more hoopers and flow artists.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is Paige and she's pretty amazing.  She is a great friend to have and an amazing hooper.  So nice and warm.  <3  Although I've yet to ever take a class from her. :(

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Every now and again, I get flashes of feeling like this is where I'm supposed to be in the hoop community.  I'll get good feedback either online or in person.  Sometimes opportunities fall into my lap.  One of those times I include my polypro.  I had the intention of buying one but I wound up getting it for free.  That was just luck that I found a website error but to me it seemed to tell me that I was supposed to get a polypro.  Recently I've felt like I was in a hoop rut. is now hosting another 30/30.  This is a time I will work on more flow and waist/hip hooping.  The other night, I was able to go to Ann Humphrey's workshop.  It was amazing but that's another blog.  When I came home, I found out that I had $20 in my paypal account due to Dube links.  That meant I was able to buy the Seeding 2 class on sale.  I wanted it so bad and the ability just fell in my lap.  I am so happy and thankful for the flow community.

I feel like this is my home and I'm supposed to be here.  You have no idea how I wish I could go back in time, find that hurting 16 year old and hand her a hoop.  My life would be completely different.  This is why I want to bring hooping to my community.  There is hardly any flow community and they are hardly united in my area.  I want to spread the good news.  Gosh, I sound like an evangelist.

When I first found, I was driven to be on there in some fashion.  When he posted my tutorial, I screamed and ran through the apartment.  I don't think I wanted it for fame but to touch more people with my hooping (and glory is a good plus).  When he was asking for help, I emailed him and checked my email daily.  No answer for weeks.  I realized he probably had looked on my blog and was like, "blahhhh! She sucks!"  Eventually, he answered.  I probably screamed again.  I was going to be a contributor for  I was amped and I still am.  Philo is like, awesome, if you didn't know.  Now, I just need to get a picture or video on and I'm cool.

 I've gotten a couple compliments on my writing through this blog and  The support I got from the hoop community through my first article was fantastic.  I am so thankful that I was able to find this amazing community where I fit in.  Where I can have a conversation with someone and not feel like I'm just odd.  I feel like I'm at the same level as most people in the flow community.  I want to thank everyone so much for reading this blog and supporting me.  I would also like to thank my mom because it's through her help that I'm able to take some of the opportunities that I'm  able to take like going to Caroleeena's and Ann's classes.  She supports me even when other people don't.  She may think I'm crazy but she helps me get there if I want to go.  Most the teachers I've met, yes, even the famous ones, act like they are your best friend and want you there.  They are not there just "for the money."  Everyone seems genuine.

Thank you, everyone.  I know I'm just a silly girl that is just starting to dig into the flow community.  It's all so new and amazing.  It means a lot that you are with me on this journey.  Go get your flow on, flow warriors.

Friday, September 30, 2011

I am done. I give up.  No, I don't give up on blogging nor hooping.  I'm done trying to force myself to learn stuff just because everyone else knows "this."  This diagonal hooping thing has me in the dumps. For real dumps.  It hurt my spirit so much.  I have hooped in a while and I guess it's cause I feel like a failure.  Although I don't truly give up in that sense.  I will start working on hip hooping because Paige feels like that may help me achieve this move.  Paige mentioned to another girl that it took her 3 years to achieve chest hooping.  Maybe it will take more than six months hooping to achieve that.  I'm done sticking in someone else's box.  I'm going to make my own box.  I will focus on what I love although this new 30/30 will be dedicated to 15+ minutes of hip hooping.

I'm also hoping to get 18 dollars more in my paypal to order the Blooming 2.  Tonight I go to Louisville for Ann Humprhey's class. I can only go to that one day though.  Hopefully this will be a great kick off for 30/30.

I am also trying to start hooping classes.  Although I'm not sure if Tammcorr will want me since I am not certified or insured.  Who wants to pay for personal trainer certifications or insurance?  Anyone want to test out a class for me via private youtube links?

The puppy is also still taking a lot of my time.  I'm sorry friends!  I haven't even worked overtime lately!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Lighted Lifestyle Review

I've had this hoop for eons. I am finally getting to reviewing it. This is my 50" Lighted Lifestyles hoop.  First of all, I ordered right when I started hooping.  Since I knew it'd be lighter, I opted for a 50" hoop.  In the time that it was back ordered, I progressed in my hooping.  At one point, I emailed wanting to know if my hoop was being made because there was no confirmation letter saying, "Hey, dude, we got your order!"  I did hear a response saying it shouldn't be due for a month or so.  That was it.  Later there were hoopcity posts that was talking about bad hoops and no hoops showing up.  I mentioned mine since it was two weeks away.  Kirk responded to my post saying that within a week it should be in production.  I waited a few days and emailed again explaining I'd rather have a 45" or something hoop.  I waited.  No response.  I never got a "this was mailed letter." 

One day, I wake up and there is the hoop and John is pissed at this big box in the living room. Cool. Awesome. I'm stoked. I open it and I look inside.  This is a 50" hoop.  Maybe he didn't get my email but I would have preferred some sort of response like, "We already made your hoop. Sorry!"  I turn it on and it looks blue sitting. Cool. It's supposed to be like that.  I take it in the bedroom, shut the door, jump on the bed and I spin it.  It looks blue and purple.  It's supposed to be strobby that runs blue white purple. I see no white. This is the one that does not have a video of unlike the other light burst strobes.

I have used this hoop many times. I like it but I feel so upset that I see no white in the strobe. I ask others and they don't see it either. Although I have gotten many compliments about it.  I also hate the size. I know that's my fault but I just wish he had responded to my emails.

Yes, I realized from HoopCity that it would take forever to get my hoop.  The problem is that fact that I never got a response, slow response, or not information on my hoop.  I spent hours staring at hoops and this was a very expensive purchase and I was sincerely worried about my hoop.  I hate feeling in the dark about something like this.  I understand this is a product made with care but I just want to be informed.

The reason why I did not choose Lighted Lifestyles for my second hoop was because I wanted it before Flow Camp.  Also, the reviews were starting to get less than stellar.  I did not like being clueless about my hoop.  That is why I chose another hoop maker for my second hoop.  Sorry, Lighted Lifestyles.  I hope your production time is truly five weeks now and you are responding to emails cause I wasn't super thrilled with your service.  If I could, I'd totally revamp this hoop to be down to a smaller size.  If anyone has any information on retrofitting or modding a LL hoop, message me. I don't know much about electronics but I am crafty.  I can do it, if you help me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Trick Inspiration?

I feel so stuck in my hoop practice. Again, I don't feel like I do anything amazing.  Although is it so bad to go through only 4-5 moves that give me great pleasure?  But I also feel stuck.  I can't diagonally hoop on my waist and I feel like that holds me back.

I saw this move today on the youtube and I might learn this one. 

What about you?  What trick do you think I should learn next?  I might tape my attempts at diagonal hooping to see how I can get better input.  Paige said I need to get better at hip hooping because my lower body is like wtf, shannon!  I was attempting to tape a super thought through video with costumes but I can't get in flow and the view was crooked. I want a spotlight worthy video!  I just feel so stuck in the hoop. :(  I want to feel the excitement of hooping again.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Superhooper Review

This review is long overdue.  My Lighted lifestyles review will be on Friday.

Before Flow Camp, I wanted to have a new LED that I loved.  Lately I've been so obsessed with white LEDs.  I was really torn if I should wait but a 50" hoop is ridiculous.  I saved up my church checks and decided on Superhooper.  They have those super low prices with what I wanted.  The batteries sucked (I really like wall charging batteries) but the price made it worthwhile.  Since a polypro would ship free with it, I figured why not get one too?  I tried to make the cart a billion times on the superhooper website and it wouldn't work.  When I'm still making up my mind about if I should buy something, I always make a cart a few times.  Even though the website was not working, their awesome website made it easy for me to figure out shipping without having to make a cart.  I like having everything so straight forward.  That night/morning I think I facebook Lara on the Superhooper facebook page and informed her about the bug on the website.  I needed to do it soon because if I didn't order by Friday according to the chart, I wouldn't get my hoops in time. 

My response was pretty quick.  She fixed the bug and promptly messaged me to add a clear poly pro which I would get for free.  The next time you find a bug in a website, tell them. Maybe you will luck out on a free thing, too.  It made me feel like yes, I did need a polypro because the universe is giving me one. <3  Now, understand I did not expect anything in return other than being able to place my order.  I had the money for both hoops and was expecting to pay.

I ordered it Friday, after trekking to the library to complete the order.  This was during the move and my internet was gone.  When I got my email confirmation, I looked at the address.  Oops.  That's not my new address.  I promptly emailed Superhooper back and a very short while she reconfirmed my address. ^_^

True to the chart on the Superhooper website, I was able to get my hoop on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't remember.  All I know is that it shipped FedEx and I was so unsure about if it was a sign-type package.  I stayed up.  I remember the door knocking and I ran to the door. There was my hoops on the porch.  I yelled at the driver as he ran off, "Thanks! Have a great day!"

 I hurried my box inside and tore it open.  When you get a superhooper hoop, you have to screw it together.  We had just moved which meant that I had to search for one.  After I found it, I put it together.  To save money, I didn't get it sanded.  I figured I could tape the inside myself.  I turned it on and it was so gorgeous. I love white LEDs.  I played with the LED and the polypro. The LED feels heavier but not awful heavy.  Be advised I like heavy hoops.  I like the weight because I can still use it even if it's smaller.  I really wish I had gotten a superhooper LED first.  I also got this one at 40".  I loved it and taped some green gaff inside the hoop.  I have not noticed any rattle and it's super bright. It's my baby. ^_^

 Polypro feels so much different.  It's like hooping with air!  I realized I had to speed up my vortexes and I definitely cannot waist hoop with it much.  That's okay.  I'm starting to accept that my favorite move is chest hooping.  I know the waist should be our "home base" but I love, love, love chest hooping.  I don't know why either.

When I went to Flow Camp, I got tons of compliments on it.  Sometimes the green gaff gives it greenish trails.  If you'd like a good, cheap, and high quality hoop, I totally recommend Superhooper. The service is fantastic.  It really means a lot to me when people respond to my emails or facebook inquiries.  The fact that I was able to get a LED within a few weeks without paying extra for super fast shipping says a lot.  Also, they are right about polypro does not suck at 42" range. It works beautifully for me.  I really don't play with it as much as I should.  Although I love playing with it in the house. No gaff marks!

I totally recommend superhooper.  <3  This is a hooping company that cares about hoopers. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Virgin Burn

The other day, I was able to light up my fire fans for the first time.  It's not super awesome but I didn't die!  Trying to do spins was scary.  A few weeks ago I was totally cool with my fans and was like, "I'm going to rock this!"  Well, once they lit and it was windy, I was like "Omg, that's a big flame."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Flow Camp Review

Don't get me wrong. Flow Camp was amazing.  I feel like it's my duty to share my opinions this blog.  Some things I think Flow Camp could have improved and others are my issues.  Hopefully, next year will be better and larger!

Flow Camp could have been better if...
  • Opening Ceremonies.  Yes, there was warm up but I think it would have solidified the feeling that yes, Flow Camp is starting.  Maybe I'm crazy.  I'm so used to big events having a kick-off/opening ceremonies.  It didn't need to be fancy or dorky.  No FCCLA-like skits here. Just a random, "Welcome, y'all!" would have sufficed. Although I would have rather likes someone, didn't have to be Jorden, come up and welcome everyone.  Something like, "Hey flow wanderers!  How is everyone!? (cheers)  I wonder who came the farthest? (wait for screams of random places) Oh, Did I hear someone from (random far state).  Thank you everyone for coming!  It's going to be an amazing weekend!  I just wanted to tell you a few things before we start. ( Directions to basic places, instructions on how to get a brochure if you didn't get one, explanation of class replacements, teacher introductions) (this would be a good time to share any surprises) Who's ready to flooooooooooooooooow?!  Woooo!  Have a great time! Be safe!" Cue opening warm up beginning! Maybe I'm lame but I think any big event should have a welcome.  Hell, if no one in Jorden's camp wants to do it, I will do it.  I love audiences and public speaking. <3  I've presented in front of thousands before. So I have the experience!
  • Brochures.  Many people didn't get them which sucked because some classes were cancelled.  I didn't know that I could get them from the General Store till Saturday.
  • Class changes, class descriptions and teacher notices.  Okay, this might just be my issue.  I think the class changes should have been updated as soon as possible on the website.  The descriptions should be sent right with the teacher signing up for it and detailed (like if they are extra props available)  If there has to be substitution that is too late to call, a opening ceremony could help ease the pain.  Hell, if I had known Grimm was teaching a beginner to intermediate fire fan class, I would have been there.  It didn't even list Grimm in the description and it was labeled "Intermediate fans."  I talked to him later and he was a tad upset no one came. He said it would have been fine for beginners.  He was blown away by the empty class with "40 people were in the  hooping class next door."
  • The hooping classes need more instructors.  One teacher couldn't make it and another guy volunteered. Awesome right? Except mostly hoopers came to Flow Camp and he was overwhelmed from what I could tell.  He eventually split the class but I think it's still too much for some people.  Of course, hoopers are amazing and some would help others but still 25+ people in one class can be daunting.  Maybe have a helper for each teacher? 
  • Can any porta-potties be closer to the campsites?  Even one would have been awesome, especially for the far off campsites.  I'm not sure if this was a logistic with Terrapin or what. When I moved the second time, it was so far away. Thank god for a go-girl! 
My mistakes:
  • Chigger bugspray.  Does it exist?  I want to bathe in that stuff.  My itching and bumps have finally subsided. Thank god!
  • Blanket, sleep medicine and ear plugs.
  • Didn't bring a  heavy blanket.
  • More sunscreen and baby wipes.
  • Definitely need a shade thing.
  • Proper transport for all my shit.
  • Emergency phone batteries and a watch.
  • Extra clothes, shoes, and take more pictures
  • Maybe a mat to wipe my feet before I step in my tent?
  • Towels. Evidently they did have showers! 
  • A fire hoop. I wished so much I had my own fire hoop.  :(
  • Talk to more people.  I may have outgrown some shyness but it was totally lurking in my head.
  • Take more video!
  • And (personal) permission to take rest breaks and naps!
That's all I can remember.  It was amazing and I cannot wait for next year!  I don't even think I will be able to go to Snow Flow now unless there are day tickets. :(

And there will be a blog on Monday on why I've been silent lately.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poi and blisters?

My bandaged fingers.
Since I've started to try poi, I've been getting blisters.  It's really frustrating and painful.  My first blisters recovered.  The hoop jam the other day made me have more blisters.  I can't seem to practice for more than a few minutes before I get more.  Do I wait till my skin toughen ups?  I find most other holds awkward and hard for me to achieve the one move I know. I hardly have had hoop bruises and so problems like this have never happened to me.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hoop Jam x 3

Take three of hoop jam was amazing.  I was extremely prepared.  I had my radio, I had my new sign, I had hoops.  I was alone for a few minutes when a woman rolled up.  There is one person that came and her mother actually wants me to perform (sorta).  Facebook to the rescue, that lady was Sarah.  She was having trouble. I had her use my flamer (160 PSI, 1") and she was able to do it after a few pointers.  After a while, we got her husband and child hooping, too.  I was playing with my poi at times.  I finally have the butterfly.  I tried my best and moved my butt while doing the one move I know.  Dancing or trying.  And she has friends that hoop and spin poi, too!

A few kids walked over and I taught them how to hoop.  I wound up giving the hoop to the three kids.  One was a little chubby kid.  I was mentally thinking, "Go hoop that weight off and be the next Baxter!"  I remember doing the over the shoulder roll and the one girl that was hooping with us gasped in wonder as I did it. <3  Also, don't mention fire hooping around kids!  I was like, "that's going to be my fire hoop one day. Uh, no, you only play with fire as an adult with a firefighter present! Yeah! Yeah, forget what I said."

Although I was reminded why I don't take my niece and nephew to the park when I go.  A fifteen year old girl comes over, takes a long drag of her cigarette as she starts waist hooping.  She started to brag about how she used to win hooping contests at 4-H camp (uh, where was I?).  Yeah, I don't want to be the person to put those bad influences around my niece and nephew when they don't mind me as is.

I'm already committing to a hoop jam on the next Monday I am off.  Hosting a hoop jam can be taxing.  It's all about being a good host or at least that's what I'm trying to do.  Is that right?  I can't wait for Paige's jam on Sunday.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Flow Camp...finally!

This is blog one about Flow Camp. Yes, I will be able to split this experience into two blogs.  This is the experience side of the blog and the next one would be like pros/cons sort of thing. I pretty much have NO pictures of myself.

I got spirit!
I was able to get Thursday night off.  After an awful day at work, I was able to go home and finished packing.  I realized in the move that I couldn't find any of my good backpacks.  I call my mom in a panic for a backpack.  I realized I wouldn't be able to go back to camp to retrieve things like fans, flow wands and all that. I'd be taking tons of stuff with me.  She brings it over.  I'm ready to head out!  I should have warned people that I used to attend 4-H Camp.  Therefore I have spirit and I bring it. So while I'm driving, I get lost.  Finally I find my way. Thinking it's 8 miles away, I see a sign. Bam! I turn in.  

There is a tent and there is Jorden! The person I've been basically harassing for months about Flow Camp. We greet each other and I head up to the camp grounds.  I try to remember not to park past the yellow tent but I'm confused if I'm not supposed to park past it or like past it on the other side past it.  So I park right at the edge of the tree line at the direct beeline to the yellow tent.  I'm not breaking a rule then, right?  Although I'm just feeling ansty at this point.  I'm nervous.  I'm alone. I don't know what to expect.  So I start setting up.  I'm starting to think to myself that I may not have fun because I'm alone.  That I have no one to talk to and pal around with.  I'm done when another car pulls up.  I find out later that it's Amanda, one of my Google+ spin buddies!  Talk about serendipity!  

After they set up, we all start to realize that we all know each other.  In between texting, I hooped a touch.  The weather was perfect at that afternoon.  Eventually, Amanda and her friend (name escapes me) turn some music on and bam! The hoopers come out.  As we spin, we find out that Nicole of MKY Hoops was near us, too! 

We could hear music in the background but no one know if they were sound checking or what.  Eventually, after a while, Nicole heads up there.  I grab my flashlight and superhooper LED and go on up.  Basically this is the only time I actually hooped at dark at Flow Camp.  Around 11, I go back to camp. I didn't take a nap and I'm so exhausted.  I would have slept decently if it wasn't for the fact that after midnight someone kept slamming a car door most the night. Every time I'd get in that sleep zone, someone would yell or slam a car door.

Nicole and her Cosmic hooper minis

More Nicole
  I was freezing and not sleeping that well.  Therefore, I just woke up at dawn.  I got ready.  Set up my backpack.  Set up my stove and realized I didn't have a lighter.  So, I had yummy cereal and some mushrooms.  Next, I hooped a bit.  I saw Paige roll up.  After a while she came over and told me I was surrounded by poison ivy.  She also shows me her area and invites me over.  Her area is in the woods and is pretty kickass. I go back to my car and throw everything in the car and move on over.  After, I'm set up, Jaclyn comes.  Paige finds our neighbor, Ann.  Around 11, we start to go to the porta potties and the warm up.
Warm up time!

 During the warm up, I'm starting to do a diagonal chest hooping.  What? When did that happen?  I also close...learning the reverse weave.  It's so...backwards!  Some of the hoopers were there.  You can tell that 75% of the people here are hoopers.  It becomes even more apparent later.  Although it is so hot now.  Everyone is trying to find shade to flow in.  The classes I took was bellydance, poi, hoop, fire fans, flow wand and minis.  Poi I was having great difficulty with.  Although at one point, Angel says while looking directly at me, "don't give up! Keep practicing!"  I think that was a hint. Or I was looking really defeated.  Although her co-teacher really helped me not give up.  I got the idea. It's the memory that needs work. The last time I touched my poi before my blisters, I was starting to get it.

Our Friday night moon.
Around the middle of the afternoon, I started to get that feeling I get whenever I am very exhausted.  Usually it means I'm about to get pneumonia.  I was trying to do deep breathing exercises in the intermediate hoop class.  At one point, I'm struggling with an alternate hoop current vortex when I turn around.  This girl, I'm sure she was trying to be nice, said, "hey, we have some smaller hoops if you want at our campsite."  I don't know if she said that because of my struggle or if huge hoop disdain is that big.  One girl mentioned earlier, "wow, huge hoop!" but it was in an appreciative voice.  This girl's comment didn't seem like a good thing.  Why is it so bad that I have a big hoop? I like my hoop and it's the only way I'll get reverse current right now.  I'm sure she meant it with all the love in the world...I hope.

Either way, I started to feel sicker and walked out early.  I got some real food, revive vitamin water, and rested during the twins class.  I felt tired but revived after that rest break.  Fans was interesting.  My next few classes were flow wand and reversals.  My next batch of bruises was because of reversals class.  Although big, heavy hoop cannot do pinches.  The instructor for this class was very intimidated by the size of this class.  Most the hoop classes were full.  I left a bit early.  I wanted to change and walk to the campsite that was a billion miles away.  I was drenched in sweat.  If I didn't change at least my shirt, I would have been soaked.

Flippin' amazing.
Paige, Jaclyn and I found a great spot near the fire circle.  I played with my hoop and glow poi for a short while but I was so tired.  We saw some amazing fire dancers.  Mostly poi.  A few hoopers but most were virgin burns.  My favorite was the guy with the anacondas and the few people that danced with each other. OMG. AMAZING. I was exhausted.  Therefore I trekked back early.  I know. I'm an awful kill joy.

That night I slept better. I found and extra blanket in the car and wore my jeans to sleep.  I could hear music that was reminiscent of the desert, if that make sense.  I didn't mind. I used to sleep with music when I was a teen.  I woke up early again.  Pretty much an hour after the music stopped.

The day, I had eggs and sauted portebello mushrooms.  I know you don't care but I was soo stoked about my breakfast. It was pretty awesome!  Yoga for prop manipulators was next.  My shoes became soaking wet.  Let me tell you, yoga is some hardcore shit.  I failed at it miserably.  And if you find a spot, make sure it is not under some lyras.  That was pretty stupid when it came to sun salutations.  Next was the group photo. I had some time to waste when I walked back to camp to change shoes and get the glow sticks.  I also grabbed a sandwich and forgot the glow sticks. Awesome. No glow sticking for this girl.  Either way, I was prepared to do my classes.  I did the bellydance fusion class, a hoop class with Jorden, contact juggling and flow wands with Grimm.

  Jorden really burned my muscles.  When it got about time in the class that we were covering material I couldn't do, my aching muscles and I said, "we're out."  I had never tried to counter spin with my reception hoop. I think I had only done that a few times with my flammer when it was all new in hooping.  I never realized how important my muscles were to get the hoop up till that class. 

Next was flow wands with Grimm.  And let me tell you: it was fucking amazing.  The man is a genius. No one in any of the youtube flow wand videos is doing what he is doing with the tool.  Shekinah, I will make you a video of the things he taught me one day!  That is also when he told us that no one had showed up to his intermediate fan class.  I explained I was a beginner and it would have been useless.  He said, "it was beginner to intermediate."  What? I think knowing it was Grimm teaching fans, I would have gone anyways.  In the aftermath, I didn't learn super much from reversals (heavy hoop makes pinches impossible).

After that I went back to rest.  I was napping in the hammock when it started to sprinkle.  Paige and Jaclyn packed everything up before the rain.  I didn't do as much as I should have.  I thought it would pass.  After an hour or so, I called John to tell me the forecast.  He said it was clearing up but more was potentially coming.  I took that as my sign (with the leak in my tent) to start packing up.  Paige and Jaclyn also decided to leave.

A local magician played with us, too!

Right before we left.

A part of me feels like I wussed out but I was so exhausted. I don't think I would have enjoyed Flow Camp as much if I had stuck it out.  I still missed it when I got home especially when the pictures flowed in on facebook.  I tried to do what I thought I had learned in my hoop but I couldn't.  I have been trying to do more reverse current since Flow Camp.  I really wished I had a hoop to burn or was comfortable with my fire fans. I'm dying to fire hoop again.  And to really fire hoop.

Finally this is the end of blog part 1 on Flow Camp.Weeee.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel lonely...

Or maybe it's Flow Camp withdrawal.  I don't know.  I don't have a hooping best friend (meaning people I can drag to Hoop Path in Louisville or Flow Camp, whatever).  I am getting new friends because of hooping.  I'm so thankful for that because these people are amazing.  I can't take John to any event where I may be able to bring my hoop.  He doesn't even care to watch.  At the same time, I'm feeling lonely and lost in my hoop.  I don't know what else to do inside my hoop and I feel like I'm on a constant hoop loop.  I tried to hoop out some aggression today and I didn't know what to do.  I felt lost.  I tried to do a move that I thought I had learned at Flow Camp, but I can't do it.  My current hoop loop is vortex, waist, shimmy up, CHEST HOOPIN MFERS, vortex, maybe some passing/helicopter, VORTEXXXXXXX.  I get bored at the waist.  I love chest hooping so much. I could do it all day almost.  Although I seem to only do the same 4 moves no matter what.  I can't even do vertical waist up because it bounces to my chest. I don't know why either.

What I've like about poi is that while I practice, I can stay in the house and talk to John. Whereas with the hoop, I have to go outside.  I've even hoped deep down that he'd come out and watch me.  Nothing. I've tried to do what Paige's suggests and find some aspect that he wouldn't mind as bad.  I even suggested that he should be my safety.  I mean, he hates fire and always worries about me.  Then, wouldn't he feel better if he could make sure that nothing happens?  He'd be like my ultimate knight in shining armor.  I'm letting him think about it. Maybe that might help. I forget that he needs time to ponder.  By the time I'm ready to mention something, I'm ready but he still needs process time.  And honestly I didn't expect to spin fire at Paige's.  He wasn't ready for the idea of spinning fire.  Or ever.  The only time he's admitted that he doesn't mind the hoop was during a long fight when he finally admitted that he didn't mind watching me.  I'm not asking him to make comments every time I hoop but I'd like a comment at one point.  You know, "Hey, you have gotten better" or "That looks hard. Good job."  Or even "I'm proud of you."

Is it possible that with the (here comes the random metaphysical crap) amazing hoopers around me at Flow Camp and the vibe that was flowing that I was able to do moves that I had never even attempted to learn before?  Am I crazy?  I really liked that move (vertical chest hooping, arms down).  I did it the next day with ease but once I got home, I couldn't do it.  I thought it was fatigue.  Nope.  I tried yesterday morning.  Now eventually I did get very shaky move down but not the flow I had.  Sadness enveloped me as I just went back to the same flow I have been doing for months. I want a new move to invigorate my hooping practice again.  Or maybe I need to refind the moves that I rarely do.  I've not done a chest roll or palm spin in quite a while.  I think I've lost my nice chest roll from no practice.

I know I've said before that I'm ready to go down in my hoop but I don't think so.  If I went smaller, I wouldn't be able to comfortably stand in one spot and hoop.  I'd really have to spin to get a move.  Although I want to go smaller but I'm not sure if I'm ready.  I also get very bored waist hooping and I cannot for the life of me walk while hooping.  Shouldn't waist hooping be a good base on being a good hooper?  I can't even hip hoop on my reception hoop.

I guess I'm in the hooping dumps? Even though I am in the hooping dumps, I still move to music with the same flow I have since I started to hoop.  I look forward to hooping when I get off at work.  Once I start, it's like, oh.  The music around me doesn't inspire me.  I can't find headphones to use my MP3 player.  Either way, I'm getting sick of that music, too.  The only thing that can blast is an old CD player/radio.  If I were to find music online, I'd have to burn it.  Anyone have some great mixes and hooping music?  I loved most of the music at Flow Camp (and Paige tends to have some  rockin' music at her house).  I love the dubsteppy goodness at times. 

Maybe in someway, it is Flow Camp withdrawal. I wouldn't have realized I was this lonely until after experiencing what it is like to have such amazing, talented people around me

Edit: Someone was defending John over this blog post.  Which I think is crazy because I've been hooping for six months which is a whole lot longer than John's been in neck pain or since we've moved.  And that one time I had hoped that he'd come out and watch me, he could have rested in a chair under our brand new porch.  Instead he watched Star Trek Voyager.  Also, this post isn't just about him.  It's about a lot of different things.  Music, un-inspiration, and just being lonely in the hoop.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am exhausted.  I am to the point where I can't even sleep, I am just that tired.

So instead of normal blogging, I will make random words comments  about Flow Camp.  Kind of like a word cloud but not.  Normal blogging some point soon.

Lonely. Lost. Google Plus. Hoop City. Screenhouse. LED Fun. Music blasting. Hoop a bit. Sleep. Doors slamming people yelling with LEDs. No sleep.  Morning. Trudge. Lonely. Paige. Moving on up!  Ann.  Warm up. Reverse weave almost there. Poi socks and DVDs.  Bellydance. Poi. Ow. Lost. Poor.  Hoops. Feeling sick. Flow wand. Fans. Change. LED a touch. Rest. Fire. ANAFUCKINGCONDAS!  Grimm. Sleep. Music.  Awake. Dress. EGGS AND PORTBELLOS! Teepee. Moved. General store. MONEY FOUND!  Pavilion. Yoga. Oh mi gosh. My body doesn't do that. Shoulders blades. Boredom. Group photo.  No glow sticks. Run! Sammich, glasses, water.  Fusion.  No glow sticks! Oh well. Contact juggling in the trees. Ball rolling in poison ivy.  Hoop for Health. So tired. Break.  Fans. Grimm is bad ass.  That was the BEST class ever. Phenomenal. Ice.Request. Dirty.  Rest. Hammock. Sprinkle. Rush. Pack stuff up. Chat in the rain.  DOWN FLIPPIN POUR.  Wait. Feeling tired. Bad Feeling. Hour. Packing up. Mud. Barefoot. Slipping and sliding.  Pack it up!  Rainbow.  Drive. Tired. Palasades. Home. Shower.  Tired.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet Max

I have been silent lately.  I mean did it really matter much because Burning Man was going on right?  It's been so hard for me to find time to write lately.  I am hoping that soon that will pass.  Why have I been busy?

This little mutt came into our life:
He's now 12 weeks old and a lot of trouble.  This is Max, a beagle mix.  I don't know how I convinced John to get this dog.  First, he fell in love with a beagle from the "Friends of the Animals Jessamine County."  They wouldn't let us adopt because we don't have a fence. Okay. Petsmart sponsors puppies on the weekends. I convinced him to take me and sure, there is the cutest little beagles.  John's thing is beagles.  One day I want a Great Pyrenees.  And I found out really quick: puppies are a lot of work. They are not cats.  And he doesn't want me on the computer 2-4 hours a day.  On the good hand, he's good for John because he sleeps better now.  Puppies seem as time consuming as babies are.  So think before you get one. 

I've probably hooped only 5 minutes in the past 2 weeks


Our cats hate him.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flow in 1.5 Shifts

Flow Camp is in 1.5 shifts.  I can't wait.  Although if you saw my last written blog entry, I was going to be taking a glowsticking class.  Well, not anymore since it was moved.  Although Jorden kept the contact juggling class the same just for me.  It's not like that was essential!  If you are my friend on facebook, you will see that my icon is now the Flow Camp flyer.  I am just that hardcore for it.  I'm nervous about having to set up my tent by myself.  I haven't even practiced setting it up.  I guess I'll try packing some tomorrow.  I don't know.  Although I was never able to convince anyone to go with me.  I'm half tempted to think that my best friend was never interested in going with me because I offered her a free ticket.  Supposedly the only reason she couldn't go was because she was broke.  I'm trying not to think that way but I'm sort of hurt.  I tried to ask her about taking the ticket for days and she wouldn't answer. 

Even though I haven't even been to Flow yet, I've already gotten a bruise on my face from my hoop and a gaff burn.  It hurts sometimes when I squinch my face during an intense thinking session.  I wonder what lovely accidents might happen at Flow.  I know I'm good at accidents.

I am exhausted.  Which is why my 30/30 went out the window.  Packing and moving in 3 days is ludacris and energy sucking void.  I was starting to feel better when I got back into this sleeping only 3-5 hours a day thing.  I am a fool at time, I know.  I also stayed up to get my new LED today.  It's amazing.  I'll tell you more about it later!

I took my car to get fixed today.  I hooped while I waited.  Afterwards, the mechanic talked to me.  He asked me how long I had been hooping.  I told him since February.  He said I was really good.  I thanked him and smiled.  While I was hooping, an old man told me, "You go, girl." <3

44 hours till Flow Camp!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I really like this girl

Hula Hoop Dance - Barbara - San Francisco from Genevieve Wachutka on Vimeo.

I love how she dances with the hoop at her waist only.  So many people, myself included, jump way past that too quick.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dance Off

This reminds me of a comment the other day.  I told John, "well, I am a dancer now."  John disagreed.  He said ballet was dancing, hooping and hip hop (from a previous conversation) is not.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Models can't get thinner

Remember the blog from the other day?  More concepts on how advertising is affecting women.

Love yourself for who you are my friends